The White House Continues to be Hollywood East for Celebrities

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 12, 2010

Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and a few other rich people, along with a few members of Congress were invited to join the Obama’s at the White House for Movie Night.

When was the last time anyone not rich, famous, politician, or member of the military was invited to spend an evening with a President and his family?  When was the last time that a carpenter making $15/hr, or a nurse, a farmer, a McDonald’s fry boy, a sales person, or any other “regular” American spent some time hobnobbing with the President?  Why do we always hear about the Tom Hanks, the Steven Spielbergs, and other rich and wildly famous people getting this most prestigious opportunity?  Don’t these rich and famous people already have enough perks?

And Washington is mystified as to why “regular” Americans think they are out of touch.  Gee, Mr. President, I wonder…

Maybe you ought to tell your event planner, or chief of staff, or whoever does your social calendar that regular Americans should be invited to spend time with you on a regular basis, because, after all, there are far, far, far more of us than of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.

Hanks and Spielberg have already seen the movies you watched last night; The Pacific.  99.99 % of regular Americans haven’t, nor have most of us ever met you, or talked with you, or even have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing so in ten lifetimes.  Get a clue.


28 Responses to “The White House Continues to be Hollywood East for Celebrities”

  1. Bill Maher said

    Mark my calendar.PPP criticizing the POTUS. Oh what joy! May I be the first? Okay….ahem ahem…. You are a racist backwoods tea partying homophobe immigrant hating Nazi loving white male! How dare you criticze POTUS. He’s hip, he’s got swagger, he’s got….hmmmm….what the fuck does he have…the media as a caddy? every editor of every paper in his pocket? a narcissistic personality disorder?

    Oh yea. since Spielberg is Jewish you also are an antisemite.

  2. Liberty4all said

    Love ya man, but can you follow up one more time on the previous thread?

  3. Liberty4all said

    I’m fairly sick of ‘Progressives’ who think they’re smart.

  4. Liberty4all said

    Okay, since you wish to run –

    It was a democratic congress that shot down Hillary’s HCR in the 90’s. It’s the democrats that have been holding it up today. Obama bailed out the insurance industry to the tune of billions. Ever hear of AIG,the company that’s to big to let fail. With all of the bailouts to the Wall St. fat cats and Auto giants by Obama ,you’d think he invented trickle down economics.

    • Not running, junior, just had no time.

      Are you daft? The bailouts were ALL done before Obama ever took office. They were part of Paulson and Bernanke’s suggestions because their banking and Wall Street buddies had brought America and the world to the brink of an apparent collapse.

      No President since Reagan has had the balls to use trickle down economics. What Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush2 used can be called “repay my rich buddies” economics. Again, Reagan never approved of a tax rate less than 50% for the wealthiest earners. He also never approved of a 15% cap Gains tax. The only thing I see in both parties is a long time willingness to give every advantage to the wealthy at the expense of regular Americans…wealth redistribution. But since that doesn’t fit your silly narrative, you ignore the fact completely that Reagan was not at all like today’s Conservatives.

      Like I said, it’s Socialism for the wealthy and Capitalism for the rest of us. If you are wealthy and you fuck up economically, the rest of America bails you out. But if you are middle class, the wealthy, and people like Beck and Limbaugh call you a socialist and fuck you up the ass.

      Reagan would have let the banks, Wall Street, and AIG fail. Today’s Conservatives not only believed in the bailout, but continue to be against any regulation that might help avoid another one.

      That, junior, is because most of them are plutocrats.

  5. Tomato King said

    Hello Pooper,

    Followed you over here to school you. Chimpanzees, our genetically closest primate cousin, comsume about 5% of their diet other than vegetation/fruit and of that 5% it is mostly insects (termites).

    What is the number one cause of death in Western civilizations? Heart disease.

    You can eat all the meat that you want as long as you can track it and kill it mercifully with even odds.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Meat actually makes up about 5% of a chimp’s diet, and usually during dry season, when fruits are more scarce.

      As for heart disease, one of the biggest contributors is a lot of complex carbs and very little exercise. I think you should pay a visit to Dr Al Sears site. I’m using his system, and the effects on my health have been astounding. Just look at the type of diet he suggests and the type of exercise. Understand that he has an entire clinic dedicated to the principles he writes about, and he is logging statistics daily that verify what he talks about.

      As for the cattle industry, what do you propose we do with them? Kill them? Reduce their numbers? Are you aware that part of what makes US farmers so successful is the very product you claim causes global warming? How do you propose to replace the fertilizer produced by the cattle industry without causing the price of produce to skyrocket?

