Taxed Enough Already; The Real TEA Party Movement In Madison

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 7, 2011

In the fall of 2008, and then again in early 2009 (TARP), Wall Street received a bailout.  Our elected officials lied to us.  They told us if we bailed these banks and insurance companies out, our economy would not collapse.  But that’s not where the lies started.  Our economy collapsed anyway, true, but more importantly, our elected officials told us repeatedly that this was a one-time tax, that taxpayers would take it on the chin this once and then our economy would bounce back and happy days would be here again and all the other fluff.

How was that a lie?

Unless you are a politician, and big-time banker, or wealthy, you’ve been paying for Wall Street’s “mistakes” for the last three years.  Yes, I know, it hasn’t been three years since we bailed them out.  However, when you factor in that the economy was already crashing before we bailed them out, and that sometime in March or April of 2008, it became clear that certain insurance firms and banks had made bad bets and were going to need massive life support, then it’s been three years.

How have we paid?  I’ve paid higher taxes.  Some of you have, too.  My State taxes went up in 2009 and 2010.  Due to budget shortfalls in my state, many companies “asked” their employees to take pay cuts.  “Asked”?  As if.  More like, “take it or leave it”.  Across the nation, the Middle Class has suffered repeatedly for Wall Street’s indiscretions; in essence, we’ve been taxed, re-taxed, and then taxed some more, just in case they didn’t get enough the first few times.  From jobs lost, to massive unemployment; from wages being cut to benefits lost; Americans have been taking it on the chin for three years, and there’s no end in sight.

How many of those banks and insurance companies that were bailed out saw a tax increase?  We know from the News that Bank of America had zero tax liability for 2010, so, nope, they didn’t have their taxes increased…but I’ll bet bonuses for their top earners were phenomenal.  How about major investors?  How about the guys who make almost ALL of their money through Capital Gains?  Did they see a tax increase?  As much as anyone, these traders and Mutual Fund managers were responsible for the get-rich-quick- or kill-the-American-economy-trying schemes that brought us down.  Did their taxes increase?  Ask your local Republican or Democratic representative about that.  You know the answer as well as I do.  How is it possible that a guy like Warren Buffet has a lower effective tax rate than his secretary?  Really?  Really???!!!!

Why is his secretary being taxed repeatedly for sins she didn’t commit?  Why are we?

Why are we taking it?  Taxed enough already?  TEA, anyone?  As in TEA party?

In 2010, the Tea party played an important role in the fight over health care reform.  But they are set against the folks in Madison who are feeling taxed enough already for the economic mess we were left with.  I’ve been taxed repeatedly for it.  Families have lost their livelihood, and if or when they go back to work, they go back earning much less than they did before.  The common American has given until he bled; there’s no more to give.  Yet Republicans marvel at recent polls which “suggest” that maybe protestors in Madison Wisconsin aren’t as “Liberal” as we thought they were.  Maybe many of them are just Taxed Enough Already.     Ω



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Republicans Ignoring the Most Important Demographic In Battle over Collective Bargaining

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 4, 2011

A recent Rasmussen poll is becoming an eye-opener for Republicans, regarding the battle in Wisconsin and a few other states over the right of public employees to collectively bargain.  It would seem that younger voters especially come down on the side of the unions, as 63% of voters 18-39 years of age oppose weakening those rights.  From TPM:

As to the question of collective bargaining rights, 56% said they were on the unions’ side in the debate, while 41% said they sided with Walker. Further, 52% said they oppose Walker’s proposal to cut collective bargaining rights for state unions, compared to 39% who said they support that proposal.

Walker has insisted that rolling back collective bargaining rights is a necessary step toward producing a balanced budget. While state unions have already agreed to make concessions on the amount of money they pay toward benefits, Walker has refused to back down on collective bargaining, even as protesters continue to flood the state capitol.

Another key detail — the poll shows younger voters being generally more supportive of unions and collective bargaining rights than those in older demographics. That’s a reversal of what is often assumed to be the case — younger voters tilting liberal on social issues, while older voters lean liberal on the labor issues.

For example, 63% of respondents aged 18-39 opposed weakening collective bargaining rights, while 46% of respondents in both the 40-64 year-old and 65+ demographics said the same.

