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Cut Military Pensions To Cut Our Deficit, And Other Nighttime Fairy Tales From Washington

Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 12, 2011

In the latest round of Deficit Idiocy, our wondrous Deficit Reduction Panel has decided that it might be a good idea to end lifetime pensions for members of our military who have served more than twenty years, and replace it with a system that resembles a 401k plan.  Beyond the fact that “offering” a 401k type of plan would expose our service members retirement to the risks and idiots on Wall Street (hey, what’s the worst that could happen with that?) is this demographic really the one you want to piss off?  After ten years of war, one of your options for cutting the deficit is to crap on Veterans?  Again?  Really?  Talk about out of touch.  This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue.  This is simply a Washington elitist attitude toward those they consider to be less than themselves.

Here’s a link to Military.com, The Military Advantage.  The article they wrote on this issue is filled with information.  Therefore, I offer it up to you.  It’s complete with links to the actual proposals made for ending Military Pensions.  Go…read them…and decide for yourselves.  Then, do what you must.  If that includes calling up your Senator or Congressperson and exposing them to expletives the likes of which have never been heard in Washington, then so be it.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the first Senator or Congressperson to stand up and say, “You know, we ought to review our own pay, and cut our own benefits,,,after all, temporary employees in the Private sector don’t get benefits…why should we?”  Naive, I know.

Is there no one in Washington who will suggest this?  Not even one?

If it’s a budget deficit and the growing National Debt that you name as one of your major concerns, a REAL leader starts by looking in the mirror and asking himself what he can do to make a difference, before he asks anyone beneath him to make that same sacrifice.  A real leader would be the first to offer a cut to his own salary and benefits.  Small business owners all over America are doing it.

By their silence, it is clear that in Washington, there is not even one leader.  Not one.

Pathetic.  But, hey, according to their latest campaign slogans, they got a plan to raise employment and cut the deficit.  Make sure you vote for each and every last one of them.  They’re gonna save you!   Ω


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