In Which I Take On the Liberal Racist Accusation Machine

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 24, 2010

My blogging friend Bob Cesca has a post up at his site, where in essence, and mistakenly, I believe, he accuses the Conservative Base of America to be racist.  Here is the comment I left for him.  I don’t know why I bother.  I’m probably going to called “racist” by a dozen people who are almost totally focused on using color as a weapon but somehow don’t see that as racism.

My point?  Until we see the human race as one race, there isn’t an American in existence who can’t be called racist. But, you know what?  They probably won’t see things that way.  Who am I to hope I’ll convince anyone?

“It goes without saying, however, that advancing whiteness and repressing brownness are aren’t mutually exclusive and are equally about race. “

Does it go without saying, then, that advancing brownness is also about racism?

As I said last week, this is a lazy, disingenuous approach to a much deeper set of issues.

Now, I understand some of it; I understand that there are some for whom the “change” in America is definitely about their racist tendencies and phobias. But to say it about the “Conservative base” (your words, not mine) is akin to saying that all liberals are uneducated and on welfare and only want to live off of government entitlements. (if you don’t know this, it is what conservatives think of liberals)  Nothing could be further from the truth, but there it is; it’s an accusation that is based on what liberals say and fight for, even though you fight for far more than just this.

I also said last week that I agree with Eric Holder; that America doesn’t have the balls to have a discussion about race, as in, America doesn’t have the balls to have a TWO-SIDED discussion about race.  It’s all one sided; with Liberals pointing the fingers at white conservatives time after time at the drop of a hat.  You have some white people in America afraid to open their mouths at all for fear of being called “racist” no matter what they say.

I’m independent; I hold some liberal views and some conservative.  I’m white.  Am I racist, too?  Am I racist because I just said that I’m not blind enough to ignore that the race discussion in America, if such a thing even exists, all flows one way?

Sometimes I think of myself as an outsider to this entire discussion, and I see that in certain segments, the liberals have valid points.  But I also see that in some segments, conservatives have valid points.  This is the danger with swallowing a political ideology hook, line, and sinker.  Ideology knows no limits, no restraints.  With ideology, a group of people is either all one way, or all another…nothing in between.  There can be no safe middle ground, for to allow such a middle ground is to lose the war on message.  And what is your message?  That all of conservative America is racist.  You don’t have to say the word “all” for people to get your meaning.

That’s why many people are afraid to say anything.  Well, I’ll say it.  You can call me racist until you are blue in the face if it suits you.  Here it is:

Until you are willing to have an honest discussion about race in America, no discussion will take place at all.  Personally, I think you and many liberals like it that way.  It’s far more easy to cry “Racism” than it is to have an actual honest dialogue about it.  Why would you want to change anything when “Racism” works so well?  Why would you want to form the landscape of America in equality when instead, you can stir up the masses in anger or fear (dependent upon whether you’re liberal or conservative)?  The truth is, you like things this way.  It’s convenient.  It wins votes.  It makes the Democrats the party of the minorities.  Yet from personal observation, I see no difference.

Liberals are more comfortable handing out condoms or providing abortions to brown people than they are with actually helping them and working with them to improve their personal situations.  Hand them a box of rubbers, give them a welfare check and hope you never see them again.  Doesn’t that make you feel all “Christiany”?

To a liberal, from my observation, a “brown person” isn’t a person at all.  He’s a focus group.  He’s a bloc of votes.  He’s a means to an end.  The brown person in liberal America is always poor, always uneducated, and always persecuted.  But this is somehow not racism.

Getting to the point, to a liberal, a brown person is a reason, an excuse to forward the entire liberal agenda.  When you speak of “brown people”, you do not see individuals. The language you use proves this beyond doubt.   You see a focus group.  I call it out as I see it, and as I see it, that is the worst sort of racism there is.  In the guise of helping your brown “friends”, you are actually making things worse for them.

You are trying to legislate what can only be taught at home.  Race relations start at the family level, not at the Federal level.  It begins one-on-one, not on MSNBC or CNN with two sides shouting at each other, or in the columns of the print media, or on the screens that view the internet.

You have it backwards.  You are keeping it backwards.  You like it that way.  Racism.

I’m a racist, you’re a racist, everybody in America is a racist.  What have we accomplished?  Precisely nothing.  For all of your shouting, all of your finger pointing, all of your rhetoric, you have accomplished nothing.   Despite the growing number of Federal programs or Federal mandates, race in America is still about dividing people according to color.  That’s a liberal accomplishment, Bob.  It’s also a worthless one.  We’re not supposed to be dividing ourselves; we’re supposed to be uniting ourselves.

Angry, finger-pointing rhetoric never accomplishes something positive.  Haven’t you learned this life-lesson yet?  Why should you?  Why, when “racism” works so well for liberals?

