How Do We Create Jobs RIGHT NOW?

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 4, 2010

Question for you guys:

How are we going to create more jobs?  The Stimulus didn’t work; it’s clear.  Bush’  tax cuts and stimulus checks didn’t, either.  So what’s the answer?  We need to do something now, and I mean right now.  Throw ideology out the window; if Americans continue to be unemployed at this present rate, our country will devolve, and revolution will ensue.

What do we do?


13 Responses to “How Do We Create Jobs RIGHT NOW?”

  1. Liberty4all said

    Cut Capital Gains and cut Corporate taxes.


  2. Sorry Lib,

    Cutting Cap Gains taxes is NOT going to create jobs. Cap Gains isn’t based on manufacturing or on any other sector of the economy that produces jobs. It’s almost solely based on investment and real estate. It’s already too low, but I understand the Conservative belief that cutting taxes solves everything. Unfortunately, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have one on five males out of work. Cutting Cap gains will do only thing; increase the deficit.

    • Liberty4all said

      Raise them, then you’ll have New York State!

    • Liberty4all said

      Lifting Cap Gains will spur more investment in MANUFACTURING.
      Those companies benefit from their stock price, it provides capital.

      You don’t know that?

      • I’m going to try to be nice here, because I think you are a little lacking in your knowledge of how the stock market works. Companies (manufacturers included) only raise capital in the market by either an “offering” or by borrowing through the issuance of bonds. Once that “offering” is sold out, there is no more cash that comes to the company, From then on, whatever the stock prices do is of no consequence to the cash flow of the company. The stock market is an auction, with bidders and sellers, and they either want to own the company stock or sell it. The money that changes hands occurs between those buyers and sellers, and that money never crosses into the company’s spreadsheet or cash-flow. So, no matter what their stock prices are doing, they aren’t raising more cash just because the value of their stock goes up. Stock represents ownership, not cash on hand. Unless the company had purchased back some of its stock and then sold it at higher prices, the cash involved in stock transactions does not affect the balance sheet.

        Companies have to issue NEW stock to raise money, and they have to do it in such a way as to not affect the ownership percentage of any one of its current owners. Most of the time, they will instead borrow money by issuing commercial bonds.

        Capital gains rates would have no affect on how manufacturers raise capital for growth.

      • Liberty4all said

        Ever hear of a stock split? Why is it done?

        Ever consider that a Venture Capitalist may consider investing in a new startup manufacturing firm? Like in Batteries? They exist now.
        If capital gains taxes are reduced, investment is encouraged.

        Be careful with statements like this:

        “Capital gains rates would have no affect on how manufacturers raise capital for growth”.

        You’re the one that is lacking imagination.

      • politicalpartypooper said


        Cap Gains taxes are the lowest taxes paid in this country…15%. You pay a higher rate than the highest paid investors do. The danger with such a low cap gains rate is that it encourages investors to invest their money overseas, removing capital that can be used to create jobs here.

        Amongst industrialized nations, the US has one of the lowest Cap Gains taxes in the world. Most, like Germany, Canada, Japan, England and others simply count Cap Gains as earned income, and tax it as such. If we did that, the highest earners would see a tax increase of over twenty percent. No one is suggesting that, but to suggest that we reduce the rate even lower is ridiculous. You are just encouraging investors to send US money overseas. And of those nations I mentioned, none of them has any problem attracting investors even with their higher tax rates, which shoots the “cut cap gains taxes” theory right out of the sky.

      • Liberty4all said

        They’re the lowest taxes paid in this country?

        I guess you’re still stuck on “every investor
        is a billionaire” – those who don’t pay any other taxes, not property or sales taxes, etc. right?

        Poeple that invest money, alreay paid income taxes on that
        money invested, unless they’ve earned their entire living as an investor.
        But how likely is that.
        I suppose you believe interest made on savings should be taxed too.
        I mean the government deserves a piece of everything.
        That’s what really helps make people feel defeated.

        If you’ve reached the level where you can live off investments,
        more power to ya. But then government wants to discourage that.

      • If you knew how many investors made their living off of Cap gains, and how many of them were filthy rich, you’d change your tune. Warren Buffet is just one. Think of all of the mutual fund managers, all of the big investors, there are hundreds of thousands of them. That’s why I said that it would be okay to cut Cap gains taxes on anyone making less than a certain amount, but for those who earn more than that, it’s obvious they are earning their “income” from Cap Gains. By the way, most of them wouldn’t even complain; they know they are getting huge breaks. It’s only the Republicans who are whining about raising the cap gains tax, and they use grandma and you to do it, while your taxes wouldn’t be affected at all. They get you to complain about raising taxes when the very people who get the hugest breaks for the most part say their taxes should be higher.

      • Liberty4all said

        Your question was about jobs.
        Remember my friends brother?
        His initial company, which grew to employ thousands, was funded
        by venture capitalists.

        I’d be happy to be a fund manager, if you think it’s so easy
        youd be doing it too.

        15% + state cap gain tax too, right?
        New York’s = #7.85
        or do you wish to ignore that it’s really 22.85% ?

        in some states it’s 26%


  3. staci said

    I asked this same question on another blog a couple days ago. I think that a huge portion of the workforce for those jobs that have disappeared are older workers. These are people that have worked jobs for 20 – 30 years and that’s all they know. Without some major re-training, what do you do with these people? The manufacturing industry as they know it is gone forever. They’re way too young for Social Security, and if fact, still have many productive years left. I just don’t know how Obama can fix this one. There are a lot of layers involved.

  4. djxh said

    I think we are still failing econ 101. The government MUST create a market for Jobs to come back. For instance, all of this talk about Green Power is useless with out a favorable market to sell it in. Where are the mandates like those found in the Carter & Reagan era? I, the government say do this by this date, you as a corporation must figure out how to get to that requirement by then.

    Invest in power generation, fuel cells, nuclear plants, nat gas.

    Revamp the F-35 JSF program, increase UAV market. Use the war to produce just like we did in WW2.

    State banks in heavy foreclosure states. 2% fixed interest rate. 15 yr mortgages. ( A democrats idea cant remember the name but hes running for office in FL)

    Eliminate the fraud on wall street. make all CDS/CDO trading illegal on all US exchanges.

    Make America more energy independent.

    Stop trying to sustain home values. Avg salary must catch up to avg home price again.

    Eliminate capital gains on small businesses or companys that hire a significant amount of US citizens.

    Make it law that at least one parent must be a US citizen for any new child delivered on US soil to be considered a US citizen.

    Fire Sheila Baird, Bernanke, Geitner.

    Remove the crazy medicine restrictions that prevent drug companies from competing against each other in the US.

  5. Bill the Broker said

    Wow, you just continue to amaze with your “understanding” of markets and money…

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