The First Letter of The Apostle Glenn Beck to the Americans: A Not-so-subtle Comparison to Adolf Hitler

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 16, 2010

Brace yourself.  This is written as quickly, and thus, as poorly as I can manage.

Glenn Beck has received a plan, from God, or is receiving a plan from God, and is revealing it in a book in August.  The book will be called the The First Letter of The Apostle Glenn to the Americans.  It will be the first “scripture” added to the bible in nearly 1700 years.

Of course, Glenn could just mimic what his Idol, Adolf Hitler did, and write it down in a book called, Mein Kampf.

So, yet another way in which Glenn Beck resembles Adolf Hitler.

1. Uses wild rhetoric to stir the emotions of his audience, no matter how big the lie.

2. Creates a false  “national emergency”, namely that our constitution is under attack, and only Glenn Beck will be given a plan from God to save us.  Savior!

3.  Hitler believed he was ordained of God to lead Germany to a thousand-year reign. Beck believes he is ordained of God to reveal God’s plan for America for the next one hundred years.  Both wrote it in a book.

4. Adolf Hitler was easily reduced to fits of emotion.  Glenn Beck is easily reduced to fits of emotion.

5.  Adolf Hitler wrote books.  Glenn Beck writes books.

6.  Adolf Hitler became known for his long speeches.  Glenn Beck has become known for his long speeches.

7.  Glenn Beck is of German Descent.  Adolf Hitler was not, but became a German citizen after World War 1.

8.  Adolf Hitler was obsessed with Jews, inferior races and communists.  In fact, most Nazis believed that the “lesser” races, like Jews, blacks, people of color…were responsible for the Germans losing WWI.  Many German veterans of that war believed that communist Jews sold out the army on the verge of victory.  Glenn Beck is obsessed with our immigration problem, and blames a good portion of America’s problems on “the socialist, communist, welfare state created especially for people of the lesser races”.

9.  Hitler tied the Jews to Communist Russia.  Beck ties minorities and Liberals to Communist Russia…except when he is tying them to Nazi Germany, who hated Communist Russia.  Wait…umm, Glenn?

Sigh.  Finally, Glenn Beck wants you to be afraid of anything that doesn’t agree with what he believes, and that he, Glenn Beck, is the only one who can save us with the plan God is revealing to him.  Adolf Hitler won his power by convincing the German nation that they had to be afraid of the Jews, the communists, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France, and that he was the only one with a plan to save them and make them great again.

Want more?

10.  Adolf Hitler never held Public Office before he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  Prior to that, he was the leader of the Nazi Party, a speaker who was more entertainer than politician, an “artist” of sorts, and a writer who grew in fame and notoriety rapidly.  For all purposes, he became the voice of the Radical right wing in Germany during their depression.  Glenn Beck has never held public office, but is a speaker, although he is more of an entertainer than a serious news man or politician, who has grown in fame and notoriety rapidly.  He has become the voice of the radical right wing in America, during this time of economic and social upheaval.


11 Responses to “The First Letter of The Apostle Glenn Beck to the Americans: A Not-so-subtle Comparison to Adolf Hitler”

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  2. Liberty4ever4all said

    Sounds more like Barak Obama and the left wing talking about the The Tea Party.

    Glen Beck doesn’t speak of inferior races or that minorities as bad, that’s a blatant lie.
    He’s devoted shows specifically exposing their enslavement to left wing social programs
    that enable complacency and dependence.

    Hanging out with Cesca?

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Glenn Beck doesn’t talk about the socialist welfare state created for illegal immigrants and minorities? He called the census a continuation of slavery, because counting the real number of minorities in America would increase the amount of money they receive from the government. He has also said that President Obama has “a deep seated hatred for white people”. This is the exact sort of race-baiting that Hitler did against the Jews.

      I think your response is a reflection of your disappointment about how easy it is to draw parallels between Hitler and Beck. Doesn’t it scare you, Lib, that Beck is German? (I’m German, so I’m allowed to finger-point). Doesn’t it scare you how eerily similar these two men’s lives, actions, and words are? Beck believes that God is giving him a plan. So did Hitler. At the very least, my comparison points for Beck and Hitler aren’t wild stretches of the imagination like Becks are for anyone who disagrees with him. In fact, it is his obtuseness which most makes him like Hitler. Both men used racial rhetoric and baiting to stir their followers. Both men used their follower’s fear to manipulate them. Blatant lies? Nope.

      • Liberty4ever4all said

        HE MAY HAVE “a deep seated hatred for white people”… is what he said, in response to a question as to why Obama stuck up for his pal in Boston.

        To compare Beck to Hitler is ridiculous. Seriously.

      • Liberty4ever4all said

        Maybe he learned some things from Jeramiah Wright.

        God speaks to him right?

  3. Liberty4ever4all said

    Whatever, demonize in retaliation.

  4. First time I heard that Hitler treated Jews he met personally very well. How does Beck interact with the Hispanics he meets in person? Hitler allowed Jews who left the country, to take more of their goods and wealth with them if they went to Palestine then those who emigrated elsewhere.

    Hitler wanted to turn the human race into a race of terminators. If he had today’s science he’d be cloning a dog’s noise to an eagle’s eyes, and a touch of human genealogy cloned in.

    Critics snicker at Hitler calling himself part of the super-race. However, he never chose himself to be part of propagating the super-race of terminators.

    I would like to here more of Hitler’s drug addiction. The Germans invented meth, the entire German establishment was a bunch of speed freaks. Was Hitler involved with less “patriotic” drugs as well?

    I am going to risk a uneasy conclusion. It Hitler saw Germany today, everyone full of guilt, he’s want to exterminate Germans as being subject to the weakness he had interpreted to the Jewish stock.

    But one thing makes me want to weep. If he saw Israel today, he’d be proud that he gave Jews a special pass to escape to Palestine.


    • politicalpartypooper said

      As fas as I know, Hitler was not a drug addict, at least not in the way Beck was…by choice. Dr. Morrell (his personal physician) gave him all sorts of medications, but there is no evidence that Meth was ever one of the drugs given to him.

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  6. The Glenn Beck Review said

    I an analyzing Beck thoroughly. Six examples of hypocrisy so far in May, and the biggest one is coming soon.

  7. 正教会の智 said

    Rabbi Stephen Wise: “Some call it Bolshevism. I call it Judaism.”

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