Congressman Scalise, I’d Like To Ask You A Few Questions

Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 19, 2010

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise(R) appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night.  I tried to embed the actual video so you could see what he had to say, but CNN must be using some kind of code that  WordPress won’t allow.  It was basically grandstanding, acting angry about BP’s attitude, and this, all the while ignoring the fact that the oil and gas lobby is his third largest contributor.  In 2010, he has accepted $44,335 from the oil and gas industry.

I’m going to do a small series of these little snapshots of our congresspeople and senators with regards to the Gulf Oil Spill, lobbyist influence, and money accepted from the oil and gas industry.  Not to worry, there’s more than enough people from both Democrats and Republicans (as in…every last one of them)  to share the spotlight equally.

As I watched Anderson Cooper ask Scalise about BP’s response and responsibility to the oil spill, I kept hoping that for one moment, maybe, just maybe, he would actually ask a hard question…but, no.

And what hard question would I have asked?

“Congressman Scalise, how money have you accepted from the oil and gas industry, and how much of that money came from lobbyists and PAC’s representing the non-American, Foreign company, BP?”

See, until our news people and “hard-nosed” “Investigative” reporters start to ask real questions like this, we’ll keep on seeing regulations trashed or ignored, while our “elected officials” continue to receive hush money from the very industry that caused this disaster.  Which would lead to my next hard question:

“Congressman Scalise, do you really think that a Senator or Congressperson who accepted all that money from the oil&gas industry has any credibility, and who can the American people trust to make sure this never happens again, since every last one of their Federally elected officials has a conflict of interest due the money they’ve accepted from these large, special interests.”

Answer that, Mr Man!    Ω


2 Responses to “Congressman Scalise, I’d Like To Ask You A Few Questions”

  1. PsyOps said

    Yo bitch what about Obama’s cut of 72 K????Why are you ignoring this fact?

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