President Clinton to Help Blanche Lincoln Campaign for Big Oil

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 26, 2010

On Friday, May 28th, Former President Bill Clinton will return to Arkansas to campaign for incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln in the Arkansas Democratic Primary.  Lincoln’s opponent is Arkansas lieutenant governor Bill Halter.

Why is this of interest on PoliticalPartyPooper?  Because Blanche Lincoln just happens to be the top recipient of Big Oil campaign money.  For 2009-2010, Lincoln has received $286,400, over $40,000 more than the next highest recipient, Republican Senator David Vitter of Loiusiana.

Senator Lincoln serves on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the same committee that oversees Big Oil and introduces regulatory law for the industry.  If there is a regulatory question that could impose restrictions or enhanced freedoms on Big Oil, Blanche Lincoln is heavily involved.  Why has she received more money than every other Federally elected official from that industry?  It could be because that industry views Lincoln as a friend.

With the recent sinking of Deepwater Horizon and the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, it seems odd to me that a former President would so callously link himself to the Senator who receives more bribe money from Big Oil than anyone else.  What’s even more odd to me is that the mainstream media is completely silent about Lincoln’s Oil Leprechaun, as are most Liberal Democrats. Just as odd is President Obama’s endorsement of Lincoln at a time when the Gulf Coast is getting more contaminated with oil by the second.

Hey, Mainstream Media!  Wake the fuck up!  Senator Lincoln is a Big Oil enabler and she’s being challenged in her Primary.  Don’t you think that’s news?  Don’t you think it’s news that one former President, and the current sitting President aren’t at all troubled by Lincoln’s Oil windfall?  Anyone?


4 Responses to “President Clinton to Help Blanche Lincoln Campaign for Big Oil”

  1. Liberty4ever4all said

    Thanks for being real P.

    I have no idea why idea check in on Cesca’s diatribes. He’s a supreme asshole.

  2. nicole473 said

    Come on, PPP, you know that lincoln is a blue dog, and while I have no idea what Clinton’s agenda is here, I do know, as do you, that Obama made a deal with her in order to get her support on HC reform.
    This post is over the top, and more than a little disingenuous.

    • politicalpartypooper said


      It might a bit over the top. I haven’t decided yet. I’m too pissed about the oil money. Have you checked out OpenSecrets.org? Every one of our elected officials takes money from big oil, and the big players take big money. They get no pass from me. They are all complicit in this.

      • nicole473 said

        Yes, I looked. I am pissed too, but I am pissed at BP, and conservatives who are trying to make this all about Obama, when it would be far more truthful to say that it occurred primarily because of deregulation by Republicans.

        We need to get the money completely out of our government.

        Btw, re the money, via Wash Post:

        “According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the McCain campaign — that would be the McCain-Palin campaign — received $2.4 million from oil and gas interests to Obama’s $900,000. BP employees did give more to the Obama campaign ($71,051) than to McCain’s ($36,649), but this was a pittance in the context of Obama’s fundraising.”

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