Glenn Beck Wants To Know Whatever Happened To The Individual In America

Posted by politicalpartypooper on September 2, 2010

Did I miss something last weekend? Wasn’t Glenn Beck going to announce God’s plan for saving America? We don’t need another stimulus; all we need to know is whatever happened to the individual, according to Beck.

I can answer that question: That individual is named Billy Bob, and he’s been out of work for three years. He once had a great paying job in a furniture factory about 12 years ago, but then the factory moved to some second world country and didn’t take Billy Bob with them. So Billy Bob went back to school, because unlike many of his contemporaries, he could read past a third grade level, which is all it takes to get into college these days. He applied himself dutifully, and earned an associate degree as a tech rep. He landed a job as a technical service advisor and worked there for four years. Then, the company he worked for decided that they could provide just as much quality service hiring citizens of India at forty cents an hour as they could paying Billy Bob $15/hr. Once again, Billy Bob’s job was exported, and Billy Bob was jobless. So he went to work in one of the local textile plants, but that only lasted another year, and they, too, moved to a second world country, leaving Billy Bob jobless for the third time in a dozen years. He has been jobless since.

That’s whatever happened to the American individual

What’s that, you say?

Oh…my bad. I didn’t realize that Glenn Beck wanted to know whatever happened to the wealthy individual in America.     Ω


One Response to “Glenn Beck Wants To Know Whatever Happened To The Individual In America”

  1. Liberty said

    Federal Goverment spends $4 Trillion a year.

    That equates to $457 million an hour.

    That doesn’t even count state and local spending.

    Are you getting your money’s worth?

    Do you think there may be a problem here?

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