Republicans Fear a Trap…It’s Too Late

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 12, 2010

Help me! I'm Trapped!

Republicans are worried about walking into a “trap” on February 25th, when they meet with President Obama and Democratic leaders at The Blair House, to have a bipartisan discussion about health care reform.   Rush Limbaugh called it a “trap”.  Dick Morris, too.  In fact, by tomorrow evening, probably every Republican will have called it a trap.  House Minority Leader John Boehner  said,

“I don’t know who’s going to be there … I don’t know how big the room’s going to be. I don’t know — what the set-up is going to be…I don’t know what we’ll be walking into.  I don’t want to walk into some trap.”

They really are the party of fear, aren’t they?  What are you guys expecting at this TELEVISED event, a firing squad?

Memo to all readers, all Republicans, and all Democrats:

If, up until this point, your party has refused to engage in the process, and suddenly you are worried about walking into a trap when you are invited to a bipartisan discussion, it means you have every reason to fear a trap.  You’ve been dishonest, John Boehner, and so has your entire party.  That’s why you are leery about walking into that room.

You’re right.  It is a trap, one that you built yourself, believing that the Democrats would never have the balls to display your insincerity for the entire nation to see.  The trap was set when you met with President Obama two weeks ago for a live Q & A session.  It was sprung when Obama invited you to have a bipartisan summit at the Blair House.  You are already trapped, and you don’t know it.

There is no way for Republicans to come out of this looking good.  Even staying home makes them look bad at this point.  The trap is sprung, Limbaugh, Boehner, and Morris.  It’s too late to save your asses.  You should have thought about that when the discussions on health care reform began in the House so many months ago.  Now America really is going to see how insincere you’ve been all along.


22 Responses to “Republicans Fear a Trap…It’s Too Late”

  1. Jonah said

    It’s all about making Republicans look bad. Palin too. Dumb fuck.

    • politicalpartypooper said


      They make themselves look bad, and you know it. And by the way, I don’t have any problem with Sarah Palin. I’m not threatened by her at all. I think she has changed since her days as governor, but I also think that Liberals are completely irrational when it comes to Palin.

      Jonah, Dems have received some of my anger as well. But being an Independent, it’s hard for me to forget that the Republicans completely walked away from Reagan conservatism, which was all about growing small businesses and creating jobs. Instead, they sucked the cocks of the wealthiest Americans, and told the rest of us to fuck off. They are STILL telling the rest of us to fuck off, only they are trying to hide that behind “doing nothing”, which is why Independents booted their asses out of office in 2006.

      Do you not remember the “Do Nothing” Congress? They didn’t get that name because they were a rousing success. They got it because they accomplished nothing, and they are STILL trying to carry on that legacy by blocking EVERYTHING.

      Also, you can write as much as you want in a single comment, Jonah. You don’t need to post three different comments…I don’t limit what you can say, unlike some blogs I know.

      • Jonah said

        I’m a registered Independent, have been since 1990.

        I just call them the way I see them. Republicans protect freedoms.
        The freedom to find yourself, to persue what makes you happy, which in
        most cases provides you with a good living. You may mistake this for ‘Do nothing’.

        Democrats are controlling coniving hypocrites, petulent children who blame others
        for all problems, and try to buy off the desperate through social engineering
        and enabling programs that defeat peoples inner ambition. This ultimately fails,
        as witnessed in many many urban areas. Hope and Change.

      • politicalpartypooper said

        The freedom to find yourself? Really? Does that freedom to find yourself apply to all Americans? Or only to the ones who toe the line with Republican ideology?

        To pursue what makes you happy? In most cases this provides you with a good living? Are you serious?

        Jonah, the average wage of Americans has been dropping steadily since the Bush tax cuts. Furthermore, the Oughts created fewer jobs per capita for Americans than any other in recent history, True, Dems have played a role in that lately.

        But here’s my point. Today’s Republicans are not Reagan Republicans. They are not fiscally conservative, and their ideology is not aimed toward lifting the middle class out of obscurity, like Reagan’s was. They do not care that 45,000 people are dying every year due to lack of health insurance…nor do they care that insurers regularly drop and deny coverage to people who get sick. Mark my words, if HCR dies, and the Repubs win both houses, THEY WILL NOT BE INTRODUCING HCR LEGISLATION…EVER. But they will continue to make sure that your middle class money ends up in the hands of the very wealthy.

