Political Imagery

Posted by politicalpartypooper on June 3, 2010

One of the things I love about our elected officials is the way they use political imagery to tell a story.  Example:  President Obama announcing the passage of the health care bill while a row of “doctors and nurses”, complete with white lab coats, stand in the backdrop.

Then there’s the case of a presidential candidate standing in the middle of an Iowa cornfield with a group of “farmers” all holding pitchforks, in the background.

Do these people think we are stupid?  Are we all like, “Oh, the people in the backdrop are wearing white lab coats…this must be about health care, which I wouldn’t have known merely from listening to the President’s speech.”  The imagery they show us tells us more about what they and their “handlers” think about Americans than their actual message.  They are telling us, “Americans are shallow, stupid, easily distracted by all the pictures, and need visual reinforcement for every little thing.  Just think of them as the guy who won’t read any book that doesn’t have pictures.”

I can’t wait to see the imagery they use for passage of the vastly watered down Financial Reform Bill.  I envision little white bankers wearing tuxedo’s, top hats, and carrying bags of money with the “$” symbol on the front. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know what the hell the President was talking about.     Ω


One Response to “Political Imagery”

  1. I’d pay good money to see a lineup of Mr. Moneybagses.

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