18-39 years of age isn’t just the young.  What’s so significant about this is the age group that shows the greatest concern against the bill is the one group of people most affected by the Depression…ahem…recession.  More than 17% of Americans who want full-time work cannot get it.  You’d think this age group would support this bill overwhelmingly, considering that their prospects have been bleak for years.  Rather than opining to drag the public workers down to their level, they have decided to support higher wages and benefits for the working man as a whole.  At least, that’s what this poll is telling me.  Whoever said that the masses couldn’t organize and collectively do what was right for all?

Republicans are losing the war of words on this issue, and are unwilling to compromise; another bad idea.  We all remember how the health care debate energized the Republican base.  It seems as if this debate is energizing not only the Democratic base, but the Independents as well.  Why?

For starters, there’s that 17% underemployment thing to consider.  Independent voters have long been against Free Trade, and many of us view Free Trade legislation as being responsible for the lack of jobs available in America today.  Then there is the ever-dwindling wage and benefit scale in America.  People aged 18-39 are either entering, or trapped in a job market that consistently attacks their ability to earn a living wage.  Simply put, Republicans are coming down on the side of The Man, and that is political suicide in a depression-recession.  Furthermore, they are losing the message war in the same way that Democrats badly lost the message war over health care reform.

It’s being called the Republican Over-reach.  That’s what the mainstream media has named Walker’s bill, and the bills of several other states.  But it’s not over-reach, really.  This is what Republicans do.  They firmly believe that Corporate America has the answers to everything that ails us, and they have hitched their wagon to an idea that wages and benefits negotiated in good faith over the last 50 years are fair game.  What kind of message is that sending to people aged 18-39?  I think it’s a message of despair for the masses.  I think the message is such that Independents are siding with liberals in this battle because we’ve seen the damage that Free Trade has done to our ability to find good jobs and negotiate good wages.

Scott Walker will probably win this battle, and save Wisconsin’s budget for one year.  But Republicans will potentially lose much more.  You simply cannot consistently side with The Man during times of economic distress; not when the masses hold the key to electoral victory.  That’s the one point lost in all of this.  Walker’s bill is probably necessary for the short-term, but long-term, Republicans will pay for it at the ballot box, and they have decided to stick their heads in the sand as the most important, populated demographic overwhelmingly tells them not to.     Ω


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Republicans Serve Republicans, Democrats Serve Democrats, and No One Serves Americans (You Cannot Serve Two Masters)

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 25, 2011

The mess in Madison has accomplished its goal; at least as far as the two political parties are concerned.

Once again, we have Americans fighting with Americans over a side-show.  Not to belittle the grievances of the unions in Wisconsin, but their battle simply is not the major battle that needs to be fought in America.  The facts are plain, the Wisconsin budget is negative by over $3 Billion.  It’s either a cut in benefits or massive layoffs.  No one likes those two choices.  One of them will happen no matter what kind of sign you paint for the protest.

So what is this real battle I speak of?

It’s the battle of real America against the political class.  It’s the battle that no one in our media is talking about.  Yesterday, I told you that what bothered me about Governor Walker’s phone call from David Koch wasn’t in what he said, but that Koch had access to him at all.  I certainly don’t have that kind of access, and Walker is my Governor.  I actually voted for him, because the alternative, if you can believe it or not, was worse.  That’s the trouble with out election process; we have no decent choices.  All we have representing us in America is one Republican, and one Democrat.  When you break things down to the lowest common denominator, that is what you are left with.  Republicans are in complete lockstep with all other Republicans, and Democrats toe the line with all other Democrats.

One Republican, one Democrat; that’s what you have representing you.

The real battle is just beginning, and the “win” is to destroy the power that the two major parties have over America.  Unless you are willing that this should occur, you will forever be saddled with representation from One Democrat and One Republican, and those two “people” are busy entertaining the likes of union bosses and David Koch.  They don’t have time to do your business; all of their time is spent raising funds for their next election, and paying back their major donors.

In case you missed it, with all of the media hype over the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, the actual union employees were sold out by their union bosses.  In response to Governor Walker’s demand that Wisconsin Public workers pay more into their health insurance and pension funds and the elimination of collective bargaining for benefits, the unions replied, “hell no, we won’t go!”…for about one day.  Once they realized that Walker and the state Republicans weren’t messing around, and wouldn’t budge, the union bosses quickly changed their tune.  Their response sounded something like this:

“Okay, okay.  We’ll make the employees we represent pay more into their health insurance and pensions!  Only, please, please, please, don’t get rid of us!”

