Liberals Love Themselves Some Oil Spillage

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 29, 2010

You’ve got to just love the rancid way that Liberals are jumping all over the British Petroleum Oil Rig spill on the Gulf Coast.  I missed Keith Olberman’s show, so someone will have to fill me in on what I am sure was a rhetoric, vapid, hate-filled, fear mongering, “Special” comment show.  This is the Left’s evidence that we have to end our reliance on oil…right now.

Okay, Libs…I’ll Bite.  Let’s do it.  But first, you have to stop using or unplug everything made with or that uses petroleum-based products, including your laptop, cell-phone, electric car, private jet, plastic water bottle…for that matter plastic of any type, your iPhone, your iPad   (how the hell do you think these things are shipped to you?), your bicycle (grease and plastic, synthetic rubberer made with OIL),  your solar panel, windmill (they aren’t self-lubing, ya know, and have massive amounts of plastic), laminate flooring, black lacquer paint (this one is going to hurt), furnace, Air Conditioning (your AC compressor uses oil), your plastic cubicle, your pot pipe, condoms, your watch (this one shouldn’t matter since you don’t know how to use one anyway, most Libs I know are always late), your lawn mower, television, radio, the internet, your digital camera, ANY camera, your crack pipe, the little plastic baggies you carry your drugs in, your clothes (they lube the weaving machinery with SOMETHING), DVD’s, movies, food of any type unless home grown (you can’t eat because we can’t ship it) ……………………..shall I go on?

Or should we just shut the fuck up about oil for now, work toward a sustainable solution, and quit your damn whining?


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