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While Americans Suffer A Depression, Political Parties Posture For Power

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 7, 2011

Is anyone else tired of this “Spending Plan” debate in Washington?  How about the tug-of-war for power between the Democrats and Republicans?

Our nation has serious financial problems, and the only ground taken over the past month by either party has been political power.  While Americans all over the land suffer from dwindling paychecks, or no paycheck at all, Republicans and Democrats posture in front of cameras.  While thousands live in Depression-like tent cities in places outside of cities like Nashville TN, and Lakewood, NJ, , the two parties grapple for position for the 2012 election.

Yes, you read that right.  Tent cities are popping up outside of many major American cities.  It’s something you won’t see on TV.  CNN won’t cover it, none of the major networks will, and you can, of course, rest assured that neither Fox News nor MSNBC will breathe a word of it.  But you can, if you are at all interested, read about it here, and here, and here.  You can read about it in a lot more places, too.  But I’ll bet you won’t really know the depth of this depression until you do.

Meanwhile, our two glorious old political parties are far more bent on positioning themselves for elections than solving real problems.  Even Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” ignores the real problems America faces, and instead cuts aid to most Americans in dire straights.  All of this, supposedly, to give the voters what they have asked for.  That’s like spoon-feeding your child poison, and telling him that yes, he really did ask to fed something deadly.

Ryan’s plan balances our budget in 29 years.  By my calculation, we now have about five years.  Will his plan save us?  You do the math.   Ω


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