Energy & Natural Resources Chairman Bingaman Accepts Big Cash From Big Oil

Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 20, 2010

Allow me to introduce you to Senator Jeff Bingaman, Democrat from the great state of New Mexico.

What’s so special about Senator Jeff?  He chairs the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  That’s the committee that takes up the mantel to write legislation for the regulation of the oil and gas industry specifically.  Here’s what Senator Bingaman had to say recently about President Obama’s Oval Office speech about the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico:

“President Obama made it clear that we will see to it that the Gulf region gets through this disaster, and that BP will be held responsible for the terrible damage it has caused — especially to the workers and business owners whose livelihoods are suffering. The president has committed to meeting the near-term cleanup challenges of the region and the long-term energy challenges of our country.  In the coming weeks I will be working to pass legislation in the Senate that will both prevent a catastrophe like this from ever happening again and put us on a path to a cleaner energy economy.”

Here’s what I have to say about Senator Bingaman.  For 2010, he has received $96,270 from the oil & gas industry.

That’s quite a statement Senator Jeff released about the President’s Oval Office Speech.  But is it a credible statement?  Can we really trust him to do what he says?  After all, BP and the oil and gas industry have $96,270 riding on the bet that he won’t.  What do you think?  Is he trustworthy, or compromised?  Does he have a conflict of interest?

If we want to change America, and change Washington, it is becoming increasingly more clear that we must answer these questions, and respond according to the evidence.

Energy Independence, Senator?  How about independence from the very people you are supposed to be regulating?  Tell me, Jeff, how can you honestly approach oil industry regulation knowing that they have donated over $96,000 to you?      Ω


One Response to “Energy & Natural Resources Chairman Bingaman Accepts Big Cash From Big Oil”

  1. PsyOps said

    gees…92K from Big Oil….thats even more than the 72K Obama received from BP!!!

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