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Cut Military Pensions To Cut Our Deficit, And Other Nighttime Fairy Tales From Washington

Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 12, 2011

In the latest round of Deficit Idiocy, our wondrous Deficit Reduction Panel has decided that it might be a good idea to end lifetime pensions for members of our military who have served more than twenty years, and replace it with a system that resembles a 401k plan.  Beyond the fact that “offering” a 401k type of plan would expose our service members retirement to the risks and idiots on Wall Street (hey, what’s the worst that could happen with that?) is this demographic really the one you want to piss off?  After ten years of war, one of your options for cutting the deficit is to crap on Veterans?  Again?  Really?  Talk about out of touch.  This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue.  This is simply a Washington elitist attitude toward those they consider to be less than themselves.

Here’s a link to Military.com, The Military Advantage.  The article they wrote on this issue is filled with information.  Therefore, I offer it up to you.  It’s complete with links to the actual proposals made for ending Military Pensions.  Go…read them…and decide for yourselves.  Then, do what you must.  If that includes calling up your Senator or Congressperson and exposing them to expletives the likes of which have never been heard in Washington, then so be it.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the first Senator or Congressperson to stand up and say, “You know, we ought to review our own pay, and cut our own benefits,,,after all, temporary employees in the Private sector don’t get benefits…why should we?”  Naive, I know.

Is there no one in Washington who will suggest this?  Not even one?

If it’s a budget deficit and the growing National Debt that you name as one of your major concerns, a REAL leader starts by looking in the mirror and asking himself what he can do to make a difference, before he asks anyone beneath him to make that same sacrifice.  A real leader would be the first to offer a cut to his own salary and benefits.  Small business owners all over America are doing it.

By their silence, it is clear that in Washington, there is not even one leader.  Not one.

Pathetic.  But, hey, according to their latest campaign slogans, they got a plan to raise employment and cut the deficit.  Make sure you vote for each and every last one of them.  They’re gonna save you!   Ω


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Usama bin Laden; Profile of a Coward

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 6, 2011

He’s dead.  Enough said.

Except for this.  Osama Bin Laden lived in a well stocked “compound” (that’s military for “mansion”) for the last five years of his life, sipping on Coke and Pepsi, whiling away his time on what I am sure was state of the art computer equipment.

While he sent men, women, and boys to die for God and the cause, he smoked pot (marijuana plants were found growing right near the wall of his compound).  While thousands of his devoted followers lived in poverty, Bin Laden was wallowing in privileged seclusion, in his own little gated community.  He asked his followers to live in caves and in the open fields, and all the time, the closest he got to roughing it was living without a phone line, which in my house would be considered a blessing.

Usama bin Laden was a hypocrite, a coward, and a charlatan.  He posed for the world as a holy man, but he was nothing more than a con man, swindling thousands out of hard-earned money, time, and even their lives.

I suspected that this was the case for years.  He hid for more than a decade while he sent young boys out to die fruitlessly against the strongest army this world has ever known.  There are claims that we had him pinned down at Tora Bora, but I’m guessing bin Laden was never there.  It just wasn’t his style.  I know we see all sorts of videos of him aiming guns and walking, but in those videos he’s always dressed differently than everyone else around him, and I’ve yet to see video of him actually conversing with a person.  He liked to preach, but you never see him smiling at a joke or just talking with a friend.  All we see are images of bin Laden holding court.

Court is adjourned, Mr. bin Laden.  You’ve been convicted, and your punishment is death.

Even now, there is a rumor that he shoved his wife at the SEAL who killed him in an effort to make her take his bullet.  I’m not sure if that rumor is true, but it would fit bin Laden’s profile.

The profile of a coward.

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Stumbling on The Path To Prosperity

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 11, 2011

Call Paul Ryan’s budget the Path To Prosperity, The Roadmap for America’s Future, or whatever you want to.  Just don’t call it a plan that accomplishes anything, because it doesn’t, so far.

Studying his Roadmap, and his Path as I have, I am now armed with the facts I need to make an educated statement about his budget.  To use a pop-phrase, it’s wealth-redistribution.  It’s a plan that eliminates none of our debt, and none of our deficit, for the first ten years while cutting services for the Middle Class and giving the Upper Class another ten percent tax cut.  I call that wealth redistribution.  What do you call it?

