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If I were President

Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 13, 2011

I’ve been having discussions with  a number of political people recently.  Let’s say that they’re political junkies.  Many, like me, are avowed Independents.  There are those remaining few who are brave enough to admit that they are a party hack…ahem…Republican or Democrat.  Those brave few are always the few who argue most vociferously for their obsolete ideology.

I can’t really recall one argument I’ve had with an Independent.  Maybe the Hacks are right; we don’t argue because we don’t stand for anything, except maybe fence-sitting.

Perish the thought.  Here’s what I stand for, and here’s what I would strive for if I were President:

* End the Bush tax cuts.  Anyone who believes we can solve our debt problem by cutting spending alone is naive, or reasonably insane.  There is no argument one can make against raising revenues when all we’re talking about is less than four percent in tax rates.

* Reform the estate tax.  Yes, there needs to be an estate tax.  Money “won” in an estate is income…and almost always, unearned income.  Being a member of a wealthy family doesn’t give you a pass to perpetual wealth without taxation.  If I earn $5,000,000 in one year, I get taxed on it.  So should you.  Especially since you probably DIDN’T earn it.  America wasn’t built on inheritance, and Capitalism isn’t based on inherited wealth.  It’s not a death tax; it’s an income tax.  We’re not taxing the dead guy.  We’re taxing the income that the living recipients receive free of charge or labor.  Husbands and wives, of course, would pay no estate tax, as our government views the rights of the surviving spouse to be an equal owner of the estate, and still living.

* Extend Congressional Terms to four years, and limit the number of terms to two.  No more career politicians.

* Reduce Senatorial terms to four years, and limit the number of terms to two.

*  Write a Free Trade Equity Act.  Simply put, demand that in any trade agreement that our nation makes or currently holds, an equal number of jobs have to be created between the two parties.  If American factories move overseas and create 1000 jobs in that foreign nation, that nation must reciprocate in kind.  No deviation is to be allowed.  Free Trade isn’t free if the results are as lopsided as they have been for the last twenty years.

* Write an Amendment to the Constitution that guarantees the Bill of Rights only to Natural Persons.  Corporations may be an assembly of natural persons, but they aren’t a natural person in and of themselves, and therefore, do not have the same rights that Natural Persons have; such as Free Speech.  This ought to end the debate about whether corporations or special interests (such as unions) can contribute big money to our campaigns.  While the people within those corporations or special interests may have an individual vested interest in the outcomes of elections and deserve their voices to be heard, the  entity of corporations and special interests do not have vested interests and shall have no voice in our system of government.  The Bill of Rights pertains to the individual, not to groups of individuals.  The right to worship as one sees fit, for example, is an individual right, not a corporate right.  Individuals have the right to organize according to their method of worship, but the organization itself has no say, no free speech with regards to our system of government.  Our Founders didn’t write a Corporate Bill of Rights; they wrote a natural person’s Bill of Rights, and defined what that Natural person is within it.

* A Tax code that is simple, equal, and fair, without loopholes for the wealthy.  What that tax rate may be would need to be determined, but whatever it ends up being, no one except the very poor would escape its full effect.  If we can find a rate near 17-19% that helps us maintain our budget and our social programs, that would be optimal.  But for the time being, if that rate needs to be one or two percent higher to help us pay down our debt and balance our budget, I think most Americans will be accepting of it.

* A program of employment for the long term unemployed.  We cannot pay unemployment benefits perpetually without return.  Our nation has massive infrastructure deficiencies, and employing the long unemployed toward this end would go a good way toward solving this need, while paying a fair wage and giving the newly employed a sense of contribution to their society.


To be continued


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Political Partageddon

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 25, 2010

A while back, I wrote an article about Primary elections.  As a follow up, I have some news about Primaries, as well as some encouraging stats for Independents.