  6. Tomato King said

    Went to Al Sears’ website and as expected he is another charlatan out to make a buck . No legitimate research background, no academic position or profile. As physicain who received his MD from Columbia,trained for 8 years at Harvard and two years at Duke, with faculty positions at H and D whose LDL is half of my HDL on a regimen of exercise that includes HIIT training and body resistance and who has dedicated his life to PEER REVIEWeD research I stick to my recommendations.At the age of 47 I scored in the 100% for the US Army PT for 18-25 age group in 135 degree temps at Al Assad.

    I read Al’s bio on amazon …my dog has is more accomplished in medicine.He is a quack like Adkins out to make a buck on what people want to hear by selling books, etc. Also be aware that your perception of “feeling great” could be a placebo effect, which occurs in 30-40% of patients .

    Dr Sears cannot log his own data on his “research” without injecting bias, hence the reason the FDA requires BLINDED (which means the reviewer of the data has no idea of what treatment the patient received, nor does the patient) for subjective outcomes such as quality of life.I am sure that Al Sears has a post describing the conspiracy against him by conventional physicians because there is a plot at hand to keep his miracle cures a secret.

    You do what is best for you however you should not post medical advice unless you are qualified to do so. It is a disservice, unethical, and creates more confusion. Simple processed carbs are bad, as is red meat with saturated fat. Complex carbs are esential, as is lean protein.

    Heres an example from his website:”It’s all in “12 Pounds in 3 Weeks!? Dr. Wright’s ‘Starvation-Free and Gym-Free’ Weight Loss Secret”

    or he is one about male gynecomastia: If you have trouble finding these supplements in your neighborhood, you can take Estro-Cleanse. It’s my own formula, the one I give my patients.

    With regards to cattle farmers and their existence as such, why would you propose to maintain an industry if it is harmful to both body and environment? That is almost as stupid as stating that we need to maintain the tobacco industry for economic reasons.Or keep waging war to maintain the military industrial complex. Or promote crime and arson to keep the police and fire departments employed

    Imagine a country where people did not drink …yea I know a glass of wine does this and that, but with regards to the aggregate population there is more harm done by alcohol (traffic fatalities, industrial accidents, liver failure, homicide) than the meager benefit from a few tannins that you can get in greater abundance from fresh fruit.

    Imagine if people did not smoke….370,000 deaths per year ( I would not have a job if people did not smoke), exercised for 30 minutes 5 days a week, and ate a low fat (fish and lean poultry), high fiber diet.

    If we drove 55 mph (47,000 deaths on year, who knows how many injuries), did away with guns?

    Had a real medical system where everyone would have access to primary care and dental care?

  7. Tomato King said

    Need to rephrase this statement as :

    That is almost as irrational as stating that we need to maintain the tobacco industry for economic reasons.

  8. politicalpartypooper said

    Tomato King,

    “I am sure that Al Sears has a post describing the conspiracy against him by conventional physicians because there is a plot at hand to keep his miracle cures a secret.”

    One of the first things I do when I research a medical statement or “breakthrough”, or “system” is to do a search on “scam” + “name your doc”, whoever he or she may be. I’ve seen no evidence of it, nor have I seen, heard , or read of Al Sears complaining that his peers are out to get him…no evidence of it whatsoever, and this guy has been around for more than enough time for that sort of stuff to show up.

    It’s not just how I feel, it’s PHYSICALLY how I AM. I’m 42, 6’3″, and weighed 285# fourteen months ago. I now weigh 235 #, my lung capacity has increased, and has been measured by my own doctor has being the lung capacity of a 30 year old…AND I SMOKE. What did I do? Continued running five miles every other day, along with various other calisthenic exercises, and cut out rice and potatoes from my diet. I still indulge in a waffle or a sandwich from time to time, but rarely. My diet is probably 30-40 percent meat and fish, then any veggie that bears its produce above ground, fruits, eggs, nuts, etc. Resting heart rate is sixty bpm. I am able to achieve a max heart rate of 160 and recover down to 60 again in less than four minutes. My blood pressure at last check up was 112/72. Prior to losing the weight, it was regularly 120+/80+. My body fat stands at about 14%

    Recently, I started the actual P.A.C.E. workout, which is a variation on high intensity interval training. My weight loss has started again, I’m becoming leaner, and no longer have the body joint aches that I had when I was doing heavy cardio. For all of your background, you above everyone else should be able to see the value of a changed life as an example. Smoking will go next. The simple fact is, my health is improving, I am doing almost no cardio work out, and my vitals are getting better at each check up.

