No Recovery, No Jobs, Part One

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 27, 2010

Unemployment currently sits at 9.7%, and one in five American Males are out of work, while seventeen percent of ALL Americans are Underemployed.  That’s six months or longer for unemployment news as bad or worse than this.    Meanwhile, Wall Street continues to “recover”, but not for long.  News of an impending Financial Sector Reform bill has traders very skittish.  The Credit crisis is still very alive and very real, as small businesses all over America are having a very difficult time getting the credit they need to keep their doors open.  (I’ve been saying this for eighteen months!)   In the meantime, the Fed continues to lend to Giant Mega-Banks (the ones who caused the Wall Street meltdown) at zero…read that again, zero percent.

According to the Moderate  Independent:

The economy is in collapse – there is no recovery.  We also know why there is no recovery:  A)  Free trade/outsourcing has sent our jobs overseas; B)  the “Big Boxing” of America has put most industries in the hands of a handful of oversized players who suck all of the money up to the few at the top, leaving the rest of the nation without the ability to earn actual livings.

Yes, there is the talk – is this recovery?  You hear the insanity coming from the Obama administration – jobs will be here by Spring.

“Jobs will be here by Spring…”  Remember that mantra last Fall of 2009?  Recovery is just around the corner?  Things will get better soon?

No, they won’t.  It’s time you learned the truth.  Outsourcing of good paying jobs continues, manufacturers continue to move out of the States, and our government continues to reward Corporations for moving jobs and dollars overseas, and for concentrating wealth in the hands of a few.  Remember that campaign slogan “I’m going to end the tax breaks for corporations who move our jobs overseas!”?  John McCain and President Obama both said it, as has every politician running for office for the last twenty years.  A dash of hope followed by a whole lot of nothing.  Hold them accountable!

And make no mistake here; it is the outsourcing of jobs and the tax breaks for the wealthy for keeping their money out of America that has caused the never-ending economic collapse.  The only way to end it is to end outsourcing of American jobs, and to end tax cuts for people who hide American money overseas.


7 Responses to “No Recovery, No Jobs, Part One”

  1. Liberty4ever4all said

    I worked in a General Electric television tube plant in the 1980’s here in New York State.
    Every year the union would strike for higher wages, even though we were already paid adequitely
    with benefits. Every year. That on top of New York taxes, forced GE to decide it was no
    longer profitable, so they moved the plant to South America. It was the last television tube
    plant in the country. All others had already left. This was in 1986.

    Have you purposely overlooked the demands of unions in this equation?
    Is it a significant variable. Due to their demands, my job was lost.
    The same thing just occurred here with Magna Powertrain, formerly Chrysler Gear.
    They decided it was no longer profitable, so they closed the plant.
    These workers were paid $70-$90K a year with $7-8K annual bonuses. But it just wasn’t enough. They would not take paycuts. Therefore the plant was phased out. Carrier corporation is also
    gone, General Motors, and Bristol Myers.

  2. Liberty4ever4all said

    I know I have a different perspective than you.

    My perspective is that the mafiatized government forces, a.k.a. pay your taxes or we will shut you down, and union strongarm hostage takers, have had the largest effect upon making
    the decisions that have been made for employers to go elsewhere.

    And you know how unions hated automation. They took moves to inhibit automation, even though
    automation itself creates jobs for higher technologically educated employees, which is where
    I went.

  3. Liberty4ever4all said

    And now the local Budweiser plant has been investigating it’s future here.

    They’re paying $1 million in annual property taxes on top of the corporate
    taxes it pays and ALL the other taxes involved in the whole process, along with
    all they’re employees income taxes.

  4. Liberty4ever4all said

    Maybe we should offshore the SEC, you know, the people who make $200K a year watching porn. Perhaps the $10 Billion a year collection agency too?

  5. Liberty4ever4all said

    I gather you’re choosing to target the governmentally/union/technologically/environmentally shaped corporations.

    • politicalpartypooper said


      Sorry I haven’t responded. I’m out of the office quite a bit right now and no time to post. But from where I stand, unions aren’t the problem. They are part of an excuse being used, but think about it…if an executive earns $1 Million a year, what’s wrong with a factory worker earning $60-$90k?

      I don’t believe in unions; I’ve always believed that owners and corporations owe it to the people who make them rich and famous to treat them right. A Corporate exec paying himself $15 Million while the rest of the factory averages $30,000 (A 500:1 ratio, which is the current ratio) is most definitely not right. Unions were necessary at one time in our nation’s life. And now, with the huge difference between the earnings of the middle class and those at the top, if not unions, then what? Guns? Do they just take what they can’t convince these fat pigs to give? Do they storm the offices and kill them, and set a few examples for the other wealthy people to learn a lesson from?

      Think about it, Liberty. What would happen if ten people managed to assassinate top executives at some of the largest corporations, and then left behind a letter stating that more would die if wages didn’t increase? It would be criminal, of course, but so is the way that most Americans are paid.

      The gist of this series is that the recession and job loss is the direct result of the gathering of wealth into a very few hands nation wide, as well as job outsourcing and Free trade. Small businesses are dying. Why? Because Big Box companies dominate the market in every aspect. They receive tax cuts that small businesses don’t. They name-brand and then market products made by near-slave labor in foreign countries…and call this Capitalism.

      If Capitalism is slavery, it’s time we had another not-so Civil War.

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