It’s Time To Prosecute Elected Officials For The Gulf Oil Spill

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 23, 2010

One quart of oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of drinking water.  With the ongoing diarrhea of Deepwater Horizon, a former Oil Platform that exploded and spewed uncontrolled amounts of poop into the ocean, operated by British Petroleum, the amount of fresh water that stands to be contaminated is reaching the incalculable level, especially if you consider that every drop of rain that hits the poop-like sludge that has become the Louisiana wetlands will be instantly contaminated before it ever hits the water table, polluting  everything it touches on its way down.  Groundwater aquifers in the Gulf States will be completely polluted for longer than man will be around.

I think it’s time to hurt BP like they’ve hurt our nation.  Anybody interested in doing a little bit of naked short selling on their stock?  Seriously, I think that kind of tactic is the only thing that will get their attention, along with our elected officials attention.  Make no mistake, BP is only guilty because they manage platforms according to the lowest common denominator, which is basically, “Whatever the EPA lets us get away with, we’re going to do.”

In the end, it is our government; the EPA, and every last one of our elected officials who suck the cocks of big oil.  Democrats get special consideration for being the Party in power while the shit was allowed to spill into the Gulf, but Republicans also get special attention because they typically receive twice the amount of money from Big Oil as Democrats do, with far fewer elected officials.  Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln received the most money to date from Big oil.  In Congress, it was Democratic Congressman Dan Boren as the deepest throat.

Deepwater Horizon and the Gulf Oil Spill is just one more thing to lay at the feet of the two political parties in our nation.  Even a gas-fired boiler has to have two fail-safe safety valves in the gas train that feeds the boiler, according to national regulations.  But somehow, the EPA and every last one of our elected officials failed to see the necessity for a back-up fail-safe system on an oil rig that could potentially destroy the entire freshwater supply of every coastline area in the Gulf for thousands of years to come.  Oversight?  Not likely.  Not when you consider how much money Big Oil gives our elected officials and the two Parties each and every year to keep things as unregulated as possible.

You can go ahead and blame BP if you want, and believe me, there’s plenty they can be blamed for. But they were only doing what the Federal Government allowed them to do, willingly.  This isn’t an oversight.  This is criminal neglect by every Federally elected official in America.  Who of them will actually be prosecuted?


3 Responses to “It’s Time To Prosecute Elected Officials For The Gulf Oil Spill”

  1. Okay, so Bush and Cheney were acting in America’s best interest, and Obama is a criminal.
    Got it…

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Nope. On this issue, Bush and Cheney and Clinton and Bush1 should all get prosecuted for criminal neglect.

  2. oil spills can really mess up the environment, i hope we can find a very good solution to control oil spills **`

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