With a Nuclear Power Plant In My Backyard, Can I Trust Our Other Government Regulatroy Agencies To Be On The Job?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 27, 2010

On the heels of my recent post, Why Worry About Safe oil Rigs When You Can Buy Government Ignorance For Twice The Price?, a question I asked myself the other day has been nagging me.

What else aren’t they telling us?

That’s the question.  If  the U.S. Minerals Management Service, the regulatory authority for oil, can be so corrupt as to accept bribes, gifts, and blatantly falsified or doctored records, what other more or equally important regulatory bodies have been corrupted, and for how long?  If it can happen in one agency repeatedly, is it safe to assume that all of our other regulatory agencies are not corrupt as well, or should we be worried?

I’ll bet if I asked the President, or my Congressman, Paul Ryan, he’d tell me not to worry, that he’s sure every other agency is diligently performing their duties of protecting the American people.  He and the President, and every other elected official would probably tell me that right up to the point of a nuclear meltdown just up the road from me, about five miles.  That’s right, I live about five miles south of a nuclear power plant, with another plant not ten miles from that one.  Am I safe?  Of course!  It’s silly to assume that just because one government agency is as corrupt as the New York Mafia, that they all are.  Nope, nothing to see here; go back to your boring life.

Except, the two most recent examples of government agencies that made the news were both lying down on the job.  The SEC failed American investors by ignoring warnings about Bernie Madoff, amongst other things, and is filled with crony inspectors who are too cozy with the people they audit.  I don’t need to repeat how corrupt the U.S. Minerals Management Service has been.  It’s all over the news.  So…I have two examples of regulatory agencies, neither of them doing their job with integrity, and I’m supposed to believe that these two agencies are the only two that are corrupt?

I think it’s time for the FBI to investigate ALL of our agencies.  If two of the most important protectors of Americans were corrupted, how are we ever to believe the others aren’t as well?  How am I supposed to sleep well at night knowing that a US Nuclear Regulatory Commission agent might be skipping important steps in their inspections of the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant?  How am I to know that he’s not taking gifts and bribes to ignore certain things?

It’s one thing to go to bed at night knowing the NRC is on the job, and that nuclear power can be safe when certain precautions are taken.  It’s quite another to have those two giants in my backyard when news of US Regulatory Agents accepting bribes and gifts and doctored inspection reports hits the news.

What about the FDA?  Are they accepting gifts?  Are they doctoring documents?  The USDA?  Who can we trust?

I was gently admonished for tying President Obama to Blanche Lincoln yesterday.  Nevertheless, I am going to tie him to this as well.  Americans pay for protection that we obviously were not getting in two agencies.  That there is now a certain lack of trust in our other agencies is natural.  It’s up to our President to do something about that, and the only way I see to do it is to investigate those other agencies.

Will you help us, Mr. President?  Will you put our minds at ease, or at the very least, help expose government waste and corruption?  Or will you refuse to believe that if it is happening in one agency, it might be happening in others?

I live five miles away from a nuclear power plant, Mr. President.  Am I safe, and how do you know I am safe?  Will you tell me what you know, so that I can know, too?      Ω


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