Sarah Palin’s M.E.T. (Magical Economic Theory)

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 27, 2010

I watched Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Rally speech at Searchlight, Nevada this afternoon, and I am sorry to report that she still doesn’t get basic economics.  While she talked a great deal about the Federal Budget Deficit and cutting spending in Washington, she also dusted off the Conservative “cut taxes so people, mom and pop businesses, can keep more of their hard-earned money and hire more people” plaque.  What an entirely wasteful thought.  With over forty percent of Americans already not paying taxes, if you REALLY mean it when you say you want the deficit reduced, then you have to stop the nonsense of cutting taxes.

It’s just not feasible to correct a budget deficit, balance the budget and pay off the national debt while introducing even more revenue cuts into the system.  Conservatives say that Liberals talk down to the people, that they act as if normal Americans are stupid.  Yet they cheer for Sarah Palin every time she treats Americans like toddlers, telling them what she thinks they want to hear.

Who doesn’t want their taxes cut?  Show me one person who actually loves paying taxes.    Now show me one person who truly believes that you can fix the budget while introducing massive tax-cuts, and what you’ll actually be showing me is an idiot.  George W. Bush tried using tax cuts to keep the budget balanced and stoke the American economic engine.  It backfired, and produced record budget deficits and record National Debt.  Do we really need to see another example of that?  Can we as a nation afford yet another Republican experiment with M.E.T. (Magical Economic Theory), where you reduce Federal income and presto! – balanced budget?!

Will someone please tell Sarah Palin that M.E.T. doesn’t work?  Can I be that voice?

Me, sitting Sarah down in my office:

“Sarah, let’s talk about economics, okay?” (me)

“How’s that hopey-changey thingy workingy out for you-ey?” (her)

“Nice.  Now, Sarah, I’m going to explain to you why “tax-cuts” at this particular moment in time is the singularly worst thing you could do for America.”  (me)

“no, no, no!  Everybody knows that tax cutsies is the way you reduce the deficit, letting mommy and poppy keep more of their money and creatingy more jobbies!”  (her)

(me) “No Sarah, it doesn’t work.  You cannot cut taxes with a $1.6 Trillion deficit, and expect to cut the deficit by cutting spending…unless you cut every bit of spending above $2.2 Trillion, which means cutting that deficit amount out completely, and even then, because of your tax cut, we would STILL have a deficit equaling the amount of money lost in tax revenues due to YOUR tax cut.  Now, pay attention, because you have this only half-right.  Yes!  Cut spending!  No!  Do not cut taxes!  If you do, it becomes a wash, with money lost in tax cuts canceling out any savings you made by cutting spending.  Your system PERPETUATES and GROWS budget deficits.”

(her) “No it doesn’t!  Ronald Reagan said it worked!  So…it does!”

(me) “No, it does not, and yes, Reagan says it works…once…back in 1981 when he was elected and top tax rates were seventy percent.  He cut them over a three-year period to fifty percent and left well enough alone.  Guess where tax rates are today?”

(her)  “…ummm…back up to that seventy percent thingy that you said, that George Washington and our Founders found so disgusting, and that real Americans are suffering from, building and creating and rejecting that Eastern European-style Obamacare that has deathy panels and not one real American wants while we drill here and now to find clean coal and”

(me)  “Sarah, shut up.  I mean it, shut the fuck up,  right now.  Listen.  None of what you said made any sense, and that’s why you’re here, to learn how a basic budget works, which has nothing to do with Founders or death panels or any of the other silly rhetoric-bombs you drop.

First, no, the top tax rate is not seventy percent, it’s thirty-four percent as of 2009, fully sixteen percent less than the lowest level that the Reagan administration approached.”

(her)  “Yaayyy!  Let’s see what happens when we cut it to zero!”

(me)  “Sarah, again…shut up.  Budgets don’t work if you eliminate income.  Do you get that?  Nod your head if you do,”  (She tentatively nods, and opens her mouth to speak, but I’m too quick for her…I shove a towel in it) “Now, If your hero Reagan thought that a 50% tax level was acceptable, and that it would over time help in giving wealthy Americans an incentive to reinvest in America, don’t you think it ought to be good enough for you and today’s Conservatives?”

(Sarah nods first, then shakes her head no and spits out the towel)  “But that means we have to raise taxes by (she starts counting on her hand) sixteen percent!  OMG!  No way!  Real Americans (code for “rich Americans”) will never go for that!”

