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The Hope Of America

Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 26, 2010

In trying to come up with a new post for the last few days, I’ve been struck by how negative some of my articles have become.  I wanted to write about joblessness, or about Glenn Beck’s upcoming Revelation on August 27, but these things would invariably have led to more negativity. For just one day, I want to write about something positive.

That it took me several days to find something to write about is indicative of what my focus on politics is doing to my mind.  You can’t stay here, in the world of bad news, or corruption, unemployment and economic depression, for long.  You have to get out of it for a bit and open your eyes, because there is still beauty to behold, and still good in this world.

When I’m looking for something good to focus on I invariably find my daughter.

Some things never change.

On Monday, August 30, my daughter will enter college for the first time.  She’s been the brightest joy of my life.  I rarely talk of personal stuff here, but I’ll share this with you, even if it is a bit self-indulgent.

Whereas my focus is usually on investments and financial advice (my business) or on the dirty business of politics, my daughter’s focus is on her future, and specifically, the one starting Monday.  She’s anticipating that day not with fear over how she’ll make ends meet, or fear over the economy or Washington politics, but with a different kind of fear; she’s beginning a new cycle of her life, and Monday marks her first day in school as an adult. The whole wide world is open to her, even though if you asked her, she’d say an open door would be enough for now.  Just give her an opportunity to prove herself, that’s all she wants.

She’ll get that opportunity starting Monday.  She’ll be seeing the world from a new perspective; an open college campus where thought, diversity, and exploration are encouraged.  She’ll spread her wings and try to fly.  This is the just the first step for her into what will possibly be a long career of higher learning and purpose.  She wants to be a psychologist, and the one thing I know about that field is it changes so fast, that her education will be ongoing.  That’s right up her alley.

I know she is a bit anxious; I was, too, my first day on campus.  She’s attending our local college for her first year, which allows her to stay at home with me and keep her job.  I am particularly glad about the staying at home with me part.   All nerves aside, she is excited.  Along with millions of other young adults, my daughter is excited about the future.

Read that again; it’s the real focus of this article.

Millions of young adults are excited about their future.  I realize that this is true about many young people in this world, but it’s particularly important in this country, where often, we are only focused on what’s wrong, especially in these last few years.  When I think about all of that excitement, it energizes me.  I used to pick my daughter and friends up from high school, and I can attest that there is nothing more invigorating than teenagers in a car just after school.  This is the energy we need; and they have it in abundance.  It’s the hope we seek, and they carry it naturally; as easily as if it were sown on to the front of their shirts.  In fact, maybe I should make a T-shirt and sell it.  On it would be the simple phrase “I am Hope personified”.

That’s it.  That’s what they, and my daughter, are.  Hope.  We need it; they have it.  Let’s do everything we can to make sure their hope is realized; it will be to the benefit of us all.    Ω



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