HP’s Mark Hurd Floats to Safety With Massive Golden Parachute

Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 10, 2010

How predictable was this?  From Moneynews.com:

Whatever Mark Hurd did that cost him his job as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the world’s largest technology company, it wasn’t enough to cost him a payday that could top $40 million.

Meanwhile, with little still known about why an actress and HP contractor threatened Hurd with a sexual-harassment lawsuit, stockholders took a $9 billion hit Monday, and HP’s 300,000 workers were left to wonder about its future.

But so long as Mark Hurd gets his $12.2 Million severance, plus stock and options, everything is at it should be.  Yup.

Because Mark Hurd is too important to tell him to get screwed.  HP could literally sue him for breach of contract, and pay him nothing, but instead, they add insult to injury by providing yet another golden parachute to an ass.    I think what he really deserves is a perpetual golden shower.        Ω



4 Responses to “HP’s Mark Hurd Floats to Safety With Massive Golden Parachute”

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  2. HP's Mark Hurd Floats to Safety With Massive Golden Parachute ……

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  3. John said

    I have long wondered what one man acting as a “chief executive officer” could do that twelve, or hundreds of $1,000,000 salaried men couldn’t do.

    There are salary caps in sporting leagues – so it’s ok to prevent athletes who might have as little as 1 and if they’re luck 10 years earnings from driving up costs, but if you’re a corporate talent then sky’s the limit?


    But avoid those commie socialists like the plague because a million dollars a year isn’t enough to have a good life, isn’t “competitive” enough…


    I guess it’s a kind of “American Dream” that the kid from the post room can end up CEO, but most often it’s the son of the previous CEO: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_life_of_George_W._Bush)

    So where does this mythology come from? Madison Avenue, L.A. , D.C. … If the US President’s Salary is $500,000 why does an embarrassing CEO get $12,000,000 ?

    GREED… A country founded on noble principles in a time of decadent Kings, with the great experiment of freedom and pursuit of happiness has lasted longer than anyone expected, but the great foresight to prevent tyranny by any majority, a self correcting mechanism, is being eroded by a culture of short term greed.

    Sure, stocks go up, sell quick, laugh all the way to the bank and watch thousands of poor hard working honest fools wonder why their company is failing and they’re being laid off… after all, all they do is design, build, and deliver the product.

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