Gulf Oil Spill Narrative Is Changing The Course Of History Because The Masses Aren’t Believing It

Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 4, 2010

Do you ever get the feeling that you are living in historic times?  I don’t mean “historic” in the common sense, in which we record whatever happens as history.   I mean “historic” as in, a really, really, really important era; one that will change the way man governs himself forever.  A time that will set us free from the lies that the wealthy and powerful few tell us to control us; a control they have exerted for as long as history has been recorded.

How would such a time distinguish itself from all of the rest of history?  How would future generations know that when they looked at our history, it was set apart, holy (holy literally means set apart; a religious connotation is not necessary).  How would they know that when they read of the events in our time, they were discovering a moment in mankind when the masses shrugged off the chains that bound them, and never again would they allow themselves to be enslaved?  What sets us apart?  What sets now apart?

If you have been following the Gulf Oil Spill, as many Americans and much of the world has been, you might have already discovered one of the ways that sets us apart, makes us holy from all other moments in modern history.  It is a moment where most of the world’s masses are united against an evil that has been perpetrated upon our sea and our land.  It is a moment that transcends political parties or ideology, even though those two entities are fighting like hell to make this tragedy about themselves.

Politics and politicians, of course, must do what they always do; and spin a web of half-truths and outright deceit in order to gain a foothold that is higher and more “moral” than their opponent’s.  Thus we see the two most powerful political parties spending most of their time blaming each other for this mess.  They are getting frustrated, and as a result, louder each day.  Few are paying attention.  With each day that passes, the scales that blinded us are being removed.  The politicos of our day may have been directly or indirectly responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill, but one thing has risen from the murky waters; The Masses of the World want to fix the problem first, and assess blame later, if at all.  The politicos want to assess blame first, and if the problem is fixed at all…well then, that would be a bonus, wouldn’t it?  But they hope it’s one of theirs who gets the credit; Democrats hope they get the credit, and Republicans hope they do.  That is the extent of their concern over this catastrophe.

Where does BP, Transocean, and Halliburton belong in all of this?  They march ahead of the politicos, already planning their defenses and opening their wallets to make sure that this tragedy will not usher in an era of responsibility that makes their way of doing business less profitable for the few.  They are opening their wallets, and the politicos are quietly taking their money, as they have been doing for decades.

The last part of this equation is the press.  In America, we have a guaranteed right to report the truth, or whatever the hell our press thinks will draw the largest audience.  Even our press is Partisan and Corporate, controlled by the few with enough money to buy the only kind of power that matters to them; the ability to define the truth according to ideology.

The arrangement between business, politics, and press has been a cozy one.  Guaranteed access to “the truth” gives our press access to places where normal Americans aren’t allowed.  In exchange for that access, the press promises to deliver the story as told by the corporations, and the politicos, whether it’s the truth or not.  They weave their narrative, produce it, sell it to advertisers for the highest bid, and then tell it to us, the masses.  Whether we buy that “story” or not is not left up to us.  You see, the triumvirate of business, politico, and press will keep telling this story, over and over, adding bits and pieces here and there, until the masses are ready to swallow it as gospel.

Something happened on the way to the bank this time, though.  It reminded me of 1991, when, as we marched through Kuwait and utterly destroyed Saddam Hussein’s army, he arranged for the press in his country to tell the masses that the American armies were being driven into the sea.  Such a disconnect from reality might be called insanity by some, but to Saddam Hussein, it was a delaying tactic, designed to withhold the truth from his masses as long as possible in order to retain the absolute power he held in his area of the world.  It worked.  Ten years later, he was still Dictator of Iraq, even though the truth had been revealed to his masses for a decade.

When a despot resorts to wild rhetoric and fantastical claims, he is at his most dangerous.  When he spins propaganda aimed at creating an illusion to pacify the masses in the midst of life-threatening nationwide crises, he is outright maniacally evil.   When he weaves wild deceptions in a last attempt to control his kingdom, he is desperate.

And so we come to the focal point of this article.  In the last forty-three days, we have watched and listened as British Petroleum, our government, and our press have consistently weaved deception and denial.  At first, when we discovered that Deepwater Horizon had exploded and sunk, the “authorities” (BP and the Federal Government) told us that there had been no leak.  We soon discovered the truth of that.  But instead of coming clean and admitting their mistakes and outright lies, the triumvirate tried harder to spin a tale full of “hope” and delaying tactics.  It has been almost a month and a half since the oil began blackening our seas on its way to blackening our beaches.  The oil has already reached our shores in some locations.  Others stand by in fear, while their politicians at one moment beg for Federal help, and at another, demand that more deepwater oil wells be drilled.  What’s so astonishing to the masses is that both parties have been caught contradicting themselves.  Even more disturbing than that is the realization that the masses know BP is lying, and we are not willing that they get away with it.

Wild deceptions have been weaved.  Attempt after attempt has been made to plug this leak, and each new attempt is sold by BP, through the press and endorsed by our government, as having a good chance of success.  No doubt, the triumvirate is desperate.  The natives are restless, and growing more so by the minute.  And when the powerful few are trapped in a corner, their only option is to delay the inevitable.  That has been the foundation of the narrative given by BP, through our “free” press, and endorsed by our Federal Government.  It has been nothing more than a delaying tactic and an operation of  diversion.  “Look here.  Don’t look there.  That’s nothing to look at.  Watch this little “live feed” box for hours on end as we deceive you for yet another day.”

