If You Want to Blame Someone for this Bill, Blame Republicans

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 22, 2010

In my travels today, I discovered that many conservatives are so angry at Democrats and Independents that they are actually thinking of physical violence.  Not that they would ever do it, but you get the idea of the kind of anger I’m talking about that emboldens someone to utter his innermost despair.

“I’m going to punch the Next Liberal I see!”, I heard one out-of-shape, middle-aged white man say in the booth next to mine at a local pub.  (there for lunch, not for drinks).

I turned around and spoke with him, told him how I felt, that I wasn’t a liberal, but if he still felt he wanted to hit someone, he could hit me, I’d let him.  He didn’t hit me, but he did get a bit belligerent when I told him I supported the bill.  There was no violence, only his raised voice as I laughed to myself on the inside and tried to look like I was taking him seriously on the outside.  It didn’t work.

He accused me of thinking this was some joke, and I said, “You’re right…it is a joke.  It’s a joke that for twelve years, Republicans held the House and never once tried to pass health care reform.   It’s a joke that you’re angry at me, when for twelve years, Republicans could have introduced selling insurance across state lines, tort reform, and any other method they could think of to control health care costs and provide insurance to the uninsured, but instead, did nothing.  You’re damned right it’s a joke that you”re angry with me.”  I mocked Republican earnestness at “wanting to start over with a clean sheet of paper and trying out a few things first, rather than some big Guvment Takeover!”

Basically, I told him what I am telling you.

If you want to blame someone for this massive bill that you don’t like, call your Republican Representative or Senator, and let him have it for betraying you.  This bill was never possible unless Republicans, who owned the House from 1994 until 2006, completely ignored health care reform.  If they had even once raised the issue of tort reform, of cost controls, of more competition, and had offered a bill that would help cover more Americans, they would have found enough Democrats to help pass it, and this bill wouldn’t have happened.

Every last Republican Senator and Congressperson (except Scott Brown)  is responsible for this.  Every Republican is guilty of allowing this bill to pass through their own unwillingness, or just plain ignorance toward dealing with these issues.  For twelve long years, they had the numbers and did nothing, for six of those years they had a Republican President as well.  For twelve years, Americans lost their health insurance, health insurers raised premiums over one hundred percent, and costs grew out of control.  For twelve years, people  died because they couldn’t afford it, or had their policies rescinded because they got sick, and still, Republicans did nothing.  For twelve years, Republicans campaigned on a promise to fix the health care system in America, and put that slogan back on the shelf the second the election was over.  For twelve years, they lied to Americans, and instead of dealing with a growing problem, they ignored it, and brought us to this.

Did they ever once bring that “clean sheet of paper” to the House, and “start over” with a new dream of their better, less expensive way to fix America’s health care problems?  Hell no they didn’t!

If you don’t like this bill, put the blame where it belongs.  Democrats and Independents are just trying to right a wrong in America…a wrong that Republicans knew about and ignored for twelve, long years.  If you want to hit someone, hit your Republican representative.  He’s the reason this bill passed.  He’s the reason that nothing was done to prevent it.  He had twelve years.

He could have done something.

And he chose not to.

And now he wants you to be angry at the only people in America who cared enough for those who couldn’t defend themselves.  In my book, that’s the guy you punch, and you do it repeatedly.


10 Responses to “If You Want to Blame Someone for this Bill, Blame Republicans”

  1. Tony Montana said

    Been out of the country for awhile and what the hell happens?

    Here’s the problem. Since Obama took office and has promoted his left of center agenda he has served to divide the nation culturally and economically.This includes his hitmen (I like that term) Eric Holder and the other fruit cake who was the green jobs czar. Once he takes on immigration reform the divide will grow even more.

    Will there be a civil war? Could the country crumble apart like the USSR?

    • politicalpartypooper said

      No, Tony.

      The two parties will die long before we ever see a civil war. The handwriting is on the wall. Most Americans I talk with hate the two parties, hate any political party, and if any DECENT Indies with money run in the fall, they’ll win.

      • Liberty4all said

        It’s not the ‘party’ it the ideological difference between people.
        Many like the nanny state, dependency, and enabling, in the name of
        ‘caring’. The rest of us know the outcome of this philosophy.

  2. willpen said


    I hope you don’t mind if I have this post tattooed on my arm so I can pull it out and repeat it whenever I come across some half witted batshit trying to spew Fox News talking points at me.

    Now…. to Tony Montana…Could this country crumble apart like the USSR or has it already started to under the people in charge for the last eight years???…..and… We are already in the midst of a civil war, so my answer to you is “Yes”.

    • Tony Montana said

      I guess the fact that armed Black Panthers at the Phildelphia voting booth was a sign.

      Lets say we split up the country right along the Mississippi River?

      Or just battle it out on the streets, winner take all?

  3. politicalpartypooper said

    Thanks, Willpen. Glad to see you feeling engaged again.

  4. The Rotten Tomato said

    I blame Nancy Lugosi…I mean Pelosi. She , not Obama, was the reason the bill passed. If it were left to Reid or any other of the spineless Dumocrats the effort to get the bill through the house would have folded. I did not realize that this old bird was 70. Maybe she should have run for President.

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