Republicans Hate Obama Because He’s Not Republican

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 24, 2010

I’m an Independent.  While some who comment on this blog like to call me a liberal, there are more than enough hints to clue them in otherwise, such as my guns, NASCAR, the fact that I’m not sold on man-made global warming or the fact that if it’s true, Chlorine is a bigger contributor than Carbon.  There’s also my utter disdain for abortion, and my distrust of the IRS.  But that’s all fodder for another post.  The reason I’m even bringing this up is that I believe being a true Indie gives me a perspective on the Health Care Reform debate that isn’t tainted with partisan bullshit.

To wit, why are Republicans so against health care reform, especially a bill that includes over 200 of their own amendments and looks suspiciously like the one they wrote in 1994?  Democrats say it’s obstructionism, and maybe there’s some truth to that, but more than anything, Democrats will say it’s racism, and there’s absolutely no truth in that assumption.

Let me repeat; Republican disdain for this health care reform bill has nothing to do with race.

But it does have a lot to do with President Obama.

If you are thinking the two are the same thing, might I suggest that you are the one with a racist problem?  You see, Republicans aren’t concerned with whether President Obama is black, white, red, yellow, or green.  I am sure that within their party, some might be racists, but race is not even a side issue in their party overall.  The bigger issue is that President Obama is not a Republican.

The fight over health care reform can be summed up in one word:  politics.  It’s not that Republicans are against health care reform, even though they are against sweeping reform.  It’s more the fact that any reform that passed was not a Republican bill.  Any bill that President Obama offered was going to be rejected by Republicans, no matter how much it favored the conservative belief in the status quo.  Republican anger over the bill’s passage isn’t about socialism, even though that’s the word they use most often to describe it.  Rather, their anger is based on the inescapable reality that they lost to a Democratic President.  If you look at one other piece of legislation currently making its way through the Senate, you’ll find the same Republican sentiments.  Financial sector reform is meeting with the same Republican obstinacy that health care did, and no one in America, not even Republicans, are going to say that the vast majority of Americans are against a bank and Wall Street reform bill.

President Obama is not receiving undue attention from Republicans.  They played this same act with Bill Clinton, and with Carter (who probably deserved it).  The simple truth is, Republicans cannot, and will not ever be able to stomach a Democratic President, no matter who it is.  For that matter, they won’t be able to stomach an Independent President, either.  Since Ronnie Reagan, Republicans believe the White House belongs to them.  It’s that simple.  It’s too bad that today’s Republicans have lost the Reagan temperament and moderation.  Reagan and his administration would call today’s Republicans short-sighted buffoons.

Republicans lost, and have been losing for a long time in this debate.  That’s what led them to create so many myths about this bill, like death panels and their belief in a Democratic plot to withhold health care from registered Republicans.  The deeper this legislation went, the more it stirred Republican angst over their absolute lack of any real power in Washington.  In 2006, they still had George Bush to keep Democrats in line. In 2010, they had nothing; no power and no voice.  So, they did the next worst thing they could think of; they started lying.  Their plan wasn’t to defeat health care reform by vote, but rather by popular unrest.  They almost succeeded.  They stirred up their base, and scared seniors and a few Independents sufficiently to cause uncertainty in America over this bill.

It was never about race.  President Obama is, in that regard, merely an unfortunate bystander.  He happens to be a target because he isn’t Republican, and he resides in their House.  His health care victory has riled Republicans even more.  They just can’t envision a successful Democratic President.  Bill Clinton, for all of his faults, didn’t fail in the White House.  I don’t know that you’d call him a success, either, but he didn’t leave America worse off than when he took office, like George W. Bush did.  Despite his sexual dalliances, Clinton ran a mostly Center White House, and still, Republicans tried to impeach him.