To paint that response any other way would be fiction.  Union bosses sold out the State of Wisconsin Public Employees so that they could maintain their existence.  Furthermore, they sold the very people they represent on the idea that what they had done in capitulating to Republican demands was the Republican’s fault.  It wasn’t.  Remember, it’s either a cut in spending, or layoffs.  Which do you prefer?

The union bosses chose to protect their own interests, and then told the Democratic State Senators of Wisconsin to flee to Illinois, and those Senators obeyed, to a man.  One Democrat.  MIA.

On the other side, the Republican party has succeeded in getting their “constituents” to demonize the teachers of Wisconsin.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Wisconsin teachers earn over $100k in combined wages and benefits, and the conservatives in the crowd bellowed, “Outrageous!”  But does anyone really believe that the “average” Wisconsin teacher is earning that kind of bread?  Really?  Mission accomplished.  The one Republican in Wisconsin got every Conservative worked up into a lather over teacher compensation, because teachers earn way too much money.  Right?

One Republican.  David Koch’s money at work.

Like I said, the mess in Madison is a side-show.  What’s at stake in America isn’t how much teachers earn in Wisconsin, even though the one Democrat and the one Republican want you to believe that it is.  So long as you do, you’ll follow along like the good little sheep that you are.  But when you wake up to the facts, that’s when the real danger to the Republican and Democratic Parties will be born.

What’s at stake?  Your future, and your children’s future.  Do you want them to be represented by one Republican and one Democrat, neither of whom pays the slightest bit of attention to their actual constituents because they’re too busy taking phone calls from union bosses and the likes of David Koch?  Since when do Americans settle for being ignored?!  Since when do Americans allow two groups of people to completely dominate our process?  It’s been happening for a long time, and it needs to end, or their won’t be an America left to fight for.

It wasn’t you or me who sold American workers out to special interests when NAFTA and many other Free Trade agreements started sending American jobs and wealth to foreigners.  That was the Democrat and the Republican response to their donors demands for cheaper labor under the guise of “global competition”.  It wasn’t you or I who demanded that corporations and unions be treated like natural citizens so that they could donate unlimited amounts of cash and resources to the one Republican and the one Democrat seeking election.  It wasn’t you or I who fought for banks too big to fail; that was the doing of the one democrat and the one Republican in Washington.  It wasn’t you or I who then bailed those banks out because they couldn’t control themselves any better than a gaggle of teenage girls in a candy store.  It was a Democrat and a Republican who bailed them out, using our money!  All we got was massive unemployment, and platitudes from the two political parties.

Are you sick of them yet? Have you had enough?  Do you feel that over the last twenty years, you’ve been well represented?  Do you believe that when you go to the polls, you are making a real choice?  How can you be, when your choice consists of one Republican, and one Democrat, and every American knows exactly how every one of those elected will vote on every issue; namely in lock step with every one in his party?  Is that really representation of the American people, or is it rather representation of a political party and its agenda?

Jesus Christ said, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

Is it clear to us, to you and to me, that Republicans serve Republicans, and Democrats serve Democrats, and no one serves America?  Republicans serve their masters, and their masters are the wealthy.  Democrats serve their masters, and their masters are the unions, and certain other wealthy interests.  No one is serving you!  No one!

That’s the real issue in America.  The mess in Madison will go away soon enough, but the fact that you are not represented will never go away, so long as you allow it to be so.  No one can serve two masters; Republicans and Democrats weren’t endowed with special powers that allows them to ignore that basic human truth.  They are dedicated to the advancement of their political party, the facts of which are visible in every vote they take, and every statement they make.  Let no man or woman on the one hand tell you that there is no red America or blue America, there is only one United States of America.  He is a liar.  We will remain the Divided States of America so long as two political parties remain in power.  These parties cannot help but to put their agenda ahead of the good of America, for no one can serve two masters.  Your one Republican and one Democratic representative would tell you that they are Americans first, and partisans second.  But I tell you, look to the way they vote and speak in lockstep.  Look to their results, look to their actions.  The evidence is in, and Republicans and Democrats have betrayed America time and again to advance their pathetic political agendas.

And how good are those agendas for you and me?  They are so good that you and I are left with 17% of all adult Americans being unable to find a full-time job.  We are saddled with two wars and countless of our young dead.  We are beset by dwindling wages while the rich get richer.  We are forced to watch as time after time, legislation coming out of Washington or out of our State Capitals favors Party donors while forgetting the rest of us.