(me)  “Sarah, if they want A America, ANY kind of America, they will do what it takes.  No one likes taxes, but sometimes they are necessary.  You aren’t getting any younger and at some point, you are going to have to use that Eastern-European style Medicare, and if you want it to be around, you have to raise taxes to pay for it.”

(her)  Medicare isn’t socialized medicine.  It’s near-free care for every Senior citizen!  How dare you compare American medicare to socialized medicine!  A real Patriot would know the difference.”

(me)  “Whatever.  Now, Sarah, let’s review.  If you cut taxes while in the midst of a massive budget deficit, you create a BIGGER deficit.  The only way to balance the budget and pay down the debt is to suck it up for a while, cut spending AND raise taxes back to the Reagan style levels, which means the top tax rate above a certain income is fifty percent.  That was Reaganomics, and it worked, after a fashion.  But you can’t continue cutting taxes because all it does is dig a deeper hole.  So…in review, stop lying to the American people. Stop telling them that you can cut spending and the deficit while cutting taxes.  It’s not believable, no one could be that stupid.  It’s dangerous and it’s a pandering to Magical Economic Theory that got us into this mess.  In short, your M.E.T. doesn’t work, it’s smoke and mirrors designed to make people feel good while they hear your speech, but in the end, it’s all bullshit.  Got that?”

(her)  “Riiiiiight”  It’s all bullshit.  Okay, I can use that!  In my next speech, I’ll tell real Americans that Independents want to raise your taxes, and it’s all bullshit!”

(me) “uh-huh.  (me pulls out a syringe filled with LSD, and plunges it into Sarah’s leg).  “there, that ought to make you feel better.  I’ll bet things never looked so clear to you, did they, Sarah?”

(her)  Hey!  Wow!  You can’t cut taxes and expect to balance the budget!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

(me) “Because no one ever gave you the proper prescription to counterbalance your mental disease.  But, Sarah, it’s not your fault. You are a victim of M.E.T., and you had to be medicated so you could think clearly.  That’s the way LSD works for some people…right Sarah?”

(her)  “Yup, I can’t wait to tell all the voters that I took LSD and I’m okay now!”

(me)  “Yes, Sarah, you go on out there right now, and you tell them all about your LSD medication.  Meanwhile, I’ll be here if you need me, writing out your political obituary.  I’m sorry your career had to end this way, but there really was no other better, more human way to cure you.  Have a nice day now.”     Ω


6 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s M.E.T. (Magical Economic Theory)”

  1. Reality Check said

    Gees…you are that pathetically predictable. WTF does Palin have to do with the fact that this President is tripling our deficit in one fucking year? WTF do you do for a living? It certainly cannot be anything that has a budget or employs anyone?

    Where is the Rush Limbaugh blog? Hold on, let me scroll down

    • djxh said

      WTF. The point was she is proposing an equally bad plan to fixing our deficit issues and people like you are biting on it. Obama and Palin are both wrong. Just because he ( Obama) and democrats are wrong with their appraoch doesnt mean the rethuglicans are right correct in their opposite solution.

      Cut Spending.

      Increase revenaue.

      You need both. You need to find a leader that supports both. SHE does not.

      Im sure Rush is out somewhere milking the tit of listeners like you.

  2. John said

    Palin is the figurehead for a movement fostered by wealthy and racist people who are trying to use demagoguery to unseat a political opponent. She’s a complete ditz. (though Bush Jr. wasn’t Einstein either…)

    Obama is clearly at least of above average intelligence and while you may not like his motives or disagree with his ideas, at least you know he’s thinking (and might be persuaded with rational arguments).

    My father is more cynical than I and believes that Bush/Cheney and now Palin are the tips of the iceberg of a movement to bankrupt the US Government in order to further reduce the democratic parts of our Plutocracy.

    After all, who benefits if idiots like her cut taxes, promise to cut off all Government services (we’ll just privatize the military, look at how cheap and efficient privatized medicine is!) and then default on our bonds so that US Government credit and currency go down the tube?

    Does it sound conspiracy theory wacky? So does JFK’s assassination and murder of his assassin and assassination of his brother RFK too, Iran-Contra, Watergate, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, Saudi/Bush ties, etc.

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