Burying The Truth Behind Censorship At Conservative Blogs

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 10, 2010

In the last four days, I’ve had four comments at Charlie Sykes‘ blog “moderated” and deleted.  I suppose you might think those comments were filled with hate speech and vulgarity.  Guess again.  I rarely use that sort of language anywhere; I certainly know enough to not use it on a site where “censorship” is equal to freedom.

So what was in these comments?  I do believe the common thread was facts about Ronald Reagan.  I kid you not.  Just now, I left a comment about the Tax Reform Act of 1986, telling one of Charlie’s commenters that Reagan’s desire was to eliminate every tax loophole that the wealthy exploited, and to make America’s tax system easier for every one to deal with.  For my trouble, I got this message:

“Your comment has been sent for Approval” (paraphrased…I think)

On Charlie’s site, comments sent for moderation disappear.  This is the fourth time in the last few days, and every time it happens, it has to do with Ronald Reagan.  I told one of Charlie’s commenters to stop using Reagan as a poster child for Conservatives, and I did so because today’s Conservatives are nothing like Reagan.  Furthermore, they know almost nothing about what he thought, what his policies meant, or what he was trying to accomplish.  The fact is, they are using Reagan as a symbol of their movement, and it makes me sick. They are giving the Left ammunition to tear into a dead President’s legacy because of their idiotic desire to hitch their wagon to his star.  Today’s Conservatives are an insult to the memory of Ronald Reagan.

Charlie’s followers believe that people like Sarah Palin are true Reagan Conservatives.  Yet Reagan himself dreamed of a day when the world would be rid of all nuclear weapons.  Palin just vomited all over the mainstream media when President Obama suggested such a time.

in 1981, Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak. Reagan was furious and the U.S. supported the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel.  Such a response by President Obama the other day was condemned by “True Reagan Conservatives” like Palin as being anti-Semitic.  What a bunch of absolute hypocrites.

And now we find out that when the Right is called out on its lies about how they are true Reagan-Conservatives, they censor you.  Because…you know…we can’t have people knowing the truth now, can we?  That wouldn’t fit their tidy little narrative, about how they are the only ones who can keep us safe; the only ones who can balance a budget (Reagan never did), about how low taxes for the wealthy will balance the budget (Reagan set them at 50%, today’s “Conservatives” want them at 30% or less), and how Conservatives are the only true protectors of our Freedom, and anyone who says otherwise will be duly censored.

Nice, Charlie.  You must be so proud of your blog and your “Movement”.  I’ll bet “The Party” makes you Commissar in no time, comrade.


As a test, I submitted this comment on Charlie Sykes’ blog:

President Obama is Satan, and he wants to eat your children. No kidding, he feasts on the blood of nuns, but before he does, he forces them to have sex with crocodiles and the Ebola Virus, which is his secret plan for population control. But don’t let his soft heart fool you! He really wants to harvest your limbs and organs, and his health care bill proves it! He has a plan to raise Stalin from the dead, and feed your first born to him!…..Am I in?  Did I get crazy enough to be in?

It was allowed without moderation.  I rest my case.


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