Happy Memorial Day: George Carlin On Choice in America

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 29, 2010

This George Carlin collection pretty much sums up what I think of our government.  Enjoy.

If you think the Republicans are the way to govern, guess again.  If you happen to be a Democratic supporter, wake up.  George Carlin put it as well as I’ve seen it put:  You have the illusion of choice in your vote.  But think on this:  Your political party selects who you vote for, and there are only two parties in this country.  There are three oil companies to choose from, soon to be two.  There are many “choices” on your grocery shelves, all of them a subsidiary of the same, large corporation.  The package may be blue or red, but what’s inside is made by the same company.

You don’t have a vote in America.  You have the right to approve or disapprove of the candidates that the Democrats and Republicans CHOSE FOR YOU.  And approval or disapproval means almost nothing to them. In ideology, they claim to be completely different.  That’s nothing more than packaging.  On the inside, they are EXACTLY the same; power brokers looking to usurp your freedom for their gain.

It’s starts with the political parties.  Lose them, and America begins to become free again.  It really is that simple.

Are you going to vote Republican or Democrat this November?  If you do, you are telling them you don’t want your freedom.  You are telling them that it is okay by you that they usurp your freedom for their gain.  Don’t come back here in ten years whining about how America just doesn’t seem all that free anymore.  You were warned, repeatedly.

Boot the parties, or they’ll finish your freedom off for good.


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