Sigh…In my Own Backyard

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 7, 2010

Manitowoc Zoo Bear Pen/ Photo by Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc, WI

Dammit!  Huffington Post picked it up!

A 47 year old Manitowoc, WI woman,  Tracy Weiler, lost a thumb and forefinger to a bear when she attempted to feed it at the City Zoo.  Apparently, she ventured beyond two warning barriers to stick her hand through a fence and feed the bear.

“It appears that she suffered loss of some fingers,” specifically, all of her thumb and forefinger and parts of her middle and ring fingers, said Manitowoc Police Capt. Scott Luchterhand.

Her boyfriend, Lawrence Bosworth, 51, was also bitten, according to Luchterhand, in an attempt to free his girlfriend.  Alcohol was involved in the case, along with Weiler’s three-year-old granddaughter, who accompanied her.  The child was not injured.


Here is where I tell you that Manitowoc is five miles away from my home, Two Rivers,  and where I work.  It is connected to Two Rivers, WI by State Highway 42, which travels along the shore of Lake Michigan.  And this isn’t the first time some dumb moron, emboldened by liquor, decided to feed or pet the animals.  In 1994, a Manitowoc man had his arm chewed off just below his shoulder by a wolf at the zoo.  Both incidents placed the “victims” well beyond warning barriers that were designed to keep people safe.  Yes, we make ’em special up here in Northeastern Wisconsin