Economic Recovery Is A Farce; There Are No Jobs Coming Back, And There Won’t Be

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 25, 2010

Over the next few days, I am going to begin a discussion with you about what caused our economic collapse, when it actually began, and why the “Recovery” will remain a jobless recovery until we reverse the effects of Free Trade.  Along the way, I’ll include links for you to follow at your own pace.  Suffice it to say that the Housing Bubble did not cause the downfall; instead, it was just a symptom of it.

Make no mistake.  This is not going to be pretty for either Political Party, both of whom have been, and still are guilty of perpetuating the very causes of the American economic collapse.  I have sources and articles from over fifteen years ago that began warning American economic leaders about the dangers their policies created.  I have articles written in 2004 from a well-known source that reads like it was written yesterday.  Remember, this was 2004, when the Bush Administration was playing the same game that the Obama Administration is playing today; that the Recovery is here, but that jobs will lag.

Jobs never came back, and the good-paying, family surviving jobs have left our shores seemingly forever.  We keep hearing about high-paying “service jobs”; heck, I recall hearing about them as early as 1992, yet those “service jobs” are no where in sight.  The Mainstream Media can’t even define what is meant by “service job”.  Neither can your elected official, or Paul Krugman, who keeps parroting that we ought to increase the national debt.

Free Trade was sold to us under a false bill of goods.  It is the foundation that Conservatives built, and Democrats have perpetuated, and as you follow the Free Trade Acts, as you follow the jobs leaving our shores, you can also track the money.

This is serious stuff.  Folks, our economy is not coming back, no matter how much “Stimulus” money is spent.  Free Trade is making China rich, and us a vassal state.  Wall Street, of course, will continue to get rich, because Wall Street doesn’t rely on American jobs to put food on the table.  So when you look at this deceivingly incredible recovery that Wall Street has made, keep in mind that the recovery will never spread to main street.  Why not?  Because there are no jobs to recover.  Conservatives created the Free Trade myths, and now they are trumpeting that Americans are lazy and only want to live in a Socialist, Nanny state.

Never mind the FACT that it was Conservatives that have created the conditions necessary for the rising state of social programs in this nation.  Democrats are merely perpetuating what Republicans built.  Things are going to get much, much worse.  Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “Economic Recovery Is A Farce; There Are No Jobs Coming Back, And There Won’t Be”

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  2. Edith said

    I could cry with relief. Up until now I have only had my brother with whom I can discuss and debate this. Have you read Barry C Lynn, Paul Romer? One point of disagreement, I assign more blame to human foibles and natural forces than you do, ergo I am unmoved by the blame game. In any case, the first step is to help the general public to understand that the economy morphed into something unfamiliar, and we have to look for politicians who are not looking backward to the old industrial economy, for the answers. I would also hasten to emphasize it is an issue of national security.

  3. politicalpartypooper said


    I’m not sure what you are expecting with my series of posts about this, but I assure you that reducing taxes on the top earnings level from 50% to 34%, and then passing Free Trade legislation is at the heart of all of this. It’s easy to track. We now have twenty years of data. We have an unemployment situation left over from 2004, not 2008. We have decreasing wages, and in all likelihood, yet another financial crisis about to hit us. This mess cannot be blamed on Joe Six-Pack or Wanda Welfare. They don’t control the economy. Look to the top for people to throw your darts at. And as an added bonus, this is exactly what Conservatives wanted…a trickle down economy, which makes it far easier for us to identify who the criminals are that have ruined our economy. They aren’t at the bottom. In a Trickle down economy, you can only blame the top.

  4. Edith said

    Okay, well I am looking for solutions and explanations as to why the normal forces acting on the economy didn’t work. So I will move on and continue looking. I can’t think why you concluded that I blamed middle America.

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