This Guy Needs to Be Locked Up, for a Long, Long Time

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 29, 2010

Norman LeBoon threatened to kill Congressman Eric Cantor (R) and his family, and because of that, he has been arrested, and may pay for his threats with 15 years of his life in prison.  It’s about time.  You can’t threaten someone’s life, and expect to walk free as if you never said anything at all.  You guys should check out these other links.  Mr. LeBoon was really a piece of work.  You can find some of his videos here:


Looking at that web address, I guess you were stopped, weren’t you, Norman?


4 Responses to “This Guy Needs to Be Locked Up, for a Long, Long Time”

  1. Reality Check said

    Wait…this can’t be for real.This cracker is threatening a Republican cracker. Only the Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus are getting threatened by wing nuts! Don’t you read the New York Times? Only Jews, Women, and Blacks are victims. According to Charles Blow (perfect name) and Frank Rich (former theater critic turned political ANALyst (typo intended)) white men are angry , dumb, losing power, and fast becoming a minority (thanks to welfare and illegal immigration)

    Yes , we are pissed off because what Blow Frank do not realize is that whitey pays 74% of income taxes. Besides winning every GD Nobel Prize in science, math, and economic (unless its that other scourge of the free world- the Asian male…who is now blocked out of admissions to the Ivy League colleges for being too smart).

    What say you (I hope that phrase is as irritating to you as it is to me)? Medicare and social security are handouts too? And white racists have no qualms about taking those federal handouts?

    What say me? Glad you asked. Unlike the handout of the new HRC bill and welfare, the majority (excluding recent immigrants and those who were on the welfare rolls prior to retirement), most Americans paid into, again, most AMERICANS PAID INTO, these programs by working and receiving a pay check.

  2. Liberty4all said

    Could someone please go to


    and show this dweeb that the E has been whited out on the photo they
    all laugh at where they think YOU’R is spelled wrong?

    He’s eternally blocked me.

    • Reality Check said


      Take a look at the links those freaks leave on their posts.Most live in their mother’s basement drawing cartoons for a living. These are the losers that want free everything so that they can spend their useless lives spanking their monkey to Hentai porn.or writing screenplays.or a fucking novel (read some of the drivel on their websites Geesus H Christ!!! my second year old daugher is more creative)

      Cesca went to some asswipe college and lives in white breadsville Pennsylvannia. The rest the crew (all 6 posters, I think Pooper has more readers)live in Kentucky, Maine, Georgia, but by their tone you would think that they live in LA, Manhattan, or Boston and are champions of public education or run a clinic for the poor.

      The love to call their political opponents racist but not a one of them lives in a diverse city. They are douche bags.

      I get really bored when I have alot of writing to do and so I like to procastinate and read news . I stumbled upon Cesca’s blog from the Huffington Post (more on that Greek Gold Digging Cunt later) a year or two ago. He blocked me for life and but I learned how to change my IP address just to fuck with him. Then I finished my work and moved on.

      At least Pooper hasn’t blocked me out yet.

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