      • Jonah said

        Yea Republicans just don’t care. Fuck you.

        Democrats care? Democrats suggest University’s curb the cost of their $300,000 Medical Degree programs? That medical malpractice insurance rates get reduced somehow, all of this lessening the cost of a patient to see their doctor?
        How many other things could be targeted to reduce doctors and hospitals overhead
        costs which are factored in to ‘the most costly care in the world’?
        Perhaps you should actually study WHY France claims to have cheaper care.
        ( doctors are paid 25%, education is free, malpractice is 10% )

        I paid $100 last week for a 10 minute office visit.

        Democrats like to populistly target ‘the rich’, not ‘the root’.

        Republicans are not fiscally conservative?
        That’s right, they’ve been acting more like Democrats when it comes to spending.

      • Jonah said


        The only thing Conservatism has failed at is slowing the growth of all levels of
        Government, that you profess to be the answer.

        Well let’s take a look at what’s happened:

        1955 Population 165,931,202
        2005 Population 296 million

        2 times the population Source

        $1 in 1955 = $7.14 in 2005 Source

        1955 Gov spending 105 Billion
        2005 Gov spending 4,400 Billion

        44 times the spending

        1955 Welfare 5.2 Billion
        2005 Welfare 404.0 Billion

        77 times the spending

        1955 Healthcare 4 Billion
        2005 Healthcare 737 Billion

        184 times the spending


        Poverty rate? the same


      • politicalpartypooper said

        Democrats have their own faults, Jonah. I am ALL for tort reform, which would reduce medical malpractice rates as well as eliminate defensive testing procedures that most doctors use to arm themselves against malpractice. But no one can deny that insurers regularly drop people from coverage once they get sick. Hospitals are the ones that are eating the costs for this. The biggest promise breaker in all of health care is insurers. Hospitals and health care providers are often left holding the bag for those broken promises. That’s why you pay $100 for a ten minute visit.

        And why do you tell me to fuck off? Do I tell you to do so? If you can’t keep it civil, why bother discussing this at all?

      • Keith said

        Jonah, “Republicans protect our freedoms. Democrats are Hypocrites”. And you call yourself an Independent? Especially in this era of blazing Republican hypocrisy? (See: “I’ll take that stimulus money and the credit for adding jobs to my district but I will still bad mouth stimulus money to cameras in public”) Republicans once had some of the values of which you speak. But to look at them now you would think they are some extension party exclusively for corporate America. That is not the Republican party I remember. You are no Independent. Stop pretending.

      • Jonah said

        If anything Keith, I’m a libertarian.
        I’m completely against government dependence.
        It is governemt dependence that is causing all the problems,
        starting a decade ago through subprime lending, allowing
        unqualified buyers to purchase mortgages. That worked out well.
        It’s so easy to blame Bush and the republicans though, I know…sigh….

      • Jonah said

        Here it is, thanks to Fannie and Freddie ( your government )

        The subprime mortgage crisis has put the U.S. economy into the worst recession since 1982. This primer explains the innovative financial tools that allowed lenders to lend to subprime borrowers without taking responsibility for the risk of future default. As adjustable mortgage interest rates reset, and borrowers defaulted, these tools spread that risk into every corner of the globe. This created a widespread crisis that shows no signs of ending.

        Subprime Mortgages
        Subprime borrowers are those who have poor credit histories and are therefore more likely to default. Lenders usually charge higher interest rates to provide more return for the greater risk. Normally, this makes it too expensive for many subprime borrowers to even make monthly payments..

        Interest-only Loans
        The advent of interest-only loans helped to lower monthly payments so subprime borrowers could afford them. This increased the risk to lenders, however, because the initial rates usually reset after 1, 3 or 5 years. However, the rising housing market of the last few years comforted lenders, who assumed the borrower could resell the house at the higher price rather than default..

        Mortgage-backed Securities
        Mortgage-backed securities allow lenders to bundle loans into a package and resell them. In the days of conventional loans, this allowed banks to have more funds to lend. With the advent of interest-only loans, this also transferred the risk of the lender defaulting when interest rates reset. However, as long as the housing market continued to rise, the risk was small.
        In fact, the advent of interest-only loans combined with mortgage-backed securities added so much liquidity in the market that it created a housing boom.

