Sarah Palin, What Exactly Are You Doing?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 30, 2010


I’ve stayed away from the whole Sarah Palin thing, for good reasons.  It was my initial belief that the more attention you gave her, the more she would talk, and her “followers”, for lack of a better word, would become more emboldened.    But I’ve changed my mind, at least for today.

Palin, the former governor who quit her Alaskan job to do God only knows what, said that President Obama had no time to appear on The View while the Arizona border remained so porous.  She also indicated that she would be visiting the border area soon.

And what, sister Sarah, are you going to accomplish there?  Are you going to make a speech?  Do a photo-op?  Tweet?  What?

I’ve got no problem with where you visit, Sarah, but it seems to me that since you quit as governor of Alaska, you’ve not really done anything, except a whole lot of talking.  I get that from Washington all of the time, from our elected officials.  You claimed to be someone different.  Turns out, you’re not.  Turns out, all you do is talk.  I guess you don’t need to be from Washington to be a Washington insider, do you?  Washington insiders talk a lot; and draw a lot of attention to themselves, without accomplishing a damn thing.  Turns out you’d fit right in.

Go ahead, go to Arizona.  You won’t accomplish anything there, but if accomplishment was ever your goal, you would have stayed in Alaska where your voters put you.  Turns out you don’t really care what your voters think, either.

Just like a Washington insider.

To wit, a Washington insider believes that despite the thousands of talking heads and egos floating around the country spewing forth their crap, that the country cannot do without another talking head spewing forth her crap.  You served this country best by being Alaska’s governor.  You’re serving yourself, now.  And if you should show up on the border in Arizona, nothing you say or do will change the game on the ground.

You see, Sarah, you have no power…none.  Zero.  Nada.  Nichts.  All you are is one more talking head making noise.  If you really wanted to help the people of America, why not do something real?  Why not head down to the gulf and aid in the oil spill cleanup?  Why not offer your abilities for free to President Obama to help coordinate the efforts?

Hell, even babysitting would be more productive than what you’re doing right now.  By the way…what ARE you doing right now?     Ω



7 Responses to “Sarah Palin, What Exactly Are You Doing?”

  1. RIGHT ON brother! Could not have written a better analysis of the person, her actions and nefarious intentions.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      I’ve not wanted to write any analysis of her. But for today, I just got fed up with her wasting her life and the nation’s time.

  2. I can't believe you said that said

    (You see, Sarah, you have no power…none.)

    Yet she still has the power to make a purported indie such as yourself write an analysis of her against your own better judgement? Looks like power to me.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Well, maybe you could enlighten me as to what specifically she has accomplished since she quit as governor of Alaska, besides recite conservative talking points. She’s a parrot, and that’s all. I’ve not heard a single fresh idea escape her lips. Not one.

      If that is what makes a Republican hero, Then your party is in big, big trouble.

      See, even I can say “tax cuts!” But to what purpose? They haven’t worked. There were $250 Billion in tax cuts in the stimulus. Trillions lost in Bush’ tax cuts…and NOT ONE JOB WAS CREATED by them. Still think tax cuts work?

  3. Taxes are a joke and a money grab by the government. On January 1, 2011 the Death Tax returns. So, if you start a business, work 15 hour days and make a success of it on you own sweat the government not only taxes your profits, they tax the interest on your investments and THEN when you die, if the estate is worth more than 1 million dollars (many small businesses) they want to STEAL 55% for your estate in the form of a Dearh Tax. THAT’S ROBBERY! Too many taxes at every level from Federal to State to County to City. Government has clearly demonstrated they do not know how to use what they take from us efficiently. The Pentagon cannot account for almost 9 BILLION dollars sent to Iraq. No audit trail, no paperwork of any kind to account for where that money is and the Feds have the gall to tax my unemployment benefits as INCOME. Their criminals and crooks… the whole lot!

  4. I can't believe you said that said

    (Well, maybe you could enlighten me as to what specifically she has accomplished since she quit as governor of Alaska, besides recite conservative talking points.)

    Reread my comment. I belive that you chose not write about her all this time was because you do not adhere to her agenda. By giving in to the urge to smear her like every other lib suggests to me anyway, that you have lost the power to control that urge which suggests that she has power and influence over you. You sort of prove it by stating that you are so fed up you can’t help it and you are going to rant about her anyway.

    (If that is what makes a Republican hero, Then your party is in big, big trouble.)

    Also… reaching out with your own conclusions about me based on the assumption that I am a follower of Palin. Based on what? Because I pointed out the simple fact that she does indeed wield influence and power over you.

    My conservative viewpoint is exactly that, my own. What you and most libs like you cannot get through your heads is that on the conservative side, there is no figure head that speaks for us. Not lmbaugh, not palin, not even bush or reagan. A true conservative stands for just that, conservatism. I would be happy to provide some links to what that is if you don’t get it:)

    In the mean time Skywalker, don’t be such a faker, and embrace the darkness which is your true calling. Give in to what you know is the true you. Search your inner self and fulfill your destiny. Become a LIB!!!!!!! BAW,HA,HA,HA,HA…..

    • politicalpartypooper said

      By giving in to the urge to smear her like every other lib suggests to me anyway

      Not a Lib, whatever that is. You didn’t answer my question. What has she accomplished?

      Also, why are so many conservatives of the belief that if a person is not a die-hard conservative, they MUST be a Liberal? Can’t you stretch that mind of yours any further than a two dimensional worldview? Or does drinking the koolaid require you to be an all-or-nothing sort of fellow?

      Embrace the idea that not everything conservative is right. There’s a whole wide world out there for you to discover once you do.

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