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Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 31, 2010

I’ll be in and out of the office this week, and working late, so there won’t be much time to write.  Just a question.  In the battle over who controls energy sources and types in our world, what are the odds that the “Green” side are only about the environment and not about the money?  Really, what are the odds?

Think about it.


15 Responses to “Light Posting”

  1. Liberty4all said

    Thank You for your Cesca Post PPP!!!

  2. PChen said

    Hello PPP,
    Its all about the money.

    I am an environmentalist but also a physicist and I believe in science. There is no evidence that global warming is occurring. However I do believe that we are taking a giant crap on our planet and do need to change our polluting ways.

    Global warming (like the spread of communism 40 years ago in SE Asia) is being hyped to push a political agenda. Strip money from the status quo (oil companies and their cronies) and give it to the “green” industry, which will be the indentured political serfs of the current administration.

    I see the Obama is now going to drill offshore for oil. The reaction from the left is apallingly silent and demonstrates the hypocrisy of these supposed progressives who fly the banner of virtue. Why no protests over this potential environmental disaster?

    • Liberty4all said

      Thank you PChen.
      I completely believe in gaia theory. But I also follow you on how we
      are disrespecting our environment, although there have been great advancements
      in the reduction of pollution over the last 3 decades, the growth in population
      tends to cancel some out. Hopefully natural forces, just like our own immune
      systems with strengthen to fend off unwanted side-effects.


  3. Liberty4all said

    I have a question:
    Is the gov now gonna cut out the middle man
    by giving students loans using money borrowed from China on the taxpayers

    Is this how Democrats solve things?

  4. Liberty4all said

    PPP, could you please enlighten the cescans again on the E? seems they are dismissing it away.

  5. Liberty4all said

    Brovo to your latest cescan pst PPP.

    • Tomato King said

      PPP kicks ass and takes names. I read his posts on that spineless ring leader of douchebaggery Cesca’s blog. He stands his ground.

      • Liberty4all said

        Yes PPP is a honest inquiring man . Stick around.
        Tomoto, hammer cesca again about that one please.
        You’re awesome.

    • Tomato King said

      Hey Liberty…I can only post so many times before that King of Douche Bags blocks my IP.

  6. Tomato King said

    I hate hypocrisy more than I hate cowards. When I say cowards I mean dicks like Kucinich. A midget of a man and mind who I once respected for the fact that he wanted to impeach George Bush (which I agree with ) over the reasons for invading Iraq. Then the jockey with no horse (but a hot looking wife, I guess being a politican does have some paybacks other than lobbyist kick backs). But the dwarf sold out on the health care bill which is a fucking pay off to health insurance companies.

    Let me be clear. Obama can give two ass wipes on your best rug about the down trodden. His game and swagger is all about Obama. The half white, hslf black dude raised by wealty white grandparents who passed for the “cool” black guy at Columbia and Harvard and then became the “angry” black guy in Chicago when Reverend Wright and Ayers were hob nobbing him.

    Bush sucked. Obama sucks almost as much…actually I like Obama a bit more.

    Screw offshore drilling. Why destroy our coasts and pollute our tributaries? Develop nuclear power and solar power (wind is useless).

  7. Tomato King said

    and so Mr. Liberty, while the PPP is on sabbatical, let me tell you why I like Al Franken. I like Senator Franken for the fact the he has balls. A decent comedian but a compassionate human being. I had the honor of serving the US Army as a surgeon in Iraq back in 2004. I joined the reserves at the request of a friend who was at Walter Reed. Six months after signing up I got a call in the beginning of October to pack my bags and report to Ft Bliss in El Paso. I had five days to pack my gear and tell my colleagues at a very prestigious institution ( a career killer) adios.A week after leaving Durham NC I was in a convoy traveling down Irish Road from BIAP into the green zone. From there I was supposed to fly out to a forward surgical team in Baqubah however when I reported to the commander at the Ibn Sinai Hospital in Baghdad I was ordered to stay put. I was a vascular surgeon and approximately 70% of the injuries were to the extremities and torso and the major problem was vascular repairs.

    The reason why I had an emergency deployment was that the Marines were getting reading to hit Fallujah for the second time harder than Barney Frank hits his favorite page boy in Congress.
    For six straight weeks we received over 700 casualties. Then the first elections were going to take place and the master minds of the foreign jihad (thanks to our libtard press) moved into Baghdad. One out of seven Blackhawks were gotting shot down (shout outs to my peeps in Iran and their supporters in US companies like General Electric) because of new missile systems and training.

    So who the fuck flies into Baghdad in the middle of this shit storm to see our troops? Al Framken. Al and a couple of no name country western singers came in for a day and I took Senator Franken on a tour of our hospital. Senator Franken was amazed at the level of care that we were able to provide as well as the fact that we gave the enemy equivalent care.Mr. Franken was the only civilian who had the guts to fly into Baghdad during that crisis, not Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Hey! Come on! Sean Hannity is giving twelve cents from every dollar he collects from his “Freedom” CONcerts to children of fallen soldiers for college tuition, because a mind’s a terrible thing to waste, or something like that. He also offered to be water-boarded for charity…umm…yeah. Still waiting for that one over a year later. He just doesn’t have time to go to Iraq, and Rush; well, Rush is special. Rush gets to act like a Patriot while working to betray his country by spreading discord and lies and making millions off of it so he can support his whore habit. For some reason, I always want to call him “Biff”.

      That’s special.

  8. Tomato King said

    Think about it. You are young and now is the time to become politically active.

  9. Itettesig said

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