You don’t have a representative in Washington or in your state Capital.  You may have voted for one, but what you got instead was a Party hack trying to serve two masters, and doing a bad job of it at that.  Happy days will never again come to America, so long as America is led by two political parties that are very good at serving themselves and their major donors, while ignoring the rest of us.

Does anyone really believe that balancing the Federal budget is this hard?  Really?  All it takes is willpower!  If something is needed, people of character get it done.  There is no one with character in Washington.  If there is, you can’t hear them, because they are currently drowned out by the gears of Party machinery.  If something is needed, people of character get it done, and people of character do not mind being judged by their actions.  There is no one in Washington with character, because there is no one in Washington who doesn’t represent a master closer to his heart than America.

When something needs to be done, people of character get it done; they do not rest until they do.

In Washington, we have lacked people of character for decades. The time has come to eliminate that disease.  What, you must ask yourself as an individual, are you willing to do to make it so; because when something needs to be done, people of character get it done.     Ω

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David Koch’s Special Access to Governor Scott Walker

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 24, 2011

On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin received a phone call from a man he believed to be David Koch, multi-billionaire energy monopolist.  The caller wasn’t Koch, but an imposter.   The left side of America went berserk upon listening to soundbites of the phone call, believing they had listened to the devil admit he was the devil.  In the end, of course, Walker wasn’t and isn’t the devil.  He said pretty much the same things to the man he believed was Koch as he has been saying publicly all along.

I wasn’t upset at all by the things he said.  Nevertheless, I was upset.

It’s not about the soundbites or Walker’s words.  What I’m upset about is that a multi-billionaire can simply pick up the phone and reach an American Governor any time he wants to, even if that governor is not his governor.  There’s a lesson here for America, and especially for our politicians that won’t be learned because no one is talking about it.

How does a rich man supposedly previously unknown to Walker, a man not living in Wisconsin as a resident, pick up his phone, dial Walker’s office, and be connected to the Governor of Wisconsin for a twenty-minute conversation?  How does that happen, exactly?  Is Governor Walker this easily reached by everyone?

That last question was rhetorical; of course Governor Walker isn’t so accessible to his constituents.  No politician in this country is.  But for some reason, if you have millions upon billions of dollars, and you might just be a large contributor to the “Party”, you’ve got access.  You’ve got so much access that you get twenty minutes of a very busy governor’s time.  Twenty minutes.  Think about that.

The access of the wealthy and famous to our leaders is part of what is wrong in this nation, and probably something that our founding fathers would have wished to avoid.  Walker, and our other leaders don’t even care about the appearance of class access to leadership, much less the actual thing.  This is the height of political arrogance; a belief that as a leader, you can grant special access to the wealthy and famous, access available to no other constituent, and not be accountable for it.

I didn’t hear a single person in our news media, from the Right or the Left, mention the problems that this kind of special access create.  Why not?  Because it’s business as usual, and that should be sufficient cause for concern about the direction our nation is headed in.  Apparently, if I have millions of dollars and may be a potential contributor to Mr. Walker’s next campaign, I can access him anytime I want.  But if you are not me, and you do not have millions, you cannot.  Fair enough?     Ω

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Revolution in the Middle East. Can it Happen Here?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 22, 2011

The Middle East is ablaze with revolution.  So far, the only blood shed has been by the forces of the status quo.  From Egypt and Tunisia to Libya and Iran, the masses have organized, and left the political parties behind.  And the masses are winning.  It’s about time.

The poor media and our politicians don’t get it.  They think this is a localized event; it’s not.

It only gets bloody when the wealthy and the powerful refuse to allow change. The world might be experiencing some social growing pains at the moment, but never confuse that for a bunch of uneducated, poor,  brown people shrugging off the chains of oppression for democracy.  It’s not about democracy at all.

It’s about human dignity.

Sadly, the wealthy and the powerful are always the last to get it.  History proves this again and again and again.

If you believe that what’s happening in the Middle East can’t, or won’t, happen here, hang on to your hats.  When government approval ratings hover around 25-35%, there’s little that the little people believe worthy of saving.

And to think, the Heads on CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC believe that what’s needed in these revolutionized countries is a few good political party’s.

I ask you; is that not near to the funniest thing you’ve ever heard?      Ω

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Obama Asked Apple and Intel for Advice on Job Creation? Really?!!!!

