The DISCLOSE Act: Well…Not EVERYONE Has to Disclose…Just Certain Groups We don’t Like

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 27, 2010

The DISCLOSE Act…I ask you…

The “Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections” Act was passed by the House in late June, and is now up for debate or consideration in the Senate.  The bill is a Democratic response to the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v FEC (Federal Elecetions Commission).  I was vocal about that decision and shaken by how silly the Court’s opinions were over the matter; in essence calling corporations citizens and having the same rights as citizens, such as free speech.  What it all boils down to is money.  Corporations want the same rights that charities have to influence elections through contributions and ads.  The DISCLOSE Act aims to force any person or corporation to identify themselves as the contributor behind the ad or donation. Republicans, surprise, surprise, have decided to filibuster.

Democrats are screaming bloody murder, and if I hadn’t paid attention, I would be, too.  But Republicans are crying foul, and it turns out, they have a point. What Democrats aren’t telling America is that non-profit organizations, AARP, and the NRA are all exempt from the provisions within the bill.  In other words, anyone Democrats want to exempt get exempted, while corporations and individuals don’t.

It’s politics as usual.  This bill should have been a slam dunk…a simple exercise, and instead, Democrats turned it into a political nightmare.  That Republicans are claiming the Democrats are trying to rig the game comes as no surprise; they say that about everything.  But in this case, it looks like they have a point.

Here’s where I rant.

What the fuck?!  If shedding light on campaign spending is your goal, why in the world are you exempting ANYONE?


Do you know what it looks like?  It looks like favoritism, corruption.  What in the hell were Democrats thinking?  They want to exempt non-profits and charities from disclosing where their contributions went?  Why???????!!!  What’s the fucking point of that?  Don’t they see how this looks?  Are they really that brain-dead?

President Obama, shame on you!  How can you call this bill the DISCLOSE Act and allow exemptions from it?  How can you support such a hacking of the political process?  This looks no better than the Citizen United decision.

Seriously; that’s how bad it looks.     Ω



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