Search Engine Terms

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 10, 2010

Yep.  “Crack” and “cigarettes” are still the number one terms people use to find my blog.  “Health care” runs a distant third.

Glad to be of service.


2 Responses to “Search Engine Terms”

  1. Reality Check said

    It could be worse. My cat, actually my wife’s cat, attacked me this morning as I was leaving for work. WTF? I feed that bastard every day, even made a special gate that sits in the garage door so that he can sit outside and soak in the sun.

    That cat is as unappreciative as a New York libtard collecting funds from the WTC donations.

  2. Liberty4all said

    Well you know that’s not how I got here.

    Seabiscuit is my favorite movie. A depression era flick that subtly spolights
    how rags to riches, to rags, to riches, makes LIFE rich, and how people
    can help others using wealth of their own, without fostering dependency.

    Sometimes we don’t always value what we have, we covet others, or let blantant inequities, or daily hysterics rule our vision, taking our lives for granted, and distracting us from what’s important, locally.

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