The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Posted by politicalpartypooper on May 7, 2010

You need to watch this video, a 1994 interview with Sir James Goldsmith and Laura Tyson (President Clinton’s former economic advisor) done by Charlie Rose.  After Goldsmith schools Rose on the dangers of Free Trade to America and Europe, he tears into Tyson and her claims that Free Trade will not mean the moving of American jobs overseas.  Be patient; Tyson first appears in this video around the four-minute mark or so.

Throughout her segment in this interview, Tyson repeatedly claims that the Clinton Administration created five million jobs due to Free Trade agreements, and that for every job exported overseas, another one was created here because American corporations would have more money to hire more Americans…and..because…you know…fantastically dominating, wealthy corporations just want to be your friend and “distribute” the wealth.

Instead, what has occurred is a seemingly endless stream of jobs leaving America for places where slave labor is still vogue, and the loss of consumer choice in manufactured goods, because as these dominating corporations grew, they also swallowed up their competition.  Free Trade was never about strengthening the American or European economies.  It was always and only ever about enriching a few people who knew how to take advantage of the desperation of poor nations.

Where is Tyson today?  Teaching in England, and advising President Obama on economic policy.  And you wonder why our economy isn’t recovering?  Also, she’s part of the “braintrust” behind Cap and Trade, yet another moronic idea that will aid in the destruction of the American economy.

As you watch this video, pay attention to Tyson’s overwhelming focus on “These companies”, who will use the extra profit they earn overseas to hire more Americans for high paying jobs.  Do you know who “These companies” are?  They are huge global corporations, not small businesses.  Free Trade wasn’t about helping small business America…you know, the sector of America that built this country.  Rather, it was about growing corporate America, and if you listen closely, you, too, will see that Laura Tyson’s only concern, her only focus was on Corporate America.

Wealth redistribution, anyone?

It’s time, folks.  This video is just more evidence that you and me, small America, have no friends in Washington.  If you are a registered Democrat, watch this video, and watch your fellow Democrats sell you out.  If you are a Republican, well, we know the Republican’s history on Free Trade; they’re all for it.  Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are served by no one in our government.  You’ve been sold out, and their bribe to shut you up was easy credit so you could buy all the crap made in poor nations that enriched a handful of wealthy people, including ALL of your partisan, elected officials.     Ω


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