The national media is calling his plan a serious attack on the deficit; yet his plan doesn’t balance the budget for twenty-nine years, according to Ryan’s beloved and non-partisan CBO.  Doesn’t any plan require that you actually balance the budget within a few years time before it gets the praise “serious!”?  And why is no one within the Republican party outraged that it takes so long to balance said budget?  Weren’t these the same people who won their elections in November on the strength of their “plans” to balance the budget and fix America’s fiscal mess?

There are several points of note within Ryan’s plan.  The first is the privatization of Medicare; yes, that same Medicare that Ryan and Republicans accused President Obama and Democrats of trying to cut or destroy two years ago.  Remember when they had Grandma’s and Grandpa’s go on TV and radio commercials?  Remember when Grandma’s and Grandpa’s went to Townhall meetings and begged Democrats to not touch their Medicare?  Remember how Republicans played upon our Senior’s fears?  Death Panels, anyone?  I don’t think ANYONE can forget that.  Yet here it is; Paul Ryan is going to privatize Medicare, literally change it from the Medicare that Seniors know…but not for ten years.  Anyone under 55 will not see Medicare as your elders knew it.  But you’ll get to pay for it as if you did; yours and theirs.  Instead, Ryan will give you under-55’s a “premium voucher”, so you can go out and get some of that great private health care insurance that Seniors love so much.  It’ll be great, because at a time of your life when you shouldn’t have to worry about your medical bills, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do under Ryan’s plan.  Private insurance companies are for-profit, and their bottom line contradicts yours.  That means whatever they can make you pay for, they will, and if they can’t, they are going to try anyway.  Seniors all over America are going to get busy answering claims letters, filling out claims forms, and making sure to send every form requested in on time in order to have their medical service paid.

The second major point is Ryan’s spending cuts.  He claims his budget will cut $6 Trillion in spending over the next ten years…from Obama’s proposed budget.  What that means is, his budget will be $600 Billion less than Obama’s budget, which is $1.6 Trillion more than the revenue we take in taxes.  In other words, Ryan’s serious budget, that seriously attacks the deficit, will leave us another $10 Trillion in debt after the first ten years.  But wait, that’s not all.

The third major point is Ryan’s 10% tax cut for the upper class, and Corporate America.  He aims to cap our top tax rate at twenty-five percent.  But he insists that revenues will be higher, because he will be eliminating “certain” tax loopholes.  To date, no specifics on which loopholes he will eliminate, but if Ryan’s history is any indication, he will be eliminating the standard deduction that every American who earns less than $100,ooo a year gets.  Okay, that was a joke, but considering his budget, is it possible that Ryan could propose just that?

With “certain” loopholes being cut, Ryan’s budget is at best Revenue neutral.  That means no new revenues will be gained to offset the massive tax cut for Corporate America and the Upper Class.  Not only that, but I expect his tax cut will actually add to the deficit, making Ryan’s overall budget neutral in eliminating any deficit whatsoever.  That’s the best case scenario for Ryan’s plan.

Here’s the worst case.

Let’s say his budgeted tax cuts pass, as well as his RyanCare plan.  But what happens if Republicans buck his “plan” to close loopholes?  What happens to our deficit then?  You can imagine, as can I.  America’s budget deficit would skyrocket completely out of control.  Can you envision a circumstance where Republicans and even some Democrats would fight against closing certain tax loopholes?

How can you not?  These loopholes exist because Corporate America is good at what it does.  They are good at making their case, and our Elected officials are just crooked enough to trade a few loopholes for a fistful of campaign dollars.  That’s how we got here, remember?  Indeed, in what universe would you have to live in order to not see both Parties fighting tooth and nail against closing those tax loopholes for their Sugardaddies?

Mr Ryan’s Path stumbles right out of the gate.  It is shortsighted, and gives way too much credit to our elected Party officials for making things harder on their largest campaign contributors.  Remember that this is a group of politicians that, even as the vast majority of Americans suffered and sacrificed time and again in this latest Great Recession, refused to even approach the subject of cutting their own wages and benefits in a show of solidarity with average Americans.  Not even Ryan’s Path to Prosperity suggests that our Lawmakers ought to share in the pain…even a little bit.  Since they have shown themselves to be above the rest of us, I see no redeeming hopes within them that they’ll actually do the right things in order to make Ryan’s plan “work”, however ineffectual that plan has proven to be.