Proposition 14 in California, a referendum that would allow Indies to vote in statewide primary elections, is coming up.   Since Primary elections are primarily for the selection of party candidates, the debate has been long and vitriolic over whether to pass it or not.  Here’s what the bill would actually provide:

If Proposition 14 passes, Californians will still participate in two-stage elections. But instead of a party primary, the first stage would be a contest in which candidates from any party — or no party — could participate. The top two finishers in the first stage, even if they are from the same party, would move to a runoff election, and the winner of that election would get the office. Races for Congress, the Legislature and statewide offices would all be governed by the new rules; those for local offices and the presidency would not.  LA Times

It’s a small step in the right direction.  Nevertheless, even as it is debated, Republican and Democratic Party officials are screaming like the evil terminator at the end of Terminator 2 as he melts.  You can imagine the rhetoric.  “It will be the end of days!  Or at least the end of political party’s!”

Political Partageddon.


Basically, what Prop 14 does is allow Indies to run as candidates in the primaries against the Republican or Democratic candidates.  It makes taxpayer funding of Primaries more palatable.  Prior to this, Indies were stuck with paying for Primary elections that they had no part in.  Talk about controlling government!  Let’s get the rest of this done, and get every state on board with free and open elections for all.  The hoops that some state’s election boards put a candidate through are ridiculous, especially if that candidate is a third-party or Indie candidate.  It’s time to break up the cartel, boys and girls!

Finally, an article from The Collegian states:

Young Americans are opting not to affiliate with a political party.

Fully 50 percent of voters aged 18-29 now identify as independents, and the percentage of the electorate under 30 is growing. In 2006, 18-29 year olds accounted for 21 percent of the electorate. By 2015, estimates are that 18-29 year olds will account for 33 percent of all voters.

But the millennial generation finds itself confronted by an electoral system designed by, and for, the “I Like Ike” crowd. Party politics dominates. Election districts are gerrymandered to serve party interests. Many states require poll workers to be registered Democratic or Republican. The Federal Election Commission is comprised of three Democrats and three Republicans, rendering it both structurally impotent and blind to the concerns of independents. And most significantly, primary elections are off-limits to independents in 17 states.

Did you read that?  Primary elections are off-limits to Indies in seventeen states?  But Republicans and Democrats will steal their tax dollars to pay for their primaries, won’t they?  Blood suckers.

The good news is, more and more voters are choosing to go Indie.

Can you hear it?  It’s off, in the distance…a tolling.

It’s getting louder, and soon, the Republicans and Democrats will hear it, too.  They will hear it, and they will recognize it; after all, it’s the bell that rings for them, the death knell of corrupt political parties.  One day, and I believe it to be soon, being a member of a political party will be as poisonous to a candidate as belonging to the KKK.

With the most recent financial disaster, and another one looming on the horizon, more and more information is coming out about how members of both parties played a hand in sculpting the system that made it all possible.

More than 40% of Americans already identify themselves as Indies.  It won’t be long now…dong…..dong…..dong….

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Five Questions You Should Ask Every Conservative

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 20, 2010

It’s hard to believe President Obama’s term is more than one year old, already, or, to put it as one of my conservative acquaintances did, “It’s hard to believe America is still free”.

I often get involved in visiting different liberal and conservative blogs, and commenting.  Being an independent, I find that to be the easiest way to start an argument no matter what I say, especially when I’m in the mood for one.  But lately, one of the conservative blogs I visit has been vicious.  Did you know that recently, according to Conservatives, not only are liberals evil, but independents have won that title, too?  In fact, my “friends” at one blog have gone so far as to say that independents are really only liberals in hiding, too cowardly to come out and admit the truth.  Hmmm.

Across the width and breadth of the internet, from time to time, you’ll come upon a conversation which just screams at you to say something, even if it means that everyone on that blog will shoot you with a rusty spear if they can see you.  Just such a thing happened to me the other day.  One of my favorite conservatives to debate was there, and he was all “you’re just a weath-redistributing LIBERAL!!!” and everything.  So, I responded by telling him that the only people in America who had their hands out was the wealthy, and I also told him, “You better be ready to dig in those pockets deep, boy, because they are about to need another bailout.”