If you want to change America, change yourself.  If you want to change “race” relations in America, change yourself.  Stop shouting “racism”, and get your hands dirty.  Stop viewing people of color as a divided group, as a separate group of Americans, as a focus group.  Start seeing the individual, instead of the crowd.

I know, I know.  The crowd gives you more votes.  But, if you really want to change things, it won’t be about votes; it will be because your heart breaks when you walk a mile in your brown friend’s shoes and you suddenly see this person as a human being for the first time.  Bob, most people (liberals included) don’t even do this for their “white” friends.  How are you ever going to do it for your brown ones?  If you can’t stop yourself and feel the emotions of your neighbor, think the thoughts they are thinking, and listen to the inner dialogue they are having inside, the same dialogue you have inside, how are you ever going to see them as  human?

If you can cry out “racist”, and label the entire conservative base as racist, you merely prove that you do not see groups of people as individual human beings.  Until you do, you are as racist as the people you accuse.

I realize that viewing yourself in this mirror won’t be pleasant, and your natural tendency might be to respond equally as unpleasantly.  Like I said, call me a racist if you have to, but between you and I, we both know the truth.  Your accusation isn’t truth; it’s just another false accusation.  If it makes you feel better to say it, then go ahead.  I won’t hold it against you.

Before you do, however, I ask that you do me a favor.  I ask that for five minutes, you pay attention to your own inner dialogue, and your own thoughts.  I ask you to count how many of those thoughts weren’t about you, and of those thoughts not about you, how many weren’t in relation to you.  The answer will more than likely be zero, if you are human.  What does that have to do with race?

If you can’t stop thinking about yourself for five minutes, how on earth can you claim to not be racist?  How on earth can you claim some higher moral ground, when your every thought is about yourself?  It’s a conundrum, I admit.  It’s a problem we ALL face, every single member of the human race.  But it is the most essential of all human qualities; that we are all, at our most basic level, almost totally selfish.

Liberals and Conservatives alike share this trait.  And yet we point our fingers at each other as if we somehow have moved beyond basic human nature, and left our white conservative friends back in the days of Kunta Kinte.  It’s not true.  You are, at your foundation, concerned almost totally with yourself.  We all are.

Let’s start there.  Let’s start our race discussions right there.  That’s where discussions like this belong, at the most basic human levels.  What good is it to love one group of people and hate another?  In reality, when you face the truth, you can see that dividing America according to color is something that both sides are guilty of.  But doesn’t the individual inside of you want to see things differently?  Your words tell me that you want to see yourself as a kind, loving man, to whom color makes no difference.  You’re not there yet, Bob.  You’re still using color as a weapon.  That sort of behavior dehumanizes the very people you want to help, if you really do want to help them.

At some point, America has to learn that when it comes to race, there is no black, white, red, yellow or brown.  There is only the human race, and we are all bound by common traits, common dreams, and common hopes.  At the macro level, you can’t get there.  But that’s where most liberals are.  It’s not pretty, but I thought it was about time someone told you the truth.


6 Responses to “In Which I Take On the Liberal Racist Accusation Machine”

  1. Liberty4ever4all said

    Bravo, excellent analysis PPP, we are all human, we all have our own issues and burdens to tackle, ALL of us do.

  2. Liberty4ever4all said

    I’m looking forward to witnessing a neutralization of cousinavi. This asshole does exactly what you discribe: There’s a little bit of cussing, a little bit of intellectual superiority, a handful of personal insults, and nothing more. Bob suffers from the same self-preservational tactic. Meanwhile their total hypocricy remains as unseen by them as the air they breathe.

  3. Edith said

    I think this “racism” stuff only works for the accusers in the echo chambers of their own minds. I swear that most of the so called media types have never had an original or creative thought in their whole life. I do picture them sitting around in their pajamas while they knock off some screed. Can anyone say hack? They just recycle and rehash (meaning copy) what someone else has written in some parody of the children’s game “telephone”. Even in the unlikely event they actually attended, as an example, a tea party event and interviewed participants, it still is meaningless becasue it is impossible to be honest and to extrapolate to the entire movement. No one can. The reason these accusations get no traction with the general public is that almost everyone knows someone in or someone sympathetic to the tea party, ergo they know it is fabricated.

  4. Liberty4ever4all said

    Total clarity PPP. You’ve earned much respect.

  5. Thank you for this entry. You may also be interested in this anti-racism magazine!!.

  6. themadjewess said

    I call myself a racist, hater, extremist, bla bla bla.. I find that the more I go ahead and call myself this, they just have NO ammunition.
    Its funny…really. Before All of this, my grandmother used to call me the “League of Nations” and scolded me often for not ‘going with one of my own’
    I was really a SAP too, I would pick out places to rent when I was younger in the WORST neighborhoods just to be “DIVERSE”
    And now, I am a racist!! LOL
    Thank god though, I came to my senses in about 1990, other than being a multi-cultural NUT, I have always been really right wing. So, I AM A PROUD EXTREMIST! 🙂

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