Am I being too hard on our elected Party officials?  You be the judge.  America has a real fiscal nightmare.  We have an ever-growing debt problem.  In the course of the last thirty years, we have gone from being a lender nation to a debtor nation.  Thirty years has been enough time for both political parties to place their fingerprints all over our troubles.  And now Ryan wants Americans to believe he is serious about eliminating the deficit?  With this plan?

Is this the same Paul Ryan who voted for Medicare Part D, the largest unfunded entitlement in the last twenty years?  Is this the same Paul Ryan who scoffed at President Obama’s health care plan as destroying Medicare as we know it, and as being filled with smoke and mirrors?  (okay, he was right about the smoke and mirrors, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then)

Here’s your chance, Mr. Ryan.  I’m mailing this article to you.  You can respond as you see fit, but be wise and respond to it at all.  If you don’t, your lack of response will be all over the internet before you can say “achoo!”.

How would I and the rest of America like you to respond?

We want details.  We want you to name names.  We want you to literally name the loopholes you’ll be closing; each and every one of them.  We want details about how your plan will bring manufacturing jobs back to America.  We want details about how your plan will overcome the massive tax , wage, and regulatory advantages that American companies have overseas as opposed to here.  We want details about how your plan will increase tax revenue by cutting tax rates.  Then, we want to sign your name to it, and stand by it.

The election is over.  Broad strokes got us into this mess.  So far, all you’ve offered is more broad strokes.  America needs that kind of plan like we need another 9/11.  Name the loopholes you have promises from all of your colleagues to close, and have the CBO score that.  We don’t just want details, we want written promises from your colleageus that they will help you close every loophole.  It’s the only chance your plan has; and even then, you’re still deficit neutral, unless you break records in job-creation.  And the only way to do that is to bring all of our jobs back home.

Thank you.   Ω

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“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” Henry Ford

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 8, 2011

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” Henry Ford

On January 5, 1914, Henry Ford introduced a minimum wage of $5 per day and Profit Sharing at his factories.  In all, some $10,000,000 in profit was distributed to 26,000 employees, or, an average of nearly $400 per employee.  Considering that the average wage in 1914 was approximately $592, that’s a hell of a bonus.  But the minimum wage actually doubled the average wage, sending it from $2.32 per day to $5.

The rest is history, or is it?

Why did Henry Ford make this change, and what impact did it have on the local economy, as well as the national economy?  One of the reasons Ford decided to increase wages substantially was an effort to reduce the high rate of turnover his plants were experiencing.  But another, less obvious and more mythical, but not less important reason, was to create a new market for the very product his employees were making.  If his workers wages increased, they might be able to afford to buy what they make, increasing the local economy substantially.

Republicans would say “poppycock” to this idea, and would cite rising inflation as a reason to keep wages artificially low.  They believe that when wages are increased, inflation increases, and thus, the economy is hurt.  But what if we had an actual historical example of a major, national increase in wages to guide us by?  Does such a moment exist?  Take a look at the following average wages:

1912:  $592

1914: $627

1916:  $708

Wages grew by 5% from 1912 to 1914, but by nearly 13% from 1914 to 1916.  What impact did this have on the national economy?  In short, it revived the American economy from a state of deep recession to that of a booming growth, and Fordism was born.  But let’s not forget the facts.  Henry Ford was called a socialist for paying his workers higher wages.  Sound familiar?

It should, especially if we recall what happens every time we try to raise the minimum wage in America.  The Republican argument is that rising wages is bad for the economy, because it causes inflation.  2/3 of our economy is consumer driven; in other words, the more consumers there are that are buying goods, the more the economy flows.  Historically, when the “masses” have more money to spend, America produces more.  Republicans argue that rising wages are a direct cause of inflation, and thus, a direct cause of economic retraction.

Our moment in time, where wages were significantly increased across America during a time of recession shows one result; the recession ended, economic growth ensued, and consumerism was born.  There is a myth surrounding Ford’s decision to increase wages; one that claims he foresaw what raising the wages would mean.  It isn’t true that he foresaw his wage increase allowing his workers to become his best customers, but he certainly capitalized on it once it started occurring.  So did every other business in America.  After the two World Wars, Fordism built the American Middle Class, the envy of the world.  Certainly there were times of recession, but none so deep as the Great Depression, where America was still weaning itself from the idea of an Upper Class driving the economy, as well as the current Great Recession, where yet again we find Republicans claiming that the American economy is a Supply side economy rather than a consumer driven one.