    Before I began this “madness”, I met with my doctor to ask him his opinion. He suggested that some of what Sears said made sense, to try it, but to schedule regular check ups, twice monthly so he could monitor my progress. Both of us have been amazed at the results, to the point where my doctor is now making a few changes to his exercise and diet.

    Like I said, I can’t compete with you on the medical expertise, but I’m not going to deny my own results just so that you can feel better about your science. What is happening in my life contradicts the foundations of your science. I can see where that would threaten you.

    • Tomato King said

      Dude you are 42….call me when you are 62 and keep smoking.

      Three words before I depart: Evidnce Based Medicine…look it up.

  9. Tomato King said

    Evidence Based Medicine. The art of science, something that threatens the snake oil salesmen and their dupes.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      I think I know what’s bothering you. It’s the fact that against everything you know, my diet makes vegetarianism a lie. Maybe you don’t like Dr Sears’ methodology, but his clinic has 20,000 patients.

      Now, please tell me how you are going to do a blind study on exercise and diet? How are you going to get conscious people to NOT know what they are eating and how they are exercising, in order to make this an approved system of research in your eyes? How does that work, exactly? The only method available, and one Sears has used repeatedly, is to compare the results of people using one method and diet against the results of a group using a different method and diet.

      I know his exercise method is in agreement with yours, because it is a form of HIIT training. So the only problem you should have with Sears is diet. Like I said, I think the fact that I’m a meat eater is what chafes your ass the most.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Getting back to the issue of the cattle industry and the fertilizer industry, you didn’t really answer my qwuestion; you ignored it by indicating that my assertion was based solely on economics.

      Not true. What happens to a citizen’s ability to pay for food when he can’t afford it? I think you know the answer to that. What happens to the world food supply during a major drought in America? I think you know the answer to that, as well. Fertilizer is part of what makes American farmers so productive. Currently, they have a cheap source, and an efficient source. What happens to global warming when instead of driving across their driveway to deliver fertilizer to their field, they need to have it trucked from a factory hundreds of miles away?

      Just looking at your list of things you think we should eliminate is a frightening proposition. Yeah, eliminating guns would eliminate murder by gun, except for the criminals, who obey no man made law on guns. So you would disarm law abiding citizens and trust to the idea that once the criminals know we aren’t armed, they’ll have a come-to-Jesus moment and never use guns again. Good luck with that. I played soldier in some of the most destitute places in the world, and I’m telling you, you don’t need guns to kill vast numbers of people. Just starve them ; that’s more than effective; it’s the weapon of choice for dictators and despots throughout the history of the world.

      As for getting rid of drinking; it’s a personal choice. It’s an escape for many people, a social event, call it whatever you will. The only thing you guarantee when you prohibit it is Mafia job security.

      Are you going to legislate every area of human life? Today it’s guns and meat. Tomorrow it’s beer and wine. What then? What’s next on your list? Are you going to kill mentally retarded people because they serve no utopian purpose and it would be a “mercy” to them?”

      • The Rotten Tomato said

        Dearest Pooper,
        My apologies for contributing to a charged exchange. I tried to retract my posts to rewite them in a more congenial tone last night but unfortunately that is not an option.I enjoy your blog tremendously and I greatly appreciate your POLITICAL view points!

        However your last post provides several statements that are issues that we (as a nation and as a planet) will need to address. I will assume that you are just left of center, based on your opinion pieces.
        In the grand scheme of universal health care, limited resources,natural and man made, and personal responsibility , can we as a population be allowed to continue with behaviors and policies that mitigate our ability to provide health care and a safe environment for all?

        “Yeah, eliminating guns would eliminate murder by gun, except for the criminals, who obey no man made law on guns. ”

        How many people, especially children, are wounded or killed by guns? 7 children die each day from a gun in the US (J Trauma Surg).

        How many crimes are actually stopped by civilians carrying a handgun? The risk posed to citizens with legal handguns far outweighs the benefits of crime prevention.

        The number one source of guns carried by criminals is….(drum roll) legal guns stolen from homes. So if there were no legal guns there would guns in the hands of illegals.

        Here are some facts from the Univ of Utah:

        1. Firearms injuries are the second leading cause of non-natural death in childhood and adolescence. (CDC, 2004).

        2. In one survey, 10% of families admitted to having unlocked and loaded firearms within easy reach of children (Patterson and Smith, 1987). Another study showed that two-thirds of accidental firearms injuries occured in the home, and one-third involved children under 15. 45% were self-inflicted, and 16% occurred when children were playing with guns. (Morrow and Hudson, 1986) A study from 1991-2000 showed that twice as many people died from unintentional firearm injuries in states in the U.S. where firearm owners were more likely to store their firearms loaded. (Miller, et al, 2005).

