Boehner’s Junk Falls Out of McConnell’s Mouth.

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 10, 2010

On February 25th, The Blair House will be the sight of a Bipartisan discussion about the Health Care Reform bill that is currently on life support in the House.  But Republicans may boycott the meeting, rather than attend in good faith, as Eric Cantor said they would on Monday.  Is anyone surprised by these games?

In a further statement by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader John Boehner, it was indicated that they needed to scrap the current bill, start-over, and go step-by-step…which, of course, is code for “We are never going to pass health care reform no matter how expensive it gets, and no matter how many Americans die because of that.”

“Listen to the American people,” McConnell told reporters gathered just outside the West Wing. “They are overwhelming opposed to the bill that the House and Senate have looked at. What we need to do is start over and go step-by-step.”

Asked what Republicans meant by starting over, McConnell told Fox. “Focus on costs. Costs are the problem. We need to target costs.”

Costs?  Costs are the problem?

Mr. McConnell, are you really this stupid, or are you just playing dumb for the cameras?

The main problems are 45,000 Americans dying every year due to a lack of health insurance!  Costs may be important, but nothing trumps 45,000 dying Americans.  It’s the tens of millions more who don’t have insurance.  It’s small businesses going bankrupt over health care bills because their insurers dropped them when they got sick.  It’s pre-existing conditions and rescission.  It’s lifetime maximum benefits, and drug companies bribing every one of our elected officials to keep Americans from buying cheaper drugs in Canada.  It’s the rising amount of mistakes being made because of bad medical records systems.   It’s sue-happy attorneys litigating anything with a pulse or a purse.

Costs, Mr. McConnell?

You need to shut your pie hole, because Boehner’s junk falls out of it every time you open it.


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