Bailed Out Bastards Busy Bribing (ahem, “contributing” to the campaigns of) Elected Officials

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 31, 2010

I was just browsing around today at Open Secrets. org when I noticed that Citigroup has contributed $853,930 to PAC’s and Individual Campaigns for 2010.  Citigroup; the bank that American taxpayers bailed out to the tune of $45 Billion, only $31 Billion of which has been paid back.  So let me get this straight; I bailed them out because they didn’t have any money.  I know that’s simplistic, but stick with me.  They were bailed out because they could not meet their obligations as a bank..translation: had no money.  But for 2010 they have $850,000 to use to influence legislation.  Sounds logical.  I hope if I ever owe The Feds $14 Billion that they’ll look the other way while I try to bribe my favorite elected officials.

It gets worse.  In 2008, the year they “discovered” that they needed a bailout, they spent $4,898,038 on bribing elected officials.  Isn’t that sort of like going on a shopping spree with every credit card you have  after you’ve discovered that you have to file for bankruptcy?  Am I missing something?  Oh yeah, Democrats received over 60% of that Citigroup money, so the next time a Democrat tries to tell you that they are the party of responsibility and morals, laugh at them and cite this statistic.  Don’t forget to laugh; that’s important.  An Elmer Fudd-like Barney Frank laugh will do nicely.  “I’m bugewwing smaw fuwwy woodwand kweechoes..hahahahahahah”.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also begun to bribe elected officials, again, after taking a one year hiatus in 2009.  Freddie Mac has contributed $21,250 while Fannie Mae dished out $17,241.  I know, those seem like small amounts, but still, can you afford to give that much?  Combined, Fannie and Freddie received almost $150 Billion in bailouts.  To date, NOT ONE PENNY has been paid back.  We believe that an additional $150 Billion may be required for Fannie and Freddie to meet their disastrous mortgage-backed-security obligations in the future.  Did you catch the part about “to date, NOT ONE PENNY has been paid back”?

Okay, maybe I was too hasty with Citigroup.  They at least made some effort to pay their debts.  Fannie and Freddie have made no effort, nor do they even have the ability to do so.  Will someone please tell me what the fuck either one of them is doing “contributing” to political campaigns and PACs?  That any one of our elected officials would so much as accept a dollar donation from either of these two deadbeats says more about that elected official than it does about Fannie or Freddie.  Scum.

Here’s a link to a website that does a bang-up job of tracking the bailouts; who received how much and what they’ve paid back.  AIG is on there, having received $70 Billion in bailout money, having paid NOT ONE RED CENT back, and having donated $33,202 so far in 2010.  Seventy Billion Free Money.  Paid not one red cent back.  But has enough money to bribe elected officials.  Yup.  Makes perfect sense.

Do you want me to go on?  Or have you had enough, yet?  Is your blood beginning to boil?  Here’s more:

General Motors, received $51 Billion, only paid back $7 Billion, donated $10,918 for 2010.

Had enough?  Me, too.  This is sickening.

May the elected officials who have accepted money from these bailout bastards rot in hell.  There is no excuse…none, for this type of behavior from our elected officials.  I ask you; who but a party hack elected official would think it’s kosher to accept money from firms that are using taxpayer money to bribe them?  Get on the horns, people; it’s time to damage some eardrums.     Ω



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