It’s hard to believe that we keep making the same mistakes.  It’s unfathomable that America would listen to a group of stodgy old men and women time after time whose sole purpose in life is to put money into the hands of the wealthy so that their economy will thrive.  Our economy is not recovering, unless you look at just one aspect of it.  Wall Street is booming, and the top 1%, as well as the top 10% are doing quite well.  Take a gander at the chart that follows:





ary, 1914…………….$627/year
average salary, 1916…………….$708/year


This chart shows that something disturbing was happening even before the Great Recession.  It’s even worse nowadays.  But in 2007, 87.8% of all wealth in the United States of America was owned by the top 10%, while only 12.2% was owned by the bottom 90%.  Of Financial Securities, 98.5% is owned by the top 10%, while the bottom 90% owns just 1.5%.  The next time you hear a Republican say that wealthy people pay too much in taxes, show them this chart, and ask them how it’s too much, when they own 90% of America?  In my book, if you own 90%, you should pay 90% of all taxes.  Is there a problem with my math?

A further check into statistics shows that only 1.6% of Americans will ever receive an inheritance larger than $100,000.  1.6%!  Sort of shows the so-called “death-tax” in a new light, doesn’t it?  Realistically, only 1.6% of Americans are affected by it, yet Republicans make it a major issue in every election.  Why?  Ask Paul Ryan.  Ask John Boehner.  Maybe they know.  I don’t.

The point is, Henry Ford’s instant increase of wages, and his sharing of his wealth with his employees sparked an economic growth for an entire nation during a time of deep economic retraction; a direct and lasting contradiction of Republican principles.  The economy is not now, nor has it ever been driven by the supply side.  History proves this, and Henry Ford proved it, even as his peers called him a socialist.  He became a Billionaire, not by hoarding more of his money, but by paying more.  He grew his wealth by growing that of his employees.

America needs to re-learn this lesson quickly.  If we don’t, you can expect a Depression that will make the 1930’s variety look like an economic boom.  The question is, what are you going to do about this?     Ω






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While Americans Suffer A Depression, Political Parties Posture For Power

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 7, 2011

Is anyone else tired of this “Spending Plan” debate in Washington?  How about the tug-of-war for power between the Democrats and Republicans?

Our nation has serious financial problems, and the only ground taken over the past month by either party has been political power.  While Americans all over the land suffer from dwindling paychecks, or no paycheck at all, Republicans and Democrats posture in front of cameras.  While thousands live in Depression-like tent cities in places outside of cities like Nashville TN, and Lakewood, NJ, , the two parties grapple for position for the 2012 election.

Yes, you read that right.  Tent cities are popping up outside of many major American cities.  It’s something you won’t see on TV.  CNN won’t cover it, none of the major networks will, and you can, of course, rest assured that neither Fox News nor MSNBC will breathe a word of it.  But you can, if you are at all interested, read about it here, and here, and here.  You can read about it in a lot more places, too.  But I’ll bet you won’t really know the depth of this depression until you do.

Meanwhile, our two glorious old political parties are far more bent on positioning themselves for elections than solving real problems.  Even Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” ignores the real problems America faces, and instead cuts aid to most Americans in dire straights.  All of this, supposedly, to give the voters what they have asked for.  That’s like spoon-feeding your child poison, and telling him that yes, he really did ask to fed something deadly.

Ryan’s plan balances our budget in 29 years.  By my calculation, we now have about five years.  Will his plan save us?  You do the math.   Ω

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Who Does Tom Petri Represent?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 10, 2011

Congressperson Tom Petri (R-WI) sits on the leadership committees for Transportation and Infrastructure.

In 2010, all five of his largest supporters came from groups that would directly benefit from legislation that Petri had influence in.  Those largest industries were as follows:

Top 5 Industries, 2009-2010, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Air Transport $108,450 $250 $108,200
Railroads $47,500 $2,000 $45,500
Transportation Unions $39,500 $0 $39,500
Construction Services $38,500 $0 $38,500
Building Trade Unions $23,000 $0 $23,000

At first glance, it would seem that the Republican distrust of unions is only relevant when unions are not giving them money.  Otherwise, unions are just fine.  Our second glance shows some very disturbing data.  First, of all of Petri’s fund raising efforts ($737,000 for 2010), over 70% of it comes from PACs.  That’s special interests, in case you were wondering.  Who would have a special interest in Petri?  Why, transportation and infrastructure, of course!  The very sector that he helps oversee.

