The Supreme Court Knows Better Than Our Founding Fathers

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 21, 2011

The Citizens United Case in the Supreme Court changed everything.

No longer considered merely giving the appearance of bribery and special interests, big money can now claim that they are authentically natural persons, afforded the same rights as you and me…you know…natural persons; individuals.

Unions, big business, and more to the point, PACs and “Groups-in-favor-of-their-favorite-politican” can now throw money at elections without restraint.  That’s because these groups are individuals.  At least, that’s what the justices of the Supreme Court think.

The scales have been tossed away.  The fact that both Republicans and Democrats are owned by big unions and big business has been disclosed, and the Supreme Court said “Yay!”.  You don’t have to worry anymore that your union might be limited in the amount of ads they can buy prior to an election, or whether the bank you work for can, one more time just days before the election, replay that commercial with the demon-sounding voice telling America that the politician you hate fucks goats.  Nosiree.  Rest easy, young pilgrim.  All that money is now a citizen, just like you.

That’s the end result of the verdict in the Citizens United Case.  Businesses, Unions, PACs, and any other group that “donates” money to a political cause is now a natural-citizen of the United States of America.  The Supreme Court has decided that, yes, our Founding Fathers were idiots, and indeed, that they wrote the Constitution believing that an “organization”, a “union”, a “business interest”, or any other special interest was a natural born citizen of the United States, and therefore had the same rights to the Freedom of Speech as any other natural-born individual.

That’s how you have to read the Citizens United verdict.  You can’t read it any other way.  For personal rights of the Freedom of Speech to be protected, they have to pertain to a natural born citizen, an individual.  The Constitution is crystal clear on the definitions of a natural person, as well as where the Bill of Rights pertains to such.  Today’s Supreme Court, in its verdict in favor of the Citizens United Group decided that our Founding Fathers, all along, intended that special interests should have free reign to dominate our political landscape through money, which our founding fathers clearly said was a form of speech.

Except, our Founding Fathers never said any such thing.  Our Founding Fathers also never would have given a case like Citizens United the time of day.  They would have tossed it out of court, writing long memos reminding every American of why we broke with England in the first place, and of the dangers of giving one group or several groups within our states the status of natural-born citizens and too much power.  The mere thought of Thomas Jefferson agreeing with the Supreme Court’s decision in this case is ludicrous.  It’s clear that Jefferson would have had the Justices committed to an asylum.

If there is any Supreme Court Justice who can argue against that, please make yourself heard, and in the face of our Founding Father’s writings and what we knew about them, convince us, please, that they were morons just like you.

The Citizens United Case wasn’t a case about the Freedom of Speech.  At least it shouldn’t have been.  In order to determine whether any rights had been suppressed, a determination of whether any rights were present should have been determined first, and to do that, the Supreme Court needed to ascertain just who our Bill of Rights applies to, and what constitutes a natural-born citizen.  They most certainly did not do that, and in rushing to their judgment, they afforded special interests the status of natural born citizens, instead of calling these “groups” what they were, which are man-made organizations”.  Ludicrous.  Ω


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