A New Fox News Show About Your Money? No Scamming Going On There!

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 19, 2010

I happened to be flipping through channels last night when I caught a snippet of Mike Huckabee casually advertising a new Fox News Show about Money.  I didn’t stay long enough to know exactly when it will air or what it will be called, but I did stay long enough to hear that it would be a “guide” to you, the consumer, on how to make the most of your money, how to spend your money wisely.  Suze Orman and Clark Howard, move over.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “PPP is about to slam on Fox News Channel…again.”

You’re right, I am.  What else can I do with a network that calls itself news, and has exactly two hours of the entire day dedicated to “News”, with the rest of their lineup slated for political opinion shows?  Besides, we’ve seen this song and dance before.  We know exactly what Fox News thinks you should do with your money;  give it all to them.

Have you ever seen a “news” network with more “anchors” peddling pamphlets, books, DVD’s, pens, T-shirts, Bumper Stickers  and coffee mugs?  And there are the Fox “experts”, who again peddle their books, DVD’s, and pamphlets.  Fox News isn’t news; it’s a twenty-four hour infomercial.  It is in that background that they introduce their show about your money and how to spend it.

You don’t need to be a genius to know what’s coming.  Every night, Fox “Money” will have a guest or two who have just written a book, made a DVD, or have an upcoming lecture series that you can pay to attend.  The entire show will revolve around that book, DVD, or lecture, and throughout the hour, you’ll be given “opportunities” to get in on this ground-breaking advice about your money, all for $29.99.  Can you see it?  Can you?  It’s going to be epic.

I wonder who is going to host it?  I think it should be Sean Hannity, because he’s not shy about scamming people for their money.  After all, he’s the kingpin of a “charity” for the children of fallen Veterans that gives 12% of everything it takes in to those children.  Twelve percent!  What a hero!  Remember when he promised to be waterboarded for charity?  Apparently, there wasn’t enough profit in it, or you can bet by gosh and Gomorrah that Sean-o Hannity would be dripping wet by now!

No matter who hosts the show, you can bet that you are going to get gobs of “insider” advice on how to get rich.  Why, there will be Mutual Fund Managers telling you to give your money to them, and authors whose fortunes have been made writing self-help books, telling you how to make your fortune as a small business owner or through hard work and savings.  And there will be lots of commercials…for Armageddon Gardens and Gold!  Yes, buy Gold!  You don’t need to have the actual nugget in your hand; just let Goldline “store” it for you!   Nothing odd about that!  And be sure to get in on the groundbreaking $149.99 package of seeds, from which you can grow your own survival garden!  Who knew that seeds could cost that much?  Apparently, when they can survive nuclear holocaust, they are worth more than their weight in …gold!  Don’t forget to write down the number for your set of Ginsu knives!

Folks; I give advice about money here for free.  My advice to you is this: stay away from peddlers who have a book or DVD to sell you about your money.  Maybe you like the Fox News lineup; it’s a choice only you can make.  But please heed my warning when I say that the only concern Fox News Channel has about your money is that it’s still your money, and not theirs.  Don’t waste your time, and especially, don’t give them a dime!  Not even if Sean Hannity “promises” that “it’s for the kids”.  It’s not; it’s for him, and Fox News.


One Response to “A New Fox News Show About Your Money? No Scamming Going On There!”

  1. Ollie Green said

    I’m just wondering, ppp, if you have been as “generous” to the “Big Three” networks as you have been with Fox news?

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