        .Downturn in Real Estate Could Threaten Economy
        Every boom has its bust, and by 2006 the housing market started to decline. When subprime borrowers couldn’t sell their houses at a higher price, they were forced to default. Since the loans had repackaged and sold, they couldn’t even negotiate a settlement with their bank..

        Could Hedge Fund Housing Losses Cause Economic Slump?
        Hedge funds are unregulated and are under tremendous pressure to surpass the stock market. By March of 2007, it became apparent that they had bought a lot of subprime mortgages that were now defaulting. This caused a correction in the stock market. However, at that time, analysts proclaimed that the damage was restricted to real estate..

        Subprime Mortgage Crisis Looking Even MORE Like S&L Crisis
        What made matters even worse was that many lenders spent millions of dollars to lobby state legislatures to relax laws that could have protected borrowers from taking on mortgages they really couldn’t afford..

        Collateralized Debt Obligations
        However, the risk was not just confined to mortgages. All kinds of debt was repackaged and resold as Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO’s). As housing prices declined, many homeowners who had been using their homes as ATM machines found they could no longer support their lifestyle. Defaults on all kinds of debt started to slowly creep up. Holders of CDO’s included not only lenders and hedge funds, but also corporations, pension funds and mutual funds – and the individual investors who owned them..

        Fed Governor Kroszner Says Credit Crisis May Not Be Over
        The real problem with CDO’s was that they were so complicated and so new that buyers did not know how to price them. The stock market was booming, and everyone was under so much pressure to make money that they often bought these products based on nothing more than word of mouth..

        Government Intervention in the Banking Crisis
        Many of the purchasers of CDO’s were banks. As defaults started to mount, banks were unable to sell these CDO’s, and so had less more money to lend. Those that who had funds did not want to lend to banks that might default. By the end of 2007, the Fed had to step in as a lender of last resort. The crisis had come full circle. Instead of lending too freely, banks lent too little, which caused the housing market to decline further.

      • Jonah said


        THIS is how it began

    • Jonah said

      The only thing Conservatism has failed at is slowing the growth of all levels of
      Government, that you profess to be the answer.

      Well let’s take a look at what’s happened:

      1955 Population 166 million

      2005 Population 296 million

      2 times the population

      $1 in 1955 = $7.14 in 2005

      1955 Gov spending 105 Billion
      2005 Gov spending 4,400 Billion

      44 times the spending

      1955 Welfare 5.2 Billion
      2005 Welfare 404.0 Billion

      77 times the spending

      1955 Healthcare 4 Billion
      2005 Healthcare 737 Billion

      184 times the spending

      Poverty rate? the same

    • Jonah said

      actually, you are right on that point.

      it is the same as it was in 1970 though…

  2. Jonah said

    Dems have held Congress for the last 3 years, how’ve they been doing? Oh that’s right,
    Bush and ‘the republicans’ screwed everything up, whaaaaaaaaa.

    • Jonah said

      Minimum wage is higher though(except in Pelosi’s starkist gap), you must be thankful for that.

    • Keith said

      Jonah, For the last 3 years they squeaked out a majority and McConnel called them the “do nothing Congress”. Yeah the Democrats are to blame for doing nothing about the Bush and Republican disastrous policies. I’ll give you that. However…. A one seat majority in the house (an independent) not great. But a 31 seat majority in the House, that’s good. Too bad the Senate must do their work first and the Republican President needs to sign after all is said and done. Bush used his veto too. So we are not talking about control like we have today.

      • Jonah said

        I know, I think Democrats should have just shoved that $2 Trillion 2,000 page bill through without reading it. Don’t you? Damn those

  3. Jonah said

    My apologies for the insulting language, sometimes I reach my limits of liberal tolerance.
    I read too many comments from these people. roxsteady drives me mad.

  4. GOVCHRIS1988 said

    Well, if they don’t have the answers to why they did nothing while they were in power, plus why haven’t they put their ideas to offset losses in revenue if this initiative doesn’t pass. Because if this does fail, and the Republicans do retake congress, health care insurance costs still will be a problem.

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