The Search For The Perfect Parking Spot?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 24, 2010

I drove to my local Walmart today.  I know, I know…big bad Big Box store.  It’s true; they ran most of the small, local competition into the ground.  But that’s not what this post is about.  I just needed some sheets for my daughter’s new bed, and a comforter.  Along the way I had to park in their ginormous parking lot.  So I did what I always do;  I took the first available spot.

As I was driving to my spot, I saw numerous cars driving up and down the rows of parked cars, looking for that prized “spot closest to the building”.  On my way out, I had to wait in line to leave the parking lot because of more drivers traversing up and down the rows and rows of cars, skipping perfectly good parking spots while they searched for asphalt  heaven.  Typically, I ignore this kind of behavior, but today I got a little frustrated.  Why did I have to wait to leave the parking lot so that these people could clutter the lanes in an effort to park right next to the entrance door?  I’m not kidding; some of these people would take their cars inside of the store if you let them.

Have we really become that lazy?  So lazy that we can’t walk an extra twenty feet?  What’s the deal?  Why are so many people so obsessed with parking as close as possible?  Do you know?

I don’t get it.  Here we are complaining about global warming and air pollution, the high price of gasoline and maintenance for vehicles, and we have people everywhere burning up extra fuel and time on their car looking for the perfect parking spot.

Can someone tell me when Americans became such wusses?      Ω


2 Responses to “The Search For The Perfect Parking Spot?”

  1. I think it has something to do with winning. Many people lead desperate lives and feel like losers. They feel like everyone else has a life that’s working and they don’t. So…. if they go a little faster on the freeway than everyone else or get that “perfect” close parking spot close to the building, in some distorted way they feel they have succeeded at something. They have “won” and their life is working.

  2. staci said

    Can someone tell me when Americans became such wusses?

    About the same time we got so fat. Jeez, look at the folks using the riding shoppong carts in grocery stores and Wal-Mart. Lots and lots of them are way overweight. If they would walk more, maybe they wouldn’t be so heavy.

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