Why would industries within the Transportation and Infrastructure be so “interested” in Petri?  Why would would they shower him with campaign money?  Is it because he’s a good guy?  Is it because they believe in his politics, and want to show their undying support of him?

Hardly.  They bestow these gifts upon him in an effort to influence legislation that he has oversight on.  Of course, Tom Petri would never admit that.  It’s amazing that Petri can hold a straight face while he tells Wisconsin that he’s going back to Washington to make sure we are well represented.  That list of owners…ahem…donors, indicates otherwise.  It indicates that powers outside of Wisconsin’s 6th District have more of Petri’s attention than the State that sent him to Washington.

Whatever shall we do about that?     Ω

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Taxed Enough Already; The Real TEA Party Movement In Madison

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 7, 2011

In the fall of 2008, and then again in early 2009 (TARP), Wall Street received a bailout.  Our elected officials lied to us.  They told us if we bailed these banks and insurance companies out, our economy would not collapse.  But that’s not where the lies started.  Our economy collapsed anyway, true, but more importantly, our elected officials told us repeatedly that this was a one-time tax, that taxpayers would take it on the chin this once and then our economy would bounce back and happy days would be here again and all the other fluff.

How was that a lie?

Unless you are a politician, and big-time banker, or wealthy, you’ve been paying for Wall Street’s “mistakes” for the last three years.  Yes, I know, it hasn’t been three years since we bailed them out.  However, when you factor in that the economy was already crashing before we bailed them out, and that sometime in March or April of 2008, it became clear that certain insurance firms and banks had made bad bets and were going to need massive life support, then it’s been three years.

How have we paid?  I’ve paid higher taxes.  Some of you have, too.  My State taxes went up in 2009 and 2010.  Due to budget shortfalls in my state, many companies “asked” their employees to take pay cuts.  “Asked”?  As if.  More like, “take it or leave it”.  Across the nation, the Middle Class has suffered repeatedly for Wall Street’s indiscretions; in essence, we’ve been taxed, re-taxed, and then taxed some more, just in case they didn’t get enough the first few times.  From jobs lost, to massive unemployment; from wages being cut to benefits lost; Americans have been taking it on the chin for three years, and there’s no end in sight.

How many of those banks and insurance companies that were bailed out saw a tax increase?  We know from the News that Bank of America had zero tax liability for 2010, so, nope, they didn’t have their taxes increased…but I’ll bet bonuses for their top earners were phenomenal.  How about major investors?  How about the guys who make almost ALL of their money through Capital Gains?  Did they see a tax increase?  As much as anyone, these traders and Mutual Fund managers were responsible for the get-rich-quick- or kill-the-American-economy-trying schemes that brought us down.  Did their taxes increase?  Ask your local Republican or Democratic representative about that.  You know the answer as well as I do.  How is it possible that a guy like Warren Buffet has a lower effective tax rate than his secretary?  Really?  Really???!!!!

Why is his secretary being taxed repeatedly for sins she didn’t commit?  Why are we?

Why are we taking it?  Taxed enough already?  TEA, anyone?  As in TEA party?

In 2010, the Tea party played an important role in the fight over health care reform.  But they are set against the folks in Madison who are feeling taxed enough already for the economic mess we were left with.  I’ve been taxed repeatedly for it.  Families have lost their livelihood, and if or when they go back to work, they go back earning much less than they did before.  The common American has given until he bled; there’s no more to give.  Yet Republicans marvel at recent polls which “suggest” that maybe protestors in Madison Wisconsin aren’t as “Liberal” as we thought they were.  Maybe many of them are just Taxed Enough Already.     Ω


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Republicans Ignoring the Most Important Demographic In Battle over Collective Bargaining

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 4, 2011

A recent Rasmussen poll is becoming an eye-opener for Republicans, regarding the battle in Wisconsin and a few other states over the right of public employees to collectively bargain.  It would seem that younger voters especially come down on the side of the unions, as 63% of voters 18-39 years of age oppose weakening those rights.  From TPM:

As to the question of collective bargaining rights, 56% said they were on the unions’ side in the debate, while 41% said they sided with Walker. Further, 52% said they oppose Walker’s proposal to cut collective bargaining rights for state unions, compared to 39% who said they support that proposal.