It was at this point that he “reminded” me of all the welfare cases, the unions, the unemployed with their hands out, blah, blah, blah, blah…

So, I curved the debate around to the one place where I knew he could not escape from the truth.  I asked him five questions.  Here they are:

1.  Do you believe that Americans who REALLY want to work ought to be able to find a job that pays a decent living wage?

2.  What do you believe is a decent living wage for a father supporting a wife and two children?  For a single mother whose husband abandoned her? (that’s more like two questions, but who’s counting?)

3.  Why do we see that since 1979, the ratio of executive pay to average American pay has soared from 40:1 to 500:1?  And do you realize that this means if you earn $40,000, an executive earns $20 Million?

4.  In this most recent bear market, when your “stop-losses” on your stocks sold your shares at a huge loss and converted your retirement account to cash, who bought those shares that you sold, and when you finally get back into the market, whose shares will you be buying at a much higher price than what they bought them for?

5.  Where did that money in your 401k go?  It didn’t just disappear, so who has it now?

I asked him those questions yesterday…he has yet to respond.  Really, how can he respond without understanding that unless we do some wealth redistributing, his income will continue to stagnate, and his retirement plan will continuously be raided by bear markets, in which, only the rich have the money available to buy all of those “distressed” stocks, at bargain prices.

Do I believe in wealth redistribution?  You’re damned right I do. How can I not?  I’ve watched it happen for more than thirty years as the wealthiest Americans have, time after time, redistributed my wealth amongst themselves.  Ω

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Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 26, 2010

Stop it! You're choking him!

With Health Care Reform, Bank and Wall Street legislation, amongst a host of other worthy efforts being stalled in Congress because of the Republican Super-Minority and an almost complete lack of any Democratic testicles, this fall’s election promises to be an exciting one, filled with all sorts of demagoguery, lies, and populist quotationism.  Democrats might or might not have a platform to run on, depending on what they get done between now and then.  Republicans, on the other hand, are already crafting their message.  “Common Sense” solutions, fiscal conservatism, and National Security will be in the trumpet section of the Republican band this year.

But who else will be running for office?  Will there be third-party candidates?  God bless us all, will there be honest-to-goodness Independents?  I truly hope so.

And what would an Independents’ platform be for 2010?

“I’m not one of them”.

A most effective platform, if you ask me.  Republicans believe they will regain the House and Senate by right, while Democrats are hoping to retain both by action.  But if real, honest Independents run, it could throw a wrench into an already muddled election cycle.

In my heart, anything that will make both parties pause and say, “Oh shit” is fine by me.

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Posted by politicalpartypooper on December 14, 2009

In 2000, Joe Lieberman ran alongside Al Gore as his Vice Presidential candidate in the Presidential election.  At that time, some eyebrows were raised, as it was believed that Lieberman was chosen for his ability to deliver the eastern seaboard, as well as his appeal to more conservative Democrats.  But it was also Lieberman’s position as President Clinton’s most vocal Democratic critic that made both perfect sense, and caused one to scratch his head in confusion.  If you recall, at that time, Clinton has just escaped his sexual scandal, and was basically retreating into silence in the last year of his Presidency.  Democrats needed someone like Lieberman to help win New York and Florida, and to grab some of the conservative Independents from the Bush Campaign.  Lieberman made perfect sense in that respect.  His criticism of Clinton over the Lewinsky sex scandal made him more appealing to Americans who saw Al Gore as four more years of a Clinton White House.

Since that time, Joe Lieberman has been a Republican.  Oh, I know he ran as a Democrat and then as an Independent, but he is a Republican through and through.  He is also an egomaniac, repeatedly drawing attention to himself as the only Democrat to vote against many domestic liberal agendas.  His most recent foray into the spotlight has shown Lieberman to support any health care reform that does not include a Public option; only to backtrack and tell Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he also won’t support a health care reform bill that has a medicare buy-in included.

Basically, that’s the stance that Republicans have taken for the last seven months.  No Public option!  No to ending insurance rejection based on pre-existing conditions!  No to ending rescission!  Yes to forcing every American to buy bad health insurance!

Why?  Why does Joe Lieberman support the health care status quo?  If you look closely, he has always supported it. Under the so-called “party of the people,” the Gore-Lieberman ticket supported globalization, the death penalty, limited expansion of health coverage, and the allocation of federal resources for debt reduction rather than to rebuild inner cities or reduce black infant mortality.  His position today against health care reform should be no surprise to Liberal Democrats.  He is, in most respects, a Republican masquerading as an Independent.