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 18, 2011


What a week in local and National politics.  In Wisconsin, we have the ongoing Liberal rage over Governor Scott Walker’s decision to remove organized bargaining power on Public Employees for everything except wages in an effort to rein in our out-of-control budget.  Nationally, there is talk of shutting the government down, and of course the usual partisan rhetoric over the budget.  Obama has a plan to cut $1 Trillion from the budget over ten years, and Republicans are screaming that this isn’t nearly enough.  Instead, their plan is to cut $60 billion from the budget this year.

You do the math.  Something seems funny about theirs.  Suffice it to say, if I were President, I could balance the budget in one year, and cut through all of the rhetorical bullshit along with it.  But I’m not President, so you are stuck with a D or an R for the forseeable future.  Good luck.

Turns out, none of the above is what this post is about.  Instead, I’d like to draw your attention to President Obama’s trip to the Silicon Valley, where he met with the likes of Intel CEO Paul Otellino, and Apple C0-Creator Steve Jobs.  Contrary to rumors, Obama wasn’t in the valley to pick up a bottle of wine.  Instead, he went there seeking advice on how to create jobs.

Pardon me, Mr. President, but where would you like to see these jobs created?

If America is your answer, you went to the wrong place.  Steve Jobs and Paul Otellino only hire foreigners…mostly.  I’ll bet their advice sounded a little something like this:

“Sure, we got lots of great ideas on hiring, starting with China.  Have you seen our latest factories there?  We got fourteen-year-olds working seventy hours a week for $1.10 an hour, and no one hears them whining.  Never mind that if they do they are likely to be shot by their government.  We got wages as a percentage of Wall Street profit down to an all time low!  We got Apple and Intel factories all over the Far East, but we’re struggling a bit trying to figure out why our workers can’t buy the products they make.  An Ipad only costs $600 when you get right down to it.  All of our workers make a little more than that every year.  Ipads should be flying off the shelves in China!  Maybe, Mr. President, you could send some American cash to China to help subsidize our foreign workers so they can buy what they build.  That would create lots of jobs!”

Umm, no.

I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs and Paul What’s-his-face know almost nothing about creating jobs here in America.  What did you think you would hear, Mr. President?  Did you think they would beg you to end Free Trade?  Did you think they would tell you that America needs to go deeper into debt to create jobs?  What?  What did you expect to hear from them?

Hear me now, America!  Obama’s dreams of creating jobs through making America the leader in Green innovation is bankrupt. It’s bankrupt because the moment the technology is created, American corporations will contract with the lowest bidder in China,  Indonesia, South Korea, or some other mostly third-world country, where the average wage is almost a dollar an hour.  Green technology won’t be our savior; it will be the final nail in the coffin.

The only answer to our staggering deficit in jobs is to pull back from these Free Trade agreements, and tax the crap out of “American” companies whose vast majority of labor is foreign…like Intel and Apple.  Taxing them won’t hurt our economy at all.  They don’t hire people here.  Tax them, I say, and do it again and again and again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.     Ω

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Glenn Beck’s Misplaced Outrage About The National Anthem

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 8, 2011

“Was anybody else offended by…can you put your hand on your heart?” Beck said. “It’s the national anthem!”

“I was really offended by the sports players that were just hanging on their jersey,” Beck said.

“The country that gives them the ability to…pursue their happiness in peace and safety is not worth putting your hand on the heart.”….Glenn Beck

I ask you…

Does this guy know his Patriotic etiquette rules or what?

Wait.  What did you say? The National Anthem wasn’t even recognized as The National Anthem until 1931?

Outrageous!  How could our founding Fathers not have sang The National Anthem???!!!  What a bunch of traitors!

Huh?  There was no national anthem for them to sing?  Really?

That makes their treachery even worse!   They didn’t even have a national anthem!  How un-patriotic can you get?  Glenn!  Glenn!  Come on!  Nail them!

Or, maybe not.  Maybe for once, we shut our mouths about those things we think we need to impose on others.  I think we should, because I have to be frank here; it’s my opinion that there is no greater treacher nor traitor than he who sows discord amongst his countrymen for capital gain.  Such a one commits treason and should be hung.  In case you need help here, Glenn, that’s me pointing my finger at you.  But that’s my opinion, Glenn, not an actual law.  Do you know the difference?

The guidelines for Flag etiquette, Anthem etiquette, and Pledge etiquette are guidelines, not actual laws.  Get it?  Not only are you wrong for trying to create a controversy here, but I’m pretty certain that because no law was broken, you don’t even have a RIGHT to create one, you anthem nazi.

