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How Did Glenn Beck Miss This? Republicans And The Color Red

Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 21, 2010

It’s rare that I invoke the name of the Holy High Radio Host, Glenn Beck.  But ironic times call for ironic measures, and this is such a time.  I’m astounded that I’m first one to think of this, maybe even the only one.  It’s hard to believe that Glenn Beck didn’t see this before I did, but I’ll give him a pass, since he’s been so busy, lately.  In fact, I’ll pick up the mantel of paranoia and fear for him, if just for a while.  I’m serious, dead serious.

It all begins with the color red.  I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, but maybe that’s because I relied on Beck too much.  Maybe all that fear-mongering band wagoneering softened my senses, clouded my judgment, and blinded me to the truth.  Still, am I the only one who has seen this?

Oh my God!  It all ties together!  Why didn’t we see it before?

Because Republicans were weaseling their way into the hearts and minds of Americans using that old communist trick: fear!  They were telling us that they were the only Party that could protect us from government when all along, what they really wanted was for us to hand government over to them so they could complete their mission of building a country safe for the wealthy, privileged few at the top, borne on the backs of the poor, working masses.

And it almost worked!  They almost fooled us into creating a corporate welfare system founded upon the principles of “fairness”.  But don’t you go believing for a minute that they would be content with just taking over America!  No, no no!  They wanted the world!  They created tax vacations for huge corporations if those corporations promised to move parts of their structure overseas, into foreign countries, where the Republican Party could gain a foothold where none was available to it before!  And it worked!  Almost!

Am I the only one who sees this?

Fellow Americans, we have to do something. At the very least, we have to reload, maybe even go out and buy more of what is promised in our second amendment rights.  We have to arm ourselves with the assault rifle of truth, the sub-machine gun of justice, and the AK-47 of freedom, before the communists…ahem..Republicans take my beloved country over!

Folks, I truly love this country, and I wish it weren’t me being the one to discover this, but someone had to!  My God!  If they can take over Congress, imagine what else they can take over!  The White House?  Our local public libraries?  Our places of worship?  They’re already trying to do that!  What else can they take over?  Our freedom of speech?  Of the press?  Can you imagine me being censored?  What kind of heinous political party would do this?

A political party disguised as a small government, pro-business, pro-constitution-when-it-suits-them party; that’s what kind of political party would do this.  A political party hell-bent on grabbing power, by force, if necessary, to  break America to their will.

Are you going to let them?  Are you going to stand by and watch while, one by one, your freedoms are attacked and destroyed?  Are you willing to let the Red Republican Army trample on your rights and oppress you?  I, for one, will not!  I will fight them, and I will show them that no matter how bloody they get, no matter how cruel they treat us, that America cannot be conquered by Communists.  I will show them that America is more than just an idea; that America was founded on principles of freedom, of equal rights for all, not just for the privileged few at the top, like the Red Republicans want, but for all Americans!

You can help, if you want.  Don’t just stand on the sidelines and watch the Red Republicans gun down the Freedom of Speech, or slit the throat of religious freedom.  You have to meet fire with fire.  If they bring knives, you have to bring guns.  You can help me take America back; you can reload and fire a shot over the bow of Red Republicans.  You can fire a shot for freedom.

Fellow Americans, don’t wait until it’s too late.  It’s already nearing the end game.  We don’t have much time.  But whatever you do, don’t listen to the lies of the Red Republicans any longer.  They say they want to be your friend, but what they really want is your money, and, to put it bluntly, your LIFE!  That’s right.  They want your life, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it, so you have to be equally as cunning, equally as ruthless to root out the evil in our midst and stem the rising Red Tide.   Folks, I love my country.  Don’t you want to love it as much as I do?  It brings tears to my eyes to think that in a few short months, Red Republicans could take over control of Congress and resume their quest for domination of America…first…and then…the world.  Are you going to let them?  Well?  Are you?

Glenn, you can thank me at your leisure…I’m just trying to help out.     Ω



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The First Letter of The Apostle Glenn Beck to the Americans: A Not-so-subtle Comparison to Adolf Hitler

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 16, 2010

Brace yourself.  This is written as quickly, and thus, as poorly as I can manage.

Glenn Beck has received a plan, from God, or is receiving a plan from God, and is revealing it in a book in August.  The book will be called the The First Letter of The Apostle Glenn to the Americans.  It will be the first “scripture” added to the bible in nearly 1700 years.

Of course, Glenn could just mimic what his Idol, Adolf Hitler did, and write it down in a book called, Mein Kampf.

So, yet another way in which Glenn Beck resembles Adolf Hitler.

1. Uses wild rhetoric to stir the emotions of his audience, no matter how big the lie.

2. Creates a false  “national emergency”, namely that our constitution is under attack, and only Glenn Beck will be given a plan from God to save us.  Savior!

3.  Hitler believed he was ordained of God to lead Germany to a thousand-year reign. Beck believes he is ordained of God to reveal God’s plan for America for the next one hundred years.  Both wrote it in a book.

4. Adolf Hitler was easily reduced to fits of emotion.  Glenn Beck is easily reduced to fits of emotion.

5.  Adolf Hitler wrote books.  Glenn Beck writes books.

6.  Adolf Hitler became known for his long speeches.  Glenn Beck has become known for his long speeches.

7.  Glenn Beck is of German Descent.  Adolf Hitler was not, but became a German citizen after World War 1.

8.  Adolf Hitler was obsessed with Jews, inferior races and communists.  In fact, most Nazis believed that the “lesser” races, like Jews, blacks, people of color…were responsible for the Germans losing WWI.  Many German veterans of that war believed that communist Jews sold out the army on the verge of victory.  Glenn Beck is obsessed with our immigration problem, and blames a good portion of America’s problems on “the socialist, communist, welfare state created especially for people of the lesser races”.

9.  Hitler tied the Jews to Communist Russia.  Beck ties minorities and Liberals to Communist Russia…except when he is tying them to Nazi Germany, who hated Communist Russia.  Wait…umm, Glenn?

Sigh.  Finally, Glenn Beck wants you to be afraid of anything that doesn’t agree with what he believes, and that he, Glenn Beck, is the only one who can save us with the plan God is revealing to him.  Adolf Hitler won his power by convincing the German nation that they had to be afraid of the Jews, the communists, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France, and that he was the only one with a plan to save them and make them great again.

Want more?

10.  Adolf Hitler never held Public Office before he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  Prior to that, he was the leader of the Nazi Party, a speaker who was more entertainer than politician, an “artist” of sorts, and a writer who grew in fame and notoriety rapidly.  For all purposes, he became the voice of the Radical right wing in Germany during their depression.  Glenn Beck has never held public office, but is a speaker, although he is more of an entertainer than a serious news man or politician, who has grown in fame and notoriety rapidly.  He has become the voice of the radical right wing in America, during this time of economic and social upheaval.

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