Walker has insisted that rolling back collective bargaining rights is a necessary step toward producing a balanced budget. While state unions have already agreed to make concessions on the amount of money they pay toward benefits, Walker has refused to back down on collective bargaining, even as protesters continue to flood the state capitol.

Another key detail — the poll shows younger voters being generally more supportive of unions and collective bargaining rights than those in older demographics. That’s a reversal of what is often assumed to be the case — younger voters tilting liberal on social issues, while older voters lean liberal on the labor issues.

For example, 63% of respondents aged 18-39 opposed weakening collective bargaining rights, while 46% of respondents in both the 40-64 year-old and 65+ demographics said the same.

18-39 years of age isn’t just the young.  What’s so significant about this is the age group that shows the greatest concern against the bill is the one group of people most affected by the Depression…ahem…recession.  More than 17% of Americans who want full-time work cannot get it.  You’d think this age group would support this bill overwhelmingly, considering that their prospects have been bleak for years.  Rather than opining to drag the public workers down to their level, they have decided to support higher wages and benefits for the working man as a whole.  At least, that’s what this poll is telling me.  Whoever said that the masses couldn’t organize and collectively do what was right for all?

Republicans are losing the war of words on this issue, and are unwilling to compromise; another bad idea.  We all remember how the health care debate energized the Republican base.  It seems as if this debate is energizing not only the Democratic base, but the Independents as well.  Why?

For starters, there’s that 17% underemployment thing to consider.  Independent voters have long been against Free Trade, and many of us view Free Trade legislation as being responsible for the lack of jobs available in America today.  Then there is the ever-dwindling wage and benefit scale in America.  People aged 18-39 are either entering, or trapped in a job market that consistently attacks their ability to earn a living wage.  Simply put, Republicans are coming down on the side of The Man, and that is political suicide in a depression-recession.  Furthermore, they are losing the message war in the same way that Democrats badly lost the message war over health care reform.

It’s being called the Republican Over-reach.  That’s what the mainstream media has named Walker’s bill, and the bills of several other states.  But it’s not over-reach, really.  This is what Republicans do.  They firmly believe that Corporate America has the answers to everything that ails us, and they have hitched their wagon to an idea that wages and benefits negotiated in good faith over the last 50 years are fair game.  What kind of message is that sending to people aged 18-39?  I think it’s a message of despair for the masses.  I think the message is such that Independents are siding with liberals in this battle because we’ve seen the damage that Free Trade has done to our ability to find good jobs and negotiate good wages.

Scott Walker will probably win this battle, and save Wisconsin’s budget for one year.  But Republicans will potentially lose much more.  You simply cannot consistently side with The Man during times of economic distress; not when the masses hold the key to electoral victory.  That’s the one point lost in all of this.  Walker’s bill is probably necessary for the short-term, but long-term, Republicans will pay for it at the ballot box, and they have decided to stick their heads in the sand as the most important, populated demographic overwhelmingly tells them not to.     Ω


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Republicans Serve Republicans, Democrats Serve Democrats, and No One Serves Americans (You Cannot Serve Two Masters)

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 25, 2011

The mess in Madison has accomplished its goal; at least as far as the two political parties are concerned.

Once again, we have Americans fighting with Americans over a side-show.  Not to belittle the grievances of the unions in Wisconsin, but their battle simply is not the major battle that needs to be fought in America.  The facts are plain, the Wisconsin budget is negative by over $3 Billion.  It’s either a cut in benefits or massive layoffs.  No one likes those two choices.  One of them will happen no matter what kind of sign you paint for the protest.

So what is this real battle I speak of?

It’s the battle of real America against the political class.  It’s the battle that no one in our media is talking about.  Yesterday, I told you that what bothered me about Governor Walker’s phone call from David Koch wasn’t in what he said, but that Koch had access to him at all.  I certainly don’t have that kind of access, and Walker is my Governor.  I actually voted for him, because the alternative, if you can believe it or not, was worse.  That’s the trouble with out election process; we have no decent choices.  All we have representing us in America is one Republican, and one Democrat.  When you break things down to the lowest common denominator, that is what you are left with.  Republicans are in complete lockstep with all other Republicans, and Democrats toe the line with all other Democrats.