        3. The issue of “home defense” or protection against intruders or assailants may well be misrepresented. A study of 626 shootings in or around a residence in three U.S. cities revealed that, for every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides (Kellermann et al, 1998).

        I have a bias towards university associated or first tier journals for information as the data presented undergos rigorous review to establish accuracy.

      • The Rotten Tomato said

        “Getting back to the issue of the cattle industry and the fertilizer industry, you didn’t really answer my qwuestion; you ignored it by indicating that my assertion was based solely on economics”

        Fact 1: 90% of fertilizers used to grow crops are synthetic and seeping into ground water and into our sytsems. But don’t worry, you voodoo doctor will have a potion that I drink that will rid my body of PTFE.Manure from livestock is the amjor cause of inland water pollution.(Source: the US Environmental Protection Agency)

        Fact 2: 80% of crops grown are used to feed livestock, thus if less livestock, less pollution on the two counts cited above.
        (Source: the US Environmental Protection Agency)

        Fact 2: 10 people could be fed with the grain that you would feed a cow , thus you argument regarding affordable and available food is thrown out of the window.

        Fact 3:For every pound of beef you do not eat, it would save anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 gallons of water.

        Fact 4: In the United States alone, more than 250 animals are slaughtered for food every second. Forty-five percent of all U.S. land is used to raise animals for food. Do you think that animals that are so crowded that they cannot lie down to sleep is humane?

        Fact 4: People who eat red meat every day have a higher risk of dying over a 10-year period — mostly because of cardiovascular disease or cancer –than their peers who eat less red or processed meat, according to a new study of about half a million people. Archives of Internal Medicine.


      • politicalpartypooper said

        I’ll just respond to your facts. It should be pretty simple, as I live in Wisconsin, the dairy capitol of the world.

        Fact 1: I can’t speak for other states, but here in Wisconsin, we use either solid or liquid manure for the vast majority of our fertilization. Farm field management in Wisconsin is being designed to reduce the risk of runoff contamination, which is the number one source of contamination in our state.
        Fact 2. I’m all for grass fed beef cattle. They are leaner and taste better, too. My local butcher sells only grass fed beef. Also, a good portion of my red meat comes from venison I hunted.
        Fact 3. That stat is a lie. It takes about 90 gallons of water per pound of beef raised. Ask your local farmer.
        Fact 4. I do not consider any industry that slaughters cattle the way ours does to be humane. Then again, I don’t buy anything that isn’t grass fed. We could certainly do a lot better. But eliminating red eat consumption is not an option, despite what PETA, the UN, or the IPCC says.
        Fact 5. I would agree with that statement, because it probably means they are eating less of what could make them healthier; like Veggies, fruits, fish, and nuts.

        On the global warming issue alone, I’ve been around this issue since the early 90’s, when refrigeration CFC’s were the culprit, for causing a hole in the ozone resulting in “global warming”. Chlorine was the REAL culprit back then, and the entire refrigeration industry was forced to retool and reinvent refrigerants. Never mind that in California alone, swimming pools were venting pure chlorine into our atmosphere at rates unheard of by the refrigeration industry. Amazingly enough, we STILL don’t hear about that today. That’s because it would be inconvenient for people like Al Gore. Do you realize that we STILL use chlorine in swimming pools?

        When the IPCC gets serious about global warming, the first thing they will remove from our society is anything that vents chlorine to the atmosphere. There is your global warmer. But chlorine is prevalent in so much of our world, that no scientist dares talk about finding a substitute. Water purification, the bleaching of paper, disinfectants, swimming pools, plastic production, etc, etc, etc.

        If you REALLY want to tackle global warming, tackle chlorine, and the problem will be solved. I was part of the Refrigeration industry back in the 90’s, and they got a raw deal. Meanwhile, Al Gore and friends continue to pollute our air with their swimming pools and gigantic chlorine producing factories all over the world. But instead, we focus on an industry that Gore and friends can own, like carbon credits, which is a bubble just waiting to happen.

        I am trying my best to be considerate here. You have made some very valid points. But using the cattle industry as a focal point for causing global warming just shows me that you’ve been misled. Ask Al Gore what he is doing about chlorine in our atmosphere. Scientists thought they had licked the problem of global warming when they forced the refrigeration industry to invent refrigerants without CFC’s. Oops. Guess they were wrong. How hard was that to figure out, when swimming pools were venting, and are STILL venting gallons of chlorine into our atmosphere every day? When factories vent Olympic sized swimming pool amounts of chlorine into the air in twenty four hours?