Nothing in your past or present indicates that you are a patriot.  It has been your life to live, but you could have made different choices and you didn’t.  A patriot isn’t made by words, Glenn; he’s made by deeds.  All of your words are as empty as your past.     Ω


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One Day, One Game, One Champion

Posted by politicalpartypooper on February 6, 2011

The only game that matters was played today, in Dallas, TX.  For Packers and Steelers fans worldwide, this day couldn’t get here fast enough, and yet there was something in the waiting for it to arrive that captured your heart and held it hostage like never before.

The two most storied franchises in the NFL met for an epic Super Bowl battle tonight, and the Green Bay Packers were crowned Champions of the NFL, winning by a score of 31-25.   They jumped out to an early 21-3 lead, and things looked bad for Steel town, but like anything with iron in its DNA, the Steelers came roaring back to get within three points on a touchdown and two point conversion late in the fourth quarter.  Pittsburgh had the ball  with almost two minutes left in the game and a chance to win, but weren’t able to pull out a Championship miracle.  In the end, the Lombardi trophy is coming home to Green Bay, where it belongs.

What a day, what a game, what a Champion.  No greater contest was ever delivered to fans for this most treasured of trophies than was played between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I give my praise to the Steelers for giving me heart trouble today, and even louder cheers for my home state team, the Green Bay Packers.

Football does that to you.  Especially NFL football, where there is no best-of-seven contest for the championship.  It’s just two weeks of hellish impatience and anxiety followed by three hours of peaks and valleys, and maybe some pizza, beer, and hoarse voices.  In the end, one team is a Champion, and the other goes home, hopefully to a parade, because God knows the Steelers deserve one from their fans regardless of the outcome of this game.  They played a hell of a game, and I know their fans are upset right now, but they should proud of a team that overcame three turnovers to have a chance to win it all in the end.

One day, one game, one Champion.  That’s how it should be in every sport.  Somehow, it just means more.  It means more to the players, to the fans, and gasp…the media.  Football is about immovable forces and unbeatable objects.  It’s about sweat, pain, effort, and will.  No matter where you go in this world, you will not find two teams who can play up to those descriptions better than the Packers and the Steelers.  They are football.  They are the NFL.  They are the Yankees of the NFL (the Packers a little more so…way more championships).  Without the Steelers and the Packers, the NFL would devolve into All-Star Wrestling and American Idol all rolled into one.  You can’t even call this game football without mentioning one of the two teams at some point, not if you’re a serious fan.

America’s team?  We in Wisconsin believe it’s our beloved Green Bay Packers.  In the first championship matchup between the two teams with the most right to that title, the Packers came out on top.

Don’t even try to bring the Dallas Cowboys into the picture; they need near naked cheerleaders to help get them through an awful season.  Pittsburgh and Green Bay fans get through seasons like that with agony, memories and hope and nothing else, and that’s the way it should be.  Cheerleaders in football?  Who even hears what they are cheering about?  What a waste.  This is football, not ballet.  Leave the short skirts at home misses, and bring your towel and cheesehead, and an extra set of lungs, because you’re going to need them.

There won’t be football tomorrow or the next day, or even the next week or month.  The season is over, and the Packers are Champions.  That was decided by an entire season of injuries, talent, faith, hope, and lots of we-shall-overcome-ing.  It was ugly, it was hard, and it was worth it.  That’s football.

One day, one game, one Champion.

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Steelers for being a part of it, and God Bless the Green Bay Packers!     Ω

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This is the Best That Democrats and Republicans Have to Offer? Really?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 26, 2011

America is inundated with both praise and scorn for the SOTU last night, as well as for the Republican response given by Paul Ryan.  But what really was said?

About what you’d expect from political parties, that’s what.  President Obama talked about what we ought to do, and used broad strokes with very little detail to outline his plan for making America competitive, and fiscally responsible.  Paul Ryan, a Republican Congressman from my state, did basically the same.  It was meat for the masses of their two parties, but this meal was filled with maggots for the rest of America.

Both of them might as well have said “Blah, blah, blah”.  That’s all America really heard anyway.  So we heard the same speech twice, only the particulars were slightly different.  Specifically, we know the President believes that he can cut $400 Billion from our budget deficit over ten years by freezing Discretionary Spending for the next five years.  That works out to $40 Billion a year on a budget that is over $3.5 Trillion.