President Obama did the one thing that Republicans cannot forgive; he succeeded in passing a major reform bill, despite their best efforts at arousing fear.  Obama ignored Republican taunts and mongering, staying on message, maintaining course, and in the end, his steady convictions overcame Republican anger, and will continue to do so as long as Republicans fail to learn their lesson properly.  No matter what side you are on in this debate, you can no longer claim that President Obama does not know how to lead.  Sure, you can lie and blubber irrationally about it, but when the dust settles, all you are left with is the one thing that drives Republicans crazy; a Democratic President  who won.  He passed his signature campaign legislation, a reform effort that every President for the last one hundred years had attempted and failed.  He is a Democrat, and Republicans cannot, will not accept his victory.

In the weeks and months ahead, whatever lessons Republicans learned over the last year will come to the fore.  Will they finally realize that America is as Center as a nation can be, or will they continue to insist on imposing their ideology no matter how off course it may be?  As an Independent, I sincerely hope they learn to broaden their views, because America does not need to turbo-charge its growing divisions.  Republicans do not own the White House, and a Democratic President deserves both Party’s best efforts for the American people.  Rush Limbaugh disagrees with me, but what the hell does he know about America, anyway?

Republicans are at a crossroads, and the decisions they make right now will determine their continued existence.  They can either roll up their sleeves and begin to work with the present administration, or they can continue to fight, lie, scratch and claw every step of the way.  No matter what they do, they are up against a President with a strong will, one who doesn’t back down no matter the rhetoric.  Republicans are pitted against an Executive who has the numbers and the political capital to muscle through his every initiative.  No one likes to be on the losing side, but Republicans, to this point, have chosen to be losers.  Their future depends on winning, and the only winner in Washington right now is a President named Obama.

You don’t have to like Obama, but you can no longer deny the fact that he owns the White House, he has a lot of influence, and he knows how to use it.  Those are simple words and simple truths. They may be too simple.  Republicans are looking for a complicated conspiracy, and the only one available to them is that President Obama is exactly who he said he was on the campaign trail.  He invited Republican ideas on health care reform, and included over two hundred of them in his bill, just as he said he would.  As President of the United States of America, he was the only elected official in Washington who acted like he was truly interested in making this bill better by listening to the other side, exactly how Americans expect their President to act.  All he has to do now is tell Americans about those Republican ideas that were included, and the Republican lie about a totally partisan bill will disappear like early morning fog.

President Obama has the bully pulpit, knows how to use it, and Republicans don’t like it one bit.  They do not like this young, unflappable President.  It’s not because he is black.  It’s because he’s not Republican.


18 Responses to “Republicans Hate Obama Because He’s Not Republican”

  1. noh8 said

    Republicans are acting like spoiled little brats.
    Of course, having Limbaugh and Beck as their point-men doesn’t help either!

  2. Liberty4all said

    Yes we all know you loved Bush because he was Republican.

  3. The Rotten Tomato said

    I have a fucking headache. Gees, is this going to be like the Bill Clinton impeachment? On and on and on…

    Look, I opposed the bill because I believe that it will deliver quality health care to those who need it and there are more effective solutions. However, the bill was passed and now its time to end the debate and make it work.

  4. trustno1 said

    Spot on, PPP. There are many private citizens who factor race into what they feel about Obama, but I like to think that the elected are over that. I think they do believe, however, that Obama is a tyro with no executive experience who has no idea what he’s doing. They continually underestimate him. It’s pretty amazing, considering they’re making the same mistakes as Hillary Clinton and John McCain did.

    At the rate they’re going, GOP leaders can forget about shrinking government to a size that can be drowned in the bathtub, but they’ll get their own party to that size.

  5. Darin said

    The dems and republicans have screwed up for years. Neither is conservative enough and neither care enough about the constitution. They created an enviroment where a radical socialist can come in and take us WAY down the wrong road to communism. It’s not about party, wake up! It’s about FREEDOM

    • mike said

      who’s taking your freedom? what freedom is being taken? Are u sure your concerns are legit? Do u really believe this or is someone putting this in your head?

  6. mikel said

    Mighty BIG LASSO being tossed out there I think the one by one approach would be more efficient and thorough it worked in the dumbass cash for clunkers don’t hear of any of those brewing stick your toes in, don’t throw me in!

  7. John said

    Hmmm… I am always saddened to hear people wrongly claim that socialism is the same as communism, and the knee jerk ignorant fear of it.