One Republican, one Democrat; that’s what you have representing you.

The real battle is just beginning, and the “win” is to destroy the power that the two major parties have over America.  Unless you are willing that this should occur, you will forever be saddled with representation from One Democrat and One Republican, and those two “people” are busy entertaining the likes of union bosses and David Koch.  They don’t have time to do your business; all of their time is spent raising funds for their next election, and paying back their major donors.

In case you missed it, with all of the media hype over the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, the actual union employees were sold out by their union bosses.  In response to Governor Walker’s demand that Wisconsin Public workers pay more into their health insurance and pension funds and the elimination of collective bargaining for benefits, the unions replied, “hell no, we won’t go!”…for about one day.  Once they realized that Walker and the state Republicans weren’t messing around, and wouldn’t budge, the union bosses quickly changed their tune.  Their response sounded something like this:

“Okay, okay.  We’ll make the employees we represent pay more into their health insurance and pensions!  Only, please, please, please, don’t get rid of us!”

To paint that response any other way would be fiction.  Union bosses sold out the State of Wisconsin Public Employees so that they could maintain their existence.  Furthermore, they sold the very people they represent on the idea that what they had done in capitulating to Republican demands was the Republican’s fault.  It wasn’t.  Remember, it’s either a cut in spending, or layoffs.  Which do you prefer?

The union bosses chose to protect their own interests, and then told the Democratic State Senators of Wisconsin to flee to Illinois, and those Senators obeyed, to a man.  One Democrat.  MIA.

On the other side, the Republican party has succeeded in getting their “constituents” to demonize the teachers of Wisconsin.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Wisconsin teachers earn over $100k in combined wages and benefits, and the conservatives in the crowd bellowed, “Outrageous!”  But does anyone really believe that the “average” Wisconsin teacher is earning that kind of bread?  Really?  Mission accomplished.  The one Republican in Wisconsin got every Conservative worked up into a lather over teacher compensation, because teachers earn way too much money.  Right?

One Republican.  David Koch’s money at work.

Like I said, the mess in Madison is a side-show.  What’s at stake in America isn’t how much teachers earn in Wisconsin, even though the one Democrat and the one Republican want you to believe that it is.  So long as you do, you’ll follow along like the good little sheep that you are.  But when you wake up to the facts, that’s when the real danger to the Republican and Democratic Parties will be born.

What’s at stake?  Your future, and your children’s future.  Do you want them to be represented by one Republican and one Democrat, neither of whom pays the slightest bit of attention to their actual constituents because they’re too busy taking phone calls from union bosses and the likes of David Koch?  Since when do Americans settle for being ignored?!  Since when do Americans allow two groups of people to completely dominate our process?  It’s been happening for a long time, and it needs to end, or their won’t be an America left to fight for.

It wasn’t you or me who sold American workers out to special interests when NAFTA and many other Free Trade agreements started sending American jobs and wealth to foreigners.  That was the Democrat and the Republican response to their donors demands for cheaper labor under the guise of “global competition”.  It wasn’t you or I who demanded that corporations and unions be treated like natural citizens so that they could donate unlimited amounts of cash and resources to the one Republican and the one Democrat seeking election.  It wasn’t you or I who fought for banks too big to fail; that was the doing of the one democrat and the one Republican in Washington.  It wasn’t you or I who then bailed those banks out because they couldn’t control themselves any better than a gaggle of teenage girls in a candy store.  It was a Democrat and a Republican who bailed them out, using our money!  All we got was massive unemployment, and platitudes from the two political parties.

Are you sick of them yet? Have you had enough?  Do you feel that over the last twenty years, you’ve been well represented?  Do you believe that when you go to the polls, you are making a real choice?  How can you be, when your choice consists of one Republican, and one Democrat, and every American knows exactly how every one of those elected will vote on every issue; namely in lock step with every one in his party?  Is that really representation of the American people, or is it rather representation of a political party and its agenda?

Jesus Christ said, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

Is it clear to us, to you and to me, that Republicans serve Republicans, and Democrats serve Democrats, and no one serves America?  Republicans serve their masters, and their masters are the wealthy.  Democrats serve their masters, and their masters are the unions, and certain other wealthy interests.  No one is serving you!  No one!

