Limbaugh Will Be Leaving the USA Shortly

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 9, 2010

I know I've used this before, but it's my favorite picture of him.

In yet another dramatic statement, Rush Limbaugh vowed to leave the United States of America if the HCR Bill passes, and the reforms are actually implemented.

“I don’t know. I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”

Okay everybody, calm down.

First of all, if he’s going to wait five years, we won’t have to make him keep his vow; he’ll be dead already.  In case you haven’t noticed, Rush Limbaugh lives life like he has a death wish, and if I treated people the way he does, I’d have a death wish, too.

I can’t recall ever meeting a more negative person in my life.  And I’ve met a lot of them.  But Rush takes the word “negative” and gives a whole new meaning to it.  He truly does have the same impact on everyone who listens to him.  If you are Liberal, you leave pissed off because he’s bashing you.  If you are a Conservative, you leave pissed off because he’s stirring up your emotions about things that scare you or anger you.  Either way, it’s the same thing.  One man impacts millions negatively, and only negatively.  Which goes back to the whole “Is there anything more useless than a talking head you can’t see?”

The answer is no, and pretty soon, we won’t have to listen to him either.  He’s either leaving because of the healthcare bill, or he’ll be dead due to his own death wish.  Personally, I’d like to see him to try to make it in Costa Rica.  I’m sure they can’t wait to see you, Rush.  I hope you get your health in better shape, because I’ll be there to personally escort you from the New World.  We can talk about our favorite cigars on our way to the airport.      Ω


3 Responses to “Limbaugh Will Be Leaving the USA Shortly”

  1. Reality Check said

    So my friend, why beat up on the straw men of Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin? It feels good and you get to sing kumbaya with the leftie bloggers, declare every Caucasian male that works and parts with 47% of his income for taxes and is pissed off about it a racist. God damn old white men. Rat bastards that created the concept of democracy (lots of that in non-European nations),vaccines, and everything else. Missed the ACLU and Black Panther Party Search and Rescue Teams in Haiti. Guess all of those RACIST white guys from the NYPD NYFD and LAPD pushed them to the back of the line at the Miami Airport.

    A question for you, did any of these 3 people VOTE AGAINST THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL? Do any of these 3 cast a vote in Congress with regards to legislation affecting the economy, jobs, immigration, Gitmo, civil rights?

    Let me ask you a few more questions. What political party does the President of the United States belong to? Which party has an overwhelming majority in the Senate? As well as in the House of Representatives? Which party has CONTROLLED (LOVE THE CAP LOCKS, I FEEL LIKE I AM BROW BEATING PPP )CONGRESS FOR THREE YEARS NOW??????

    So the evil forces that thwart of all of these wonderful bills and policies are the (HERE WE GO AGAIN) DEMOCRATS!!!!!

    • politicalpartypooper said

      I won’t defend the Dems. Their ineptitude is indefensible.

      Nope, I target people like Limbaugh and Beck because they claim to be Independents. Plus, they’re liars, shit-pot stirrers, and believe they are entitled to everything America can give them without giving anything back. Just like the niggers they hate so much. Yes, I said “niggers”, because that’s the word that Limbaugh really wants to use. Sadly, he’s more of a nigger than any brown person I’ve ever met.

      Total waste of oxygen; even his own Mom said he was a lazy do-nothing.

      • Reality Check said

        Now why are you labeling both men as racists? Provide evidence other than the telepathic insight that you have into both men’s minds!To call someone the R word is as reprehensible as calling someone the N word.

        Is Keith Olbermann any better? Rachel Maddow? Both are lying sacks of shit that only use the poor, and disenfranchised to promote their agenda…gay rights. Trust me, if gay marriage was legal and Olbermannn finally came out of the closet (yea, yea, he has a girlfriend…like Rahm Emanuel is married….)do you think either would give a fuck about immigration reform? We saw how fast gays turned on black Californians when Proposition 8 get shot down.

        What about that hook nose dope smoking pedophile Bill Maher? He vomits more hate than either Beck or Limbaugh.

        The Democrats and the progressives are dead and they see the writing in the wall, hence the race card, as they go down in flames

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