I Like Republicans, Cuz They Tell Me about Everything I Should be Afraid of.

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 11, 2010

It’s review time!  Debate on the “Health Care Bill” has gone on for over a year, and I thought we should review the Republican understanding of what’s in the bill.  Even though I know this will piss off my Conservative readers, I think it’s necessary, because Republicans have deciphered much of what was in the bill in order to “keep us safe”.

Let’s take a look at the many different ways they’ve kept us safe over the last year.

1. Death Panels!! Oh noes!!  The Feds are gonna kill Grandma!

2.  Socialized Medicine!! Can Stalin and Hitler be far behind?  Will we soon be planting corporate farms for our masters?  Oh…wait…we already do that.  Never mind.

3.  Waiting Lines!!! You are going to have to get in line at 4:00 AM on Black Friday, for a prescription of Viagara next year!  And…you will have to wait for…gasp…some strange doctor to stick his hand up your butt.

4.  Gubment takeover of healthcare!! Run for the hills!

5.  Cram the bill down our throats!! Which will cost us even more  with all the people choking!

6. No tort reforms!! Everybody is going to starve because Grandma will be too dead to make one of her famous Torts for desert!  They want to change her recipe before they kill her!  Ahhh!!!

7.  No more Doctors!!! Every doctor in the United States will leave and go work in other “foreigner” countries to get paid more because….you know…they also have SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!!!.

8.    Budget Deficits!! We’ve never had them before!!!  But… but… under Obama, we do!!

9.  Obamacare!!! Everybody’s gonna die!!

10.  Fear!!! If you pass this bill, Republicans are gonna tell all their followers to vote for them out of fear!!  If you don’t pass this bill, they’ll tell everyone to vote for Democrats!!  Cuz that’s how honorable Republicans are!

11.  Insurers can’t compete with a Public Option!!

12.  But they CAN compete across state lines!! or something!!

13.  Insurers just want to be your friend!! But the Gubment wants to CONTROL you!!

14.  It’s a Trap!!! The health care summit is a trap!!

15.  Rationing!!! No!!!  Goddammit!! No!!!  I’m Hungry!!

16.  “If Obama Is Allowed To Sell This… He Wins.”  !!! Actual words found in the conclusion of a Republican poll.  Oh noes!!!  Obama wins!!

17.  Illegal Immigrants will be invited to America for free health care!!!

18.  Health Care Reform will be used to deny care to Republicans!!! Yup, they actually said that.

19.  It’s CANADIAN Style health care!! Which is almost as bad as Canadian bacon!

20.  If it passes, Rush Limbaugh will leave us!!! Sniff…what?  Huh?  Really?  Oh noes!!  Will the insanity never end??!

I, of course, could go on for a very long time, but I think twenty reasons to be afraid of health care reform is enough, don’t you?  I’m locking myself in my bathroom now, and putting on my snuggie.  Old Joe Stalin can’t get me in here!   I won’t come out. I won’t.  I won’t.  I won’t.


15 Responses to “I Like Republicans, Cuz They Tell Me about Everything I Should be Afraid of.”

  1. Liberty4all said

    Apparently you’d prefer they just shut up and let you government peeps do their thing.

    • politicalpartypooper said


      As you look across the list I assembled, how much of their fear mongering is true? Any of it?

      So, yeah, if all they are going to do is lie, I’d prefer that they shut up. There are real people who will be helped by this bill, MIDDLE CLASS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, in particular. But Republicans don’t give a shit about them, which is why they are spending ALL of their time lying.

      • Liberty4all said

        They’ve suggested other strategy’s that have less chance of adding another government entitlement albatross. An incremental approach.
        You know, the way things actually get done? Notice the resistance
        to all of them, even though they’re sensible?
        Notice the ability to negotiate prescription prices isn’t in there?

        with a list that contains this:

        3. Waiting Lines!!! You are going to have to get in line at 4:00 AM on Black Friday, for a prescription of Viagara next year! And…you will have to wait for…gasp…some strange doctor to stick his hand up your butt.

        who do you really expect to take you seriously?

        It’s really too bad you think of those actually trying to protect
        us, as your enemy.

        I’ll leave you with this:

        In 1965, as Congress considered legislation to establish a national Medicare program, the House Ways and Means Committee estimated that the hospital insurance portion of the program, Part A, would cost about $9 billion annually by 1990.

        Actual Part A spending in 1990 was $67 billion.

        Last year, it was $244 Billion.

        Do you really how much debt government is incurring to save? MIDDLE CLASS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS?

        Your going to make us all sick, and tired.

      • politicalpartypooper said


        We’ve been through this. You cannot solve this problem piece by piece. And EVERY Republican suggestion…tort reform, competition across state lines, and medicare undercover agents to uncover fraud are ALL IN THE CORRECTED VERSION. That Republican suggestions have not been taken seriously is just another lie.

