Political Partageddon

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 25, 2010

A while back, I wrote an article about Primary elections.  As a follow up, I have some news about Primaries, as well as some encouraging stats for Independents.

Proposition 14 in California, a referendum that would allow Indies to vote in statewide primary elections, is coming up.   Since Primary elections are primarily for the selection of party candidates, the debate has been long and vitriolic over whether to pass it or not.  Here’s what the bill would actually provide:

If Proposition 14 passes, Californians will still participate in two-stage elections. But instead of a party primary, the first stage would be a contest in which candidates from any party — or no party — could participate. The top two finishers in the first stage, even if they are from the same party, would move to a runoff election, and the winner of that election would get the office. Races for Congress, the Legislature and statewide offices would all be governed by the new rules; those for local offices and the presidency would not.  LA Times

It’s a small step in the right direction.  Nevertheless, even as it is debated, Republican and Democratic Party officials are screaming like the evil terminator at the end of Terminator 2 as he melts.  You can imagine the rhetoric.  “It will be the end of days!  Or at least the end of political party’s!”

Political Partageddon.


Basically, what Prop 14 does is allow Indies to run as candidates in the primaries against the Republican or Democratic candidates.  It makes taxpayer funding of Primaries more palatable.  Prior to this, Indies were stuck with paying for Primary elections that they had no part in.  Talk about controlling government!  Let’s get the rest of this done, and get every state on board with free and open elections for all.  The hoops that some state’s election boards put a candidate through are ridiculous, especially if that candidate is a third-party or Indie candidate.  It’s time to break up the cartel, boys and girls!

Finally, an article from The Collegian states:

Young Americans are opting not to affiliate with a political party.

Fully 50 percent of voters aged 18-29 now identify as independents, and the percentage of the electorate under 30 is growing. In 2006, 18-29 year olds accounted for 21 percent of the electorate. By 2015, estimates are that 18-29 year olds will account for 33 percent of all voters.

But the millennial generation finds itself confronted by an electoral system designed by, and for, the “I Like Ike” crowd. Party politics dominates. Election districts are gerrymandered to serve party interests. Many states require poll workers to be registered Democratic or Republican. The Federal Election Commission is comprised of three Democrats and three Republicans, rendering it both structurally impotent and blind to the concerns of independents. And most significantly, primary elections are off-limits to independents in 17 states.

Did you read that?  Primary elections are off-limits to Indies in seventeen states?  But Republicans and Democrats will steal their tax dollars to pay for their primaries, won’t they?  Blood suckers.

The good news is, more and more voters are choosing to go Indie.

Can you hear it?  It’s off, in the distance…a tolling.

It’s getting louder, and soon, the Republicans and Democrats will hear it, too.  They will hear it, and they will recognize it; after all, it’s the bell that rings for them, the death knell of corrupt political parties.  One day, and I believe it to be soon, being a member of a political party will be as poisonous to a candidate as belonging to the KKK.

With the most recent financial disaster, and another one looming on the horizon, more and more information is coming out about how members of both parties played a hand in sculpting the system that made it all possible.

More than 40% of Americans already identify themselves as Indies.  It won’t be long now…dong…..dong…..dong….


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