I have compiled a brief list of deceptions and delaying tactics spun by British Petroleum, as told by our press, and endorsed by our government.  All of it has been exposed as lies and delaying tactics.  The masses have been forced to swallow it for more than a month.  Although there is so much more to list than what I have gathered, here is a brief list of the lies, deceptions, diversions, and delaying tactics:

1. Clean up workers have to sign a waiver agreeing not to talk to the press about their efforts. You’d think BP would want them talking to the press. The clean up crews are the people who NORMALLY make their living in the gulf, and might tell the press how generous and determined BP is to do the right thing. The flip side of that is enforced silence, which speaks for itself.

2. When first asked if there was a spill from the sinking of the oil rig, BP officials claimed there was not. Yet they knew they had attempted to activate the fail-safe valve and failed…so they knew the well was already leaking when they were asked.

3. When clean up workers become light headed or sick to the stomach from the fumes, the medical advice they have been given is to just turn their head away from the oil and take a breath of fresh air, and the feeling will subside. I ask you…

4. Certain members of the Press and American citizens have been turned away from N.O. Beaches, with a less than friendly “Who Dat? Who Dere?”

5. Tony Baloney Hayward, CEO of BP, has repeatedly lied about the odds of success with each attempt made at capping or stopping the well, and he has been helped by our own President, by our elected officials, and by the “face of our government” for this issue, Admiral Thad Allen, because, when you need a face people can trust, you need a weathered, salted, kindly Admiral. The most glaring lie was the Top Kill, which had never succeeded under water. They gave it a 60-70% chance of success.  But the most disturbing thing about these wild predictions of success is the media’s adoration of Admiral Allen and everything he says.  It should be clear to the people by now that Allen is nothing more than a grandpa for the masses, telling unbelievable tales to the children just before they are put to sleep.

6. BP refused to give an estimate of how much oil was being bled into the sea. The problem is, engineers everywhere know they are lying when they say they don’t know how much is escaping. Even before they drilled the well, they had calculated max. flow rate for the given, KNOWN pressures in the well against the size of the pipe they were using. This is basic engineering, folks. They know.  And so does our government.  That they continue to tell us that it is absolute speculation to  put a number on the amount of oil escaping is possibly the loudest, wildest lie of all.

7. BP told America they could handle a spill of 12.6 million gallons per day. Yup, and pigs fly.

8. Corexit…need I say more?

9. To get the approval for the Deepwater Horizon rig, BP told the Feds that they had enough equipment and oil booms “around the Gulf” to skim 17.6 million gallons of oil per day from the sea. Yet when the well blew, not a single vessel or length of boom was available in the Gulf for this type of service.

10. Production at a different Deepwater Gulf site reaches as high as 150,000 barrels of oil per day – more than 6 million gallons. And that cool little “oil spill” ticker widget is set at just over 1 million gallons for a completely compromised well head?  Are you kidding me?  Of course they are.  It’s not about how much oil is actually escaping.  It’s about that little widget that the last vestige of truth in America, the internet, was focusing on.  “Give me something to look at.  Give me something to play with.  Give me something to adjust so I can feel in control”.  That’s what the little widget is all about.  The masses are no longer paying attention to the widget.

11.  From Admiral Allen’s own mouth:  “In addition, we are moving critical response assets across all the Gulf Coast states in preparation for potential near- and long-term oil impacts. In Alabama, the Coast Guard Cutter Cypress arrived in Mobile Bay today to protect Dauphin Island from the north and west. Tomorrow, we will commence a surge of boom to Alabama’s Katrina Pass that will be positioned to create a funnel to collect oil that comes in with the tide. Additionally, we have deployed four coastal patrol boats to coordinate response in Alabama’s coastal waters.”

One coast guard cutter is going to protect Dauphin Island from the north and west?  Four Coast Guard patrol boats are going to stave off the oil along the entire Alabama coastline?  Does it get any more ridiculous than this?

Yet another message given through our press, approved by our government.  All of the money given by Big Oil to every elected official in our nation could expect no less than this brave attempt to put “the people’s minds at rest”.   Which brings me to another point; did you know that BP, the Federal Government, and our press will not rest until this story goes away…ahem, until the oil leak is plugged and the shorelines are made as pristine as the day they were formed by the Hand of God?  Do you believe that?

I didn’t think so.  This is a historic moment.  Will we deliver ourselves from the control of the triumvirate?  Already, we see that the sarcastic response of the masses is forcing the  triumvirate to change their tactics on an almost daily basis.  From an outright lie that no oil was escaping, to the drilling of two “relief” wells; from Hayward’s “this oil spill will have only a moderate impact on the environment” to his “this is a devastating event”. the unholy trinity is shifting its narrative in an ongoing effort to guide the masses to “the truth”.

It’s not working.  I believe it will ultimately fail.  The masses…that’s you and me (not the government hack who is monitoring this article with disdain).  We have become enlightened.  At a moment’s notice, we can visit OpenSecrets.org, dial up a search on how much money Big Oil gives to our elected officials, and discover that they give quite a bit to every last Federally elected official in America.  We can even discover that a foreign company, through American lobbyists, can buy influence in American elections.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Now we are beginning to see how cozy the relationship between Federal Government, Big Business, and the Press has been all these decades.  What else, the masses wonder, will we discover, and what will we do with that information?  The Unholy Trinity shivers at the thought.


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