        Lib, Republicans are playing the same game they played in ’93, when they PROMISED to tackle health care reform so long as the Democratic version was not passed. For twelve years, reform was a campaign issue, and every year, Republicans campaigned on it.

        Twelve years later…no bill, no changes…not even an honorable mention…not one single bit of action taken to solve the problem. Sound familiar? And they would have been working with Democrats who were all for health care reform. They could have passed any legitimate bill easily.

        Lib, Republicans are ALL words and no action. They do not want reform…except maybe my own Congressman Paul Ryan, and Republican leaders are doing their best to ignore him. They want A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER, AND THEY WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT SHEET STAYS BLANK.

        You go one believing them. Maybe if it was fifty Ronald Reagans promising to work with Democrats, we could trust them. But today’s brand of Republicans are an insult, a disgrace to the memory of President Reagan. Reagan would be ashamed of them.

        The only goal of this brand of Republicans is to stop every bit of legislation, in the hopes of winning in November. And now they are scared, truly scared that Democrats have finally gotten some balls. You know why? Because if Dems pass this bill, they win in November, and Repubs know it.

      • Liberty4all said

        Apparently the you forget Medicare Part D.

        Yes government really knows how to solve problems…..

      • Liberty4all said

        Maybe you forgot about SCHIP too?

        At its creation in 1997, SCHIP was the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded health insurance coverage for children in the U.S. since Medicaid began in the 1960s.

        SCHIP covered 6.6 million children and 670,000 adults at some point during Federal fiscal year 2006, and every state has an approved plan.

        Who held Congress at that time?

    • politicalpartypooper said

      Schip was written by Ted Kennedy and sponsored by Orrin Hatch. Maybe you forget the actual process it went through, but I don’t. Republicans were FURIOUS that Hatch had sponsored the bill. They began their typical response; obstructing it by citing that the balanced budget could not be upset, that extra taxes should not be collected for it, and that basically SCHIP should be tabled until the US could “afford” it. Trent Lott was especially vocal in coming out against the measure. In fact, the only people in Congress who objected to it were ALL republicans.

      Only when Hatch and Kennedy threw the bill into the Balanced Budget Act as a sidecar issue did it pass. If it had to stand alone, under Republican leadership, it would never have passed. So, tell me again how Republicans write and pass health care reform legislation?

      • Liberty4all said

        Well, they don’t unwrap a 2,000 page Bill and try to pass it before anyone can read it, or try to cut $500 Billion out of Medicare, or try to dictate to citizens that they must buy health insurance or face fines, which left unpaid, can easily snowball under government daily compounded interest and penalties, for starters.

      • politicalpartypooper said

        Both the House Bill and the Senate Bill have been written since July. If you haven’t had a chance to read them, that’s your problem. Maybe instead of reciting everything Republicans are saying, you should try reading them.

        The $500 Billion cut from Medicare is an estimate of what can realistically be saved by prosecuting Medicare fraud over the next ten years. No benefits are being cut; again, that is another Republican lie exposed.

        Yes, I understand your angst about being forced to buy health insurance. But there is no other way to cover pre-existing conditions without bringing healthy, young people into the fold; which, I might add, will also benefit those young people as they age. Most doctors will tell you that young people remain healthier with regular healthcare checkups than young people without, especially as they age.

        As for Federal mandates on anything, when was the last time you heard of our government allowing parents to withhold education from any child? Education is federally mandated. Republicans say nothing is federally mandated. Another lie exposed.

        The largest Republican contribution to this entire debate has been the making up of lies to scare citizens. Is that what you support?

        I realize that my blog has picked on Republicans far more than Democrats lately, but that’s because of the debates in the House right now. Repubs are against HCR, and against Wall Street Regs. Hell, they were even against a jobs bill. They are simply easy targets right now, and their lies piss me off, and are easily exposed.

        Don’t worry, if Dems fail to pass this bill, they’ll get theirs here as well.

      • Liberty4all said

        Many citizens have been leary of government well before this largescale

        PPP, it is never enough.

        Gov is spending some $800 million an hour.

        Are you getting your money’s worth?

      • Liberty4all said

        I pay them around $115 a day…

      • Liberty4all said

        By the way PPP, I pay for my own health insurance. I pay $150 a month in Medicare taxes too. I also have had many passed surgeries and hospitalizations, but manage. At one time, I was over $50,000 in debt, took me 6 years to dig out.
        $30K of it was tax debt, incurred after 1.8 years of unemployment, followed by
        contract work, where I paid off my repo’d car and eviction judgement, instead
        of filing bankruptcy, and filing taxes late. The actual tax liability was $18K.

        I’m a fighter.

      • Liberty4all said

        Why are democrats holding up the bill?

        This bullshit about ‘REPUBLICANS’ is crap.

      • Liberty4all said

        Oh my. Are you frustrated now?

  2. Liberty4all said

    And TORT reform has been attempted for the last decade. Care to guess which party
    vehemently resists it?

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