        Carbon ain’t the problem. It wasn’t the flourocarbon that was attacking the ozone or the atmosphere; it was the chlorine. It still is. For some reason, the IPCC has decided that finding a replacement for chlorine is just too hard at this time, so hey, let’s focus on carbon.

        Chlorine was introduced about 100 years ago…around the time our planet’s temp began rising. It’s in EVERYTHING. Your laptop is flashing chlorine to the atmosphere as you type. Your plastic drinking bottle is, as well. Your sneakers, clothes, laundry soap, bleach, body wash, glasses, contacts, countertop, floor, car, bicycle, vinyl window, insulation, printer, pen, paper shredder, plastic recycling bin, internet router…anything made with plastic; is venting more chlorine into the air because as it wears, it vents. But, carbon is an easier sell. Who doesn’t get disgusted by watching videos of black smoke rising from smoke stacks? And what kind of impact would an invisible haze rising from a roof vent have on anyone, anyway? That’s what chlorine looks like when it vents; invisible.

        You are a doctor. I can’t imagine you don’t see the impacts of chlorine on your patients everyday. I know why we chose to focus on carbon and methane in regards to global warming. But until we focus on chlorine, we’ll spin our wheels. In the early 90’s, scientists were close to the answer. Then, after they forced the refrigeration industry to change everything, they spun away from chlorine and attacked carbon. That was a wrong turn, and we’ll all end up paying for it if they don’t get it right soon.

  10. The Rotten Tomato said

    “As for getting rid of drinking; it’s a personal choice. It’s an escape for many people, a social event, call it whatever you will. The only thing you guarantee when you prohibit it is Mafia job security.”

    I do not propose to prohibit the addictions or behviors of anyone, however for those individuals who are cognitively normal who continue to engage in habits that cause disease I propose that we prohibit treatment. We cannot afford to continue to do so and a major reason why health care is so damn expensive.

    Why should I pay for a lung transplant for anyone who started smoking after 1964, when there were numerous advertisements and warning labels regarding the health hazards? I could give 2,000 vaccines for measle mumps and rubella or fund an elementary school for a year for what it costs. Now if you have the money to pay for your lung transplant, God Bless, you can stick firecrackers up your ass and inhale, but if your care is coming from the public coffers then there are responsibilities that come with the gift of free health care.

    50,000 people die each year form second hand smoke. That is almost as many people who died in the Vietnam War in ten years!When you smoke your cigarette you are violating the rights of someone else to breath unperturbed air in its natural state. In essence, you are as guilty as the company Monsanto that you vilified.

    Drink all that you want, we can provide rehabilitation for alcoholics but if people continue to drink in excess and develop the complications of liver cirrhosis, are we obligated to spend $250,000 on a liver transplant?

    “Are you going to kill mentally retarded people because they serve no utopian purpose and it would be a “mercy” to them?”

    People born with genetic diseases such as Down’s syndrome are innocent victims of the genetic roll of the dice. Same for those with type I diabetes ,etc. We could use the money save on treating lung and liver diseases from idiots who smoke and drink and help these unfortunate people.

    • politicalpartypooper said

      I only smoke outdoors. I can’t stand the smell of it. Also, I scheduled an appt with my doc last Friday to start taking Chantix. Wish me luck. Cigarette addiction has kicked my ass too many times to count.

      • Rotten Tomato said

        I wish you the best of luck. I was perplexed as to why many of my patients who had cardiovascular disease and were heading for amputation of a limb or another heart attach continued to smoke despite their ability to recognize the fact that it was smoking that was the main cause of their disease. One would think that self preservation would supercede an urge or habit.

        And so I did a lit search and there are several excellent studies that focused on the effects of inhaled cigarette smoke and nicotine on the brain in healthy volunteers and addicted smokers. The PET activity was equivalent to that seen in cocaine addicts in the dopaminergic areas of the brain. Several investigators have found a family lineage of heavy smokers that suggests that there is a genetic predisposition to nicotine addiction.

        Its an addiction that the tobacco companies knew of long ago as they increased the content of nicotine in their product.

        I did three tours in Iraq and love our country but I truly believe that a more hideous and evil enemy than al Qaeda is big tobacco. I do not know how anyone who works for RJ Reynolds could live with themselves.

        Have you tried hypnotism?

  11. The Rotten Tomato said

    and to conclude my lecture I leave you with this:

  12. Rotten Tomato said

    I am not against red meat and livestock farming for global warming reasons but rather for human health and and to eliminate the torture of vertebrates who feel physical pain.

  13. Rotten Tomato said

  14. Rotten Tomato said

    a great ballad

  15. mirundap said

    Like james said it is true

  16. DPG said

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