Amongst his top ten contributors for the last five years are Purdue Pharma and Aetna.  Also in that top ten were Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.  Simply stated, Joe Lieberman is in bed with the two industries that have either killed more Americans or cost more jobs than any other.  Maybe he comes off as the apologetic father in Alf, (he certainly sounds and looks like him), but make no mistake; Joe Lieberman is as anti-American- small-guy as there exists in Washington today.  He can frequently be found on the side of big business and corporations, and rarely votes in favor of issues that would benefit the little guy; you know, you and me.

All of this leads us to ask, why?  Why, Joe?  Why are you against health care reform?  Why are you for giving favorable treatment to corporations that allow Americans to die, or kill their jobs?  Why are you always for the big guy, and rarely for the little guy?  Why are you an almost total sell-out to big insurers, Pharma, and Wall Street?  Why are you against basic health care for all Americans, but for gigantic Wall Street bonuses?  Why are you for Aetna, and against every other American’s healthy life?  Why are you sleeping with Purdue Pharma while everyday Americans become sicker or die because they cannot afford the skyrocketing costs of medicine?  Why, Joe Lieberman, why?

Why have you sold the American people out?  Why have you sold your old party out?  Why are you so hellbent on giving Independents a bad name?  Why are you for Socialized Medicare for yourself while you leave the rest of America to fend for itself?  Why are you against the same type of health care plan for all Americans that you received for free as a Senator?

Why, Joe Lieberman, did you promise to support a Public Option in your 2006 campaign if you had no intention of keeping your promise?  Could it be because since the beginning of 2005, you have received over $1,000,000 in campaign contributions from the health insurance industry?  Did you know, Joe, that most Americans won’t earn $1,000,000 in twenty years of hard labor?  Yet you accepted more than that amount in the last five years from health insurers who use shady practices to withhold basic health care from all Americans while retaining very healthy profit margins.

Why, Joe Lieberman, why?  What does that look like, Joe?  Does it look like you have been bought by the health insurance industry?  Does it have the appearance of outright bribery?  Why, Joe Lieberman, why?  Why have you put yourself in a position to look as corrupt as you do?  Why does your stance against health care reform appear to be a position that health insurers had to give you more than one million dollars to purchase?  Why, Joe, why?

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Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 5, 2008

As I have watched these last two weeks, the proceedings of the two political party conventions, I was struck by the subtlety of a simple statement.

I listened to the talking heads and spin doctors as they told me, time after time, that the Democrats spoke to the Independents and undecided’s at their convention, while all this week, it’s been reported that the Republicans have spoken only to their base.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I listened, both weeks, as I waited for the words that tell me I am part of something bigger than myself.  I remember them best when I remember Ronald Reagan speaking them at his first nomination acceptance speech.

“My fellow Americans…”

There’s just something about those words that includes everybody.

I heard that phrase often this week, during the Republican convention.  I did not hear it once at the Democratic convention.  Instead, repeatedly, I heard the words, “My fellow Democrats”.

I know, it’s such a small thing.  It’s subtle.

But an Independent like me notices subtle things like that.  I don’t know what the media was listening to these last two weeks, but I am certain of what I heard.

The Democrats are speaking to themselves, and to an Independent like me, it sounds sort of elitist; sounds like something I am not a part of, like something they don’t want to include me in.  I’m an Independent, but I’m not a Democrat.

I don’t know what the Republicans are saying, but because of that phrase, I’m listening.  I’m an Independent, but I’m an American first.

The subleties of language seem so insignificant at the time, except to those who are listening, hoping to be included and welcomed.  We are the people who are Independent because we don’t trust either party to change.  We are the people who are only paid attention to when those two parties need votes.

Both parties had a chance to grab our attention these last two weeks.  Only one party tried, and it wasn’t the party that cares about our feelings, or is known for tolerance and liberalism.

And the party that didn’t will wonder this year again why so many states look so red.

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