That’s the real issue in America.  The mess in Madison will go away soon enough, but the fact that you are not represented will never go away, so long as you allow it to be so.  No one can serve two masters; Republicans and Democrats weren’t endowed with special powers that allows them to ignore that basic human truth.  They are dedicated to the advancement of their political party, the facts of which are visible in every vote they take, and every statement they make.  Let no man or woman on the one hand tell you that there is no red America or blue America, there is only one United States of America.  He is a liar.  We will remain the Divided States of America so long as two political parties remain in power.  These parties cannot help but to put their agenda ahead of the good of America, for no one can serve two masters.  Your one Republican and one Democratic representative would tell you that they are Americans first, and partisans second.  But I tell you, look to the way they vote and speak in lockstep.  Look to their results, look to their actions.  The evidence is in, and Republicans and Democrats have betrayed America time and again to advance their pathetic political agendas.

And how good are those agendas for you and me?  They are so good that you and I are left with 17% of all adult Americans being unable to find a full-time job.  We are saddled with two wars and countless of our young dead.  We are beset by dwindling wages while the rich get richer.  We are forced to watch as time after time, legislation coming out of Washington or out of our State Capitals favors Party donors while forgetting the rest of us.

You don’t have a representative in Washington or in your state Capital.  You may have voted for one, but what you got instead was a Party hack trying to serve two masters, and doing a bad job of it at that.  Happy days will never again come to America, so long as America is led by two political parties that are very good at serving themselves and their major donors, while ignoring the rest of us.

Does anyone really believe that balancing the Federal budget is this hard?  Really?  All it takes is willpower!  If something is needed, people of character get it done.  There is no one with character in Washington.  If there is, you can’t hear them, because they are currently drowned out by the gears of Party machinery.  If something is needed, people of character get it done, and people of character do not mind being judged by their actions.  There is no one in Washington with character, because there is no one in Washington who doesn’t represent a master closer to his heart than America.

When something needs to be done, people of character get it done; they do not rest until they do.

In Washington, we have lacked people of character for decades. The time has come to eliminate that disease.  What, you must ask yourself as an individual, are you willing to do to make it so; because when something needs to be done, people of character get it done.     Ω

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David Koch’s Special Access to Governor Scott Walker

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 24, 2011

On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin received a phone call from a man he believed to be David Koch, multi-billionaire energy monopolist.  The caller wasn’t Koch, but an imposter.   The left side of America went berserk upon listening to soundbites of the phone call, believing they had listened to the devil admit he was the devil.  In the end, of course, Walker wasn’t and isn’t the devil.  He said pretty much the same things to the man he believed was Koch as he has been saying publicly all along.

I wasn’t upset at all by the things he said.  Nevertheless, I was upset.

It’s not about the soundbites or Walker’s words.  What I’m upset about is that a multi-billionaire can simply pick up the phone and reach an American Governor any time he wants to, even if that governor is not his governor.  There’s a lesson here for America, and especially for our politicians that won’t be learned because no one is talking about it.

How does a rich man supposedly previously unknown to Walker, a man not living in Wisconsin as a resident, pick up his phone, dial Walker’s office, and be connected to the Governor of Wisconsin for a twenty-minute conversation?  How does that happen, exactly?  Is Governor Walker this easily reached by everyone?

That last question was rhetorical; of course Governor Walker isn’t so accessible to his constituents.  No politician in this country is.  But for some reason, if you have millions upon billions of dollars, and you might just be a large contributor to the “Party”, you’ve got access.  You’ve got so much access that you get twenty minutes of a very busy governor’s time.  Twenty minutes.  Think about that.

The access of the wealthy and famous to our leaders is part of what is wrong in this nation, and probably something that our founding fathers would have wished to avoid.  Walker, and our other leaders don’t even care about the appearance of class access to leadership, much less the actual thing.  This is the height of political arrogance; a belief that as a leader, you can grant special access to the wealthy and famous, access available to no other constituent, and not be accountable for it.

I didn’t hear a single person in our news media, from the Right or the Left, mention the problems that this kind of special access create.  Why not?  Because it’s business as usual, and that should be sufficient cause for concern about the direction our nation is headed in.  Apparently, if I have millions of dollars and may be a potential contributor to Mr. Walker’s next campaign, I can access him anytime I want.  But if you are not me, and you do not have millions, you cannot.  Fair enough?     Ω

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