    Germany, France, and Japan are strongly socialist, and for all of their faults they don’t look likely to fail any time soon.

    Many Americans have forgotten their history (or never learned it); before WW1 the US was a new power among many. After WW2 we were the only industrialized nation left relatively untouched. Along with the brain drain out of Germany because of racist and fascist policies, and the brain drain out of Russia/USSR due to totalitarianism, the US gained a huge lead in economics and technological development.

    Fast forward to now, Japanese monarchy that bootstrapped itself into the industrial age while surrounded by hostile countries (North Korea, China, USSR, etc.) and Germany in ruins after WW2, recently absorbing the inefficient East Germany, are both extremely competitive with “the only super power left in the world”… Super-sized power to destroy the whole world a hundred times with fries please? Yet if you’re sick the government and your fellow people shouldn’t help you unless you’re about to die. Oh yeah, that Global Economic Meltdown… US Corporations and wealthy inviduals did that too through complex lies and extreme short sighted greed… but go on, blame Obama or the US Government for being too big.

    And if we’re so worried about Mexican immmigrants bringing down the standard of living why don’t we help improve their country (and it’s ridiculous classist “democracy”) and the drug war that our country is funding… and I don’t mean help by invading them and “bringing them Democracy”.

    But anyways, I’m glad to see that Indpendents still exist and they’re not brainwashed by Murdoch & Saudi FOX News. A refreshingly center view on Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama… I just wish the major media were that level headed.

  8. JTaylor said

    Yes elect Art Robinson if you like nuclear waste in your beaches. Elect Art Robinson if you believe all public schools should be closed. Elect Art Robinson if you believe black people are less intelligent than white people.

    Fox News endorses Art Robinson for president

    What a winner

    Go vote him in and see what happens to our country!

  9. marty clayton said

    you people, listen to your folks. I’m 58 years old..my dad was born in 1903 and died in 1970……I do remember him loving Jack Kennedy & breaking saying grace at the dinner table.something i will never forget that he told me………Republicans lost the way….they are the party of the rich. democrats are for the common people. he was an old school southern man….thought that MLK was going too far but saw and told me stories,in his words, it was a shame the way they treated those people….I learned to love my father,not an educated man,but a man of the truth and a man of experience…republicans are for the rich man

  10. Gujju said

    It’s good to see that there are Americans who can still distinguish right from wrong. Yes, Republicans are jealous because President Obama is smart. But then what is not clear is why Republican leaders are doing everything to destroy saving and lives of the majority of Americans. They have successfuly done it during Bush era, why are they continuing. Current leadership of Republican leaders only proves that they hate Americans who voted for Obama. This Republican Party of “NO” will do everything to destroy the presidency of Obama but what they forget is that they will be remembered just like Bush (selected by Supreme Court of USA). The truth is, Republican leaders know that Americans can be fooled at any time and they have successfully done it during last election. It is also true that Republican leaders don’t care about our country but the money (example is “Iraq war”). Don’t know about the historian but I will never forgive Bush and his gang for killing our own military people in Iraq. Remember Laden killed about 3000 Americans but Bush did about 5000 of our own not including disabled in Iraq. Yes, Obama is smart and Republican leaders can’t digest the truth and will do every dance they can so some of their base will enjoy temporarily. God Bless America.

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  14. jonathan said

    I have to agree with you the arguments republicans keep saying over and over again don’t make sense. One argumanet about the debt makes no sense when presidents before Obama raised the debt. He is not a socialist and has embraced more republican ideologies than democrats such as his foreign policy. At first I thought it was about racism but I started to think it has to be more than that. The current republican candidates really make no sense in their arguments and its just the same rehtoric less government and less regulations. How can Romney even argue with the guy when the health care refrom is based on his own ideas. Can you imagine him arguing about Obamacare and Gingritch actually supported some of these ideas at the time. I agree with some conservative views but right and was looking into people like Mitt Daniels or even Cris Christie but the current republicans are just shooting themselves in the foot.

  15. Betsey said

    I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll
    check back later and see if the problem still exists.


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