Give Us Your Money So We Can Blow it on Naked Women and Five-Star Hotels; An Essay on the Disgusting Practice of Political Party Donor Fraud

Posted by politicalpartypooper on April 1, 2010

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate political parties?  The Republicans preach family values and then party it up at a bondage club, for nearly two thousand dollars.  At any strip club, that’s a lot of partying!

Democrats jump on the pogo stick immediately and call them hypocrites, all the while they waste their donor’s money on five-star hotels and restaurants, because, as you know, “The Party’s” business cannot be done in a shabby four-star hotel conference room.  Glad to see that their standards are so assiduously adhered to.  (yes, I know!  I used a big word!)

It’s all bullshit.  It’s just another example of the political elites in America believing they really are worth more than the rest of us, just like the fantastically wealthy that they both take pokes at from time to time.

Here’s a question:  How can we as Americans believe anything these two parties say when it comes to what we have to do with our economy and with our budget?  It’s not like there are too many examples to count of financial restraint in Party business.  On the contrary, there’s pretty much only waste and fraud to point to.

Fraud?  That’s a pretty strong accusation there, Mr The Pooper Pants.

Is it?  What else would you call blowing cash on the high, high, high life when your Party’s ideology states that you are fiscal conservatives and you receive donations because people agree with your views?  Is there another name for claiming to be the friend of the Middle Class, the poor, and Minorities all the while dining to the tune of $125 per person?  I don’t know of too many poor people or even Middle Class people who can afford to do that even once in their lifetimes, and still those poor and Middle Classers give their five, ten or twenty dollar donations to the Party of the Downtrodden.

One thing is certain.  Neither party can be trusted with other people’s money, and if you can’t be trusted in the little things, how on earth are we supposed to trust you with the big things?      Ω


2 Responses to “Give Us Your Money So We Can Blow it on Naked Women and Five-Star Hotels; An Essay on the Disgusting Practice of Political Party Donor Fraud”

  1. Fried Green Tomatoes said

    Time for a revolution. I cannot stand either party, both are too extreme and too radical. The left and right are splitting the country apart.

    The progressives on Cesca’s blog are the most vile,intolerant, self centered collection of fools.

    Bob Cesca = Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Tomato King said

    This is your competition? state representative two rivers wisconsin


    Think about it. Make a change in our world.

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