Spam Texters, Beware!

Posted by politicalpartypooper on July 12, 2010

This is not a commercial for my wireless carrier.  I won’t even name them.  But today I experienced unexpected, excellent customer service from them.  In truth, I can’t recall ever really having a problem with them; thus, I haven’t changed carriers in four years.  I’m a dinosaur.

My story begins yesterday, around 4 PM, when I checked my wireless bill online.  I refuse to do automated payments for the very reason I needed customer service today.  As I was browsing through the pages of my bill, I noticed that on both of my lines (mine and my daughter’s) there was an additional charge this month.  It was called “Text Alerts – xxxxxx” (x = #).    My daughter’s text alert was more detailed; it was called “Mind Bender”.  I’ve had “the speech” about extra charges with my daughter once before, so I knew she hadn’t ordered a subscription text alert service.  On my line, I was also positive…I’ve only texted four times in my life.  I’ve never replied to spam text, and that’s why I ran into a problem this time.

I wasn’t about to pay for a revolving subscription that I and my daughter had not ordered, so I called customer service.  Much to my delight, my rep spoke southern United States English; not the disjointed, accented India kind.  She got a “star” immediately.  Once I had explained why I was calling, she earned her next “star” by interrupting me, and telling me not to worry; she would take care of the problem while I was on the line.  She explained to me that these spam texters send texts, and if you do not reply “stop” to them, they will bill you for their services monthly.  I said, and I quote,”What an ingenious way to steal!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

My service rep laughed, and we talked for a bit while we waited for her to clear my bill of these criminal charges.  She was pleasant and informative; I learned that this is a common problem for people and she realized how much of a pain in the “ass” it was to call in.  “Star” number three.  If you can cuss with me as a customer service rep and make me laugh, you’re doing something right.

She earned “star” number four by telling me that she was emailing a confirmation of the correction to me, and was there anything else she could for me today?

Amen!  Hell no!  Thank you!  Thank you!

As for those text spammers, I’m speechless.  Isn’t that kind of thing a crime?  If it isn’t, it ought to be.  I think I’m going to write my lazy congressman.  God knows he’s not doing anything else in Washington lately.     Ω


2 Responses to “Spam Texters, Beware!”

  1. staci said

    I had a similar experience last week with a credit card company. Like you, I won’t mention the name, but if I could have hugged that woman I would have squeezed her breathless. I’m stuck in the unemployment fiasco having been unemployed since last November. This last month, I’ve been pulling my hair out about how would I cover all my bills. I was actually calling because I knew I would be late. Not only did she waive the late charge for me, she then reduced my interest rate for the next year that will save me thousands of dollars. I spent the rest of the day totally dumbfounded.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      I’m glad to hear it worked out for you. I hope your job search does, too, and that you find an excellent new career to prosper in. Take care.

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