Yet Another Comment CENSORED at Charlie Sykes’ Blog

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 12, 2010

Yes, it has happened again.  This time, I was smart enough to copy what I had written before I hit the submit button.  Cheerio for me!  Here it is:

That a luxury yacht (is it Burger?) company is going out of business has nothing to do with tax rates and everything to do with a bad, bad economy. You know it. The tax rates haven’t changed for the wealthy AT ALL yet. They just didn’t receive the same tax cut that everybody else got in 2009. But as far as income taxes go, Bush’ tax cuts STILL have not been repealed. Get your facts straight.  The current high tax rate on income tax is STILL 35% for earned income over $372,950. 2010 is the same

Now, I ask you, what inside of that comment would cause anyone to say, “Oh, I just can’t accept that comment…there’s simply too much vulgarity in it!  And the hate speech and personal attacks!  I’ve never seen such filth!”  I kid you not; the above comment is word for word what I submitted at Charlie Sykes’ blog.  Now, normally, I am all for a private blog owner’s right to moderate anything he wants.  Usually, that means I agree that hate speech, vulgarity, and personal insults are risky things to write in a comment at any site.  But do you see any of that in this comment?

What do you see in this comment?  Facts.  Irrefutable, straight-shooting, factual facts, something Charlie Sykes finds inconvenient from time to time when it doesn’t agree with his personal take on the world.  And what is that personal take?  That President Obama is the most Radical Lefty, Socialist, Marxist we have ever had as a President.  Here are the facts that back his worldview up:

1. President Obama, with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, had a chance to ram through a Single Payer health care system, thereby eliminating the private health insurance industry altogether.  What did he actually ram through?  A Marxist health care bill that forces every American to buy PRIVATE health insurance from an actual for-profit company, because Marxists hate profit, and therefore, all profit is bad, and all companies who make profit must die.  Except in the case of private health insurers, who are Marxist by nature.

2.  He’s black

3.  He’s a Democrat

4.  Death Panels!  Oops, that should have gone under #1

5.  Higher taxes on the wealthy…except for the wealthy in America, who are still paying the same taxes they paid under the Bush tax cuts…because Obama is sooooo Marxist that he just couldn’t wait to raise taxes on the wealthy, so what did he do?  He didn’t raise taxes on the wealthy.  Now that’s Marxist!  Also, wealth-redistributionist.

6.  Charlie thinks the following is an acceptable comment at his blog:

President Obama is Satan, and he wants to eat your children. No kidding, he feasts on the blood of nuns, but before he does, he forces them to have sex with crocodiles and the Ebola Virus, which is his secret plan for population control. But don’t let his soft heart fool you! He really wants to harvest your limbs and organs, and his health care bill proves it! He has a plan to raise Stalin from the dead, and feed your first-born to him!…..Am I in?  Did I get crazy enough to be in?

Apparently, though, facts do not make the cut.  Atta boy, Charlie!


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