We have a budget deficit that varies between $1 Trillion and $1.5 Trillion, and the best you can do is to cut our budget by a little more than one percent, Mr. President?  Really?

That’s pathetic.

Even more pathetic is the fact that Republicans say they can balance the budget without cutting anything specifically.  I’d like to see that trick.  Actually, the Republican method of cutting the deficit shouldn’t be a surprise; they’ve been saying the same thing for two years.  Apparently, they can cut  $1.5 Trillion dollars out of a budget without cutting any spending, or so the details of their “plan” would have us believe.  And really, who can believe a fellow talking loud about how he’s going to cut the deficit when in 2001 and 2002, and every year thereafter under President Bush, he consistently voted for bills that added to the deficit, like the Prescription Drug plan for Medicare, a program he now calls an out-of-control entitlement.

Really, Mr. Ryan?  How did it get that way?  How did you vote on that issue when it came time to cast your ballot?  Suddenly, you’re the sensible one?  At once, the Republicans are the fiscal dogs of war?  How does that work, exactly?  Do we continue to give massive tax breaks to so-called “American” corporations who ship American jobs and American wealth to foreigners, because that seems to be your plan for creating jobs.  At least, that’s how I read it, when you say that the only way we can create jobs is to give more tax breaks to corporate America because our Corporate taxes are too high and that’s why we can’t compete with China, and Mexico, and South Korea, and Malaysia, India, and to a certain extent, Japan…because our Corporate taxes are too high.


Did it ever occur to either of our two, illustrious, we-have-ideas-so-stale-they-make-penicillin-seem fresh political parties that maybe the reason America can’t compete is because the two of you keep handing jobs over to third-world nations whose factories basically employ slave labor, and you keep allowing tax breaks to the so-called American corporations who contract these foreign factories?  It’s hard to compete with seven days a week of free. (In America, that’s what a wage of $1.00/Hr, ten hours a day, seven days a week without benefits amounts to).  Did you stop, even once, to assess the damage that Free Trade has done to our Middle Class?  Hell, maybe if you’d have stopped to study it twenty years ago before you handed our country over to the Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Malayans, Indonesians, and South Koreans, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Did it occur to you that Free Trade with countries who are almost one hundred years behind us economically could only result in an America that can’t compete?  Goodness, anyone who couldn’t see that, or still doesn’t,  is either doing so willfully, or is economically inept.  If done so willfully, then I call that treason.  If it turns out you are merely inept, what the hell are you doing voting on economic  issues that affect the rest of us?

Great speeches by Obama and Ryan last night?  Hardly.  How can you can call a Bill Clintonesque speech great?

You can when that’s the very best the Democratic and Republican Party has to offer.

No details.  No depth.  No concrete plans from either party to cut anything, except for $40 Billion a year.  No solid, detailed plan for job creation even though we have 15 million unemployed; a national emergency of epic proportions.  Oh, and the fact that 15 million are unemployed, and that 17% are either unemployed or underemployed was not mentioned by either party even once.  Wow.  Oh yeah…and repealing Obama care, all of it, because eighteen percent of Americans want all of it repealed, so that’s what you do…you do what the fringe wants you to do.

I have a message for all Republicans and Democrats:

It’s Coming.  That Day.

The Day when neither Republicans nor Democrats can win a seat in Washington.  The Day when America becomes almost wholly Independent.  It’s coming because after decades of either inept or criminally neglectful  governance, the people are fed up with being represented not by 500 representatives, but by one entity from each party.  In fact, about the only poll that one could say most might (70-90%) agree on is that the two parties need to go away (if only our polling people would ever get around to asking that question…”Do you think America would be better off without political parties?”).  They are not popular, and the only really consistent thing about Democrats and Republicans is how much they don’t get what the American people need.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, today must be a sad day for you.  It can’t be called a great day, because if you watched the two parties trot out their best last night, all you got was more ambiguous garbage about how we can solve the great issues of our time.

Issues have never been solved by moving backwards, nor by broad ideas.  They are solved by men and women of action, and it is men and women of action that the two parties lack almost completely.

These are our representatives, and our great leader, devoid of even ten or fifteen concrete plans of ACTION to move us forward.

I said FORWARD, not backward.

Here’s my little poll…

Do You think America would be better off without political parties?  Answer in the comments.  Thanks.    Ω

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Do We Have a Violent Political Discourse in this Nation?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on January 18, 2011

“Death Panels”

“Political Rhetoric caused the Great Arizona Town Hall Massacre.”

“Job-killing Health Care Bill”

“Global Warming scare”

Seen or heard any of these phrases or ones like them used in the last year?  Maybe a better question would be “how many times have you heard these phrases in the last year”?  We have gun sights placed over congressional districts, rally signs that called for President Bush’ death, and many, many loud voices telling every ear that can hear about the sky that is sure to fall if this or this and this happens.

All of it is generated by the two political parties in America, and their lackeys in the press trumpet it for them 24/7.  Do we have a violent political discourse in this nation?  Maybe.  It depends on what you mean by “violent”.  If you mean that this rhetoric will lead to violent outbursts of gun fire or explosives, there is no proof of such occurrences.  If, on the other hand, you mean that our discourse is merely political rhetoric that is designed to encourage Americans to stop thinking critically and start emoting, then “violent” is the word I would use to describe our discourse.  It is the exact word I would use, as a matter of fact.

Political parties do not waste time with facts when selected words will serve them better.  The  words our politicians and political parties use should tell Americans all we need to know about their character, and about what they think of us.  In a nutshell, the words our political parties choose to use show an utter disrespect, nay, disdain, for the intellect of Americans.  Our current rhetoric isn’t aimed at solutions; it’s aimed at inciting anger.

I ask you; is this the kind of representation you want for the rest of your life, and for the rest of your children’s lives?  Can we even call ours a representative government when the only two entities represented are the two most powerful political ideologies in the nation?  Our Founding Fathers were clear; this was to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but something has gone horribly wrong along the way.  I’m quite certain in claiming that I have never lived in a country that had a representative government. The things that made my nation’s government great simply do not exist anymore, and we have moved farther away from our ideals today than at any point in our history.

I think about the politicians of the day (the Obamas, the Palins, the Boehners and the Pelosis), and about how they wave the Constitution at any new bill they disagree with.  I wonder if they realize how far away from our founder’s principles they have removed us.  I have to believe that they are so drunk upon the religion of their politics that they haven’t the time, the inclination, nor the critical abilities to see the differences between their ideology and the Constitution.  I am forced to draw this conclusion; today’s Party politicians actually believe that their ideology IS the Constitution, or ought to be.  What a dangerous, chilling thought.

Our political parties hire consultants, who then design slogans, or catch-phrases that have been tested upon thousands of people for their emotional response.  If a particular phrase evokes the desired response, it is repeated over and over and over, until it has become THE discourse of the day, the week, the month, the year.

Once upon a time, we called that kind of thing  Propaganda, and we gave the Nazi’s an “A+” as a grade.  Today, we call them “talking points”.

Ridiculous.  It’s propaganda, plain and simple.  It’s language used, caressed, twisted, and crafted to eliminate critical thinking, and it encourages the masses to emote instead. Our political parties engineer phrases to get you to respond in the way they want you to respond.

Democrats and Republicans are no longer mere representatives.  Today, they are demagogues using a common crafted language which encompasses a goal of electoral control through emotional blackmail.  If that’s not Propaganda, then the word ought not to be in existence.  We no longer live in a Representative Democracy.  Instead, we live amongst a power struggle between two faceless ideologies hell-bent on absolute control.

There’s no such thing as a Constitutional Republican or Democrat.  Besides the fact that the two parties aren’t even mentioned in our Constitution, the idea that our republic has devolved into a struggle between two entities rather than a union of states and citizens reminds me of the struggle between Socialism and Bolshevism.  Though the names of the players may have changed, the prize they are fighting for hasn’t.  They fight for power, they respect no man, and they use whatever means they can get away with.  Watch the news, listen to the talking heads.  You can flip between channels and see the same key words used over and over, as if the speakers were pre-programmed for the show, complete with TV hair. What ails our nation isn’t political apathy or even a slumbering economy;  It’s Republicans and Democrats mind-fucking Americans at every turn.  Only independent thinkers will cure what ails us.  Start thinking critically again.  Stop listening to what Democrats and Republicans are saying.  You know they don’t say anything without trying to tug on your emotions.  Plug your ears if you need to.

There’s  an illness in America.  The Arizona tragedy wasn’t caused by our political rhetoric.  Not at all.

Our nation is so much sicker than that, and most people don’t  realize it.    Ω

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