Changing The 14th Is Not A Solution; It’s a Deflection Tactic: A Follow Up To “If 14th Amendment Is Repealed, What Makes Any Of Us Citizens?”

Posted by politicalpartypooper on August 9, 2010

Several commenters here and at Firedoglake have stated that a Repeal of the 14th Amendment isn’t necessary, only a change to that amendment is needed, in response to my previous post, If 14th Amendment Is Repealed, What Makes Any Of Us Citizens.  I answered that statement a bit in my comments section on my blog, but it’s an important enough issue to write a new post about it.

So you want to change the 14th Amendment, do you?  You want to insert language in it which states that children of any “illegal” immigrant are not automatically afforded citizenship and the rights that come with that?  I heard that argument before I wrote the first post, and I’ve also heard that some of you want it to be retroactive.  Of course, because after all, here in America, there is no Statute of Limitations on burying the evidence of our ignorance.  I’m not calling my commenters ignorant; I hope they understand this.  I respect them.  Allow me to explain.

How have we been ignorant?  By ignoring our own laws.  We’ve been ignorant by allowing our elected officials from both parties to repeatedly acknowledge that we have a problem in this country, but to ignore that problem because that problem was something to be exploited for capital and political gain.

For decades Republicans and Democrats willfully ignored the laws which were written in the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.  And in all of that time, both parties were content to exploit the people most affected by that Act; illegal Mexican immigrants and their children.  Suddenly, Republicans want you to believe that they have the solution.  “Hey!  Let’s the punish the children!”

Don’t buy it!  It’s a deflection tactic!  The Republicans aren’t really fixing anything.  This isn’t a solution; it’s just another way to inflict pop hysteria on a group of people who believe they are citizens and did nothing to deserve having that taken away from them. Life isn’t fair, and it’s not fair that illegal immigrants broke our laws, and that Republicans and Democrats were complicit in that law  breaking, and that, in the end, children of those broken laws were born.  Life isn’t fair, so suck it up.  Rather than deflecting attention away from your ignorance, Republicans, you want to punish someone who had nothing to do with the problem except to be born here? Not even Hollywood could write a script with an ending as evil as that.

Maybe Hitler or Stalin could, but they wouldn’t be bragging about it like you are.

Pathetic.  That’s the verdict.  This is a pathetic attempt to use pop hysteria to make a problem you helped cause go away.  I wish I could accuse you of trying to take the easy way out, but it’s not even an easy way that you propose.  Instead of upholding our laws, you want to start an entirely new process of amending a Constitutional amendment to make the results of your willful ignorance disappear.  That’s kind of like an abortion after a wild night of “I can’t remember your name” sex.

Regardless of where you stand on the illegal immigration issue, as Americans, you cannot possibly want to allow the Republicans and Democrats a Mulligan on this, and that’s just what changing the 14th Amendment would be.  Are we citizens of the greatest nation on earth, or are we the lemmings of Nazi Germany and Imperialistic Japan?  Are we a nation of laws that apply to everyone, or are we the nation that looks for a scapegoat in a time of trouble; someone we can make the sacrificial lamb so that our elected officials can swab their consciences (if they have any) of their complicity in the exploitation of Mexican illegal immigrants?

There is a group of American Citizens who did nothing to deserve your anger.  Nothing except to be born here.  They have lived here all of their lives, and believed they were Americans all of their lives.  If they are adults by now, they work here (if they can find a job) and pay taxes.  They vote here.  They raise their families here.  And your proposal is to tell them to get the hell out?

I have a better suggestion.  Tell the Republicans and Democrats who caused this mess to get the hell out of our country.  Tell the Republicans whose constituents hired illegal immigrants for cheap labor to get the hell out.  Tell Democrats who exploited them for political purposes to get the hell out.  Take the game to the criminals, instead of attacking  American citizens who are the offspring of illegal immigrants.  Let’s repeal Democrats and Republican’s citizenship for willfully breaking our laws while elected and sworn to uphold the Constitution and laws of the Untied States of America.

Hey.  That might solve another problem.  Just think of all the money we could save by not having to pay all of their pensions.     Ω



7 Responses to “Changing The 14th Is Not A Solution; It’s a Deflection Tactic: A Follow Up To “If 14th Amendment Is Repealed, What Makes Any Of Us Citizens?””

  1. Jim Smith said

    First of all I am not a Republican or Democrat. I actually despise both parties for the mess they have created. As for the “innocent” children already born here under the existing law they are citizens and rightfully so. I may disagree with the fact they were granted citizenship, however, the fact remains they are legal with all of the inherent rights. What I’m talking about is tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Amend the law to remove one of the magnets that draw them here and inspire them to break the law. Stop the social programs. There are men and women who have died for the rights we have. They died for their children and their children. Not for the children or the relatives of those children who have no skin in the game. Users and consumers. We pay the bills and they send their money back to Mexico. No loyalty and many don’t even care to learn the language and we pacify them with dial 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. Can’t speak the language… get an interpreter. Not a citizen? Get in line!

  2. I can't believe you said that said

    (Amend the law to remove one of the magnets that draw them here and inspire them to break the law.)


    • politicalpartypooper said

      Amend the law to make it a felony to knowingly hire an illegal immigrant. That goes for corporations like meat packing industries as well. Top execs get a lifetime pass to jail, where the inmates will love them soft new flesh.

      That will get rid of the other magnet that draws them here, and it will teach people who only see the bottom line a life lesson about what happens when you try to exploit illegal labor.

      • I can't believe you said that said

        (Amend the law to make it a felony to knowingly hire an illegal immigrant.)

        Apple and oranges argument.

        Cut to the chase. Are you for or against prosecuting illegal immigrants, and if not, WHY?

        (note to self, be sure and make every in-law I have living in the Algoma and Green Bay area aware of your answer:)

        • politicalpartypooper said

          I’m for. But they don’t come here if they don’t KNOW they can get a job. It’s apples to apples. Supply and demand.

          Are you for or against prosecuting those who knowingly hire illegal aliens?

        • politicalpartypooper said

          Incidentally, I was wrong. We don’t need to change the law to make it a felony to knowingly hire or aid an illegal immigrant…it already is. All we need to do, as I have been saying for some time now, is execute the damn law.

  3. I can't believe you said that said

    (Are you for or against prosecuting those who knowingly hire illegal aliens?)


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