Republicans, Democrats Share The Blame For America In Wonderland

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 13, 2010

We got us some anger issues in this country.  We got Democrats hating Republicans, conservatives hating liberals, and both groups blaming each other for every ill that ever occurred…ever.  We got both sides stretching the truth or outright lying, using fear to manipulate their constituents, and demagogic rhetoric to stir up tensions.

You see?  This is what you get when you allow political parties to run your country.  Sooner or later, political parties always devolve into demagoguery.  The tug-of-war for power is so consuming that over time, that fight for power becomes the most important thing between two opposing ideologies.  And the things that get lost in that fight for power are the things that matter most.  Here’s a list of things that have exited in the last ten years:

1. The truth.  No one could call what both parties regularly podiumize (new word: to stand at a podium and preach ideology) about the truth.

2. Civility.  Needs no explanation, except to say that if we continue down the road we are on, a second civil war is not out of the question.

3.  Credible Press coverage of just about anything having to do with politics or what’s best for America.  The demagogues get most of the air time now, and there are two cable news networks almost totally dedicated to attacking the other party and protecting their own ideological favorite.  And Americans are supposed to make informed decisions from this unprofessional delivery of “news”?

4.What’s actually best for America.  Instead of rolling sleeves up and doing actual work, politicians now roll sleeves up because it looks good on camera…apparently.  Washington has become a prize, and both parties could give a damn about what is best for America so long as they win the majority of seats in Congress.  Once they do, the opposing party immediately sets to attacking and destroying their “agenda”, rather than compromising and setting to work to do what’s right for America.  They can say they don’t really want their opponents to fail until they are blue in the face.  Their actions speak far louder, and it is those deeds that say, “hell yes! we want you to fail so we can win!  We don’t care if it destroys America too!  Just so we get to be in power!”

5.  Hope.  Got some?

6.  The little guy.  Today in America, if you can’t give your elected officials thousands upon thousands of dollars, you are not important in the political process.  Party hackery devolves into corporate welfare while hundreds of millions of Americans are told to stop whining.  Take the Financial Services Reform bill, for example.  How many “little Americans” had any say in what was included?  Now ask yourself, how many wealthy Americans and banks-too-big-to-fuck-with had plenty to say about what was in it?  Follow the money and look at the end product.  And the Democrats will celebrate the bill as a  “sweeping overhaul of our financial services industry and a major victory for Main Street, America”.  In three, two, one…

There’s more, but I figured I’d let you add your own, if you are willing.   There’s plenty to write about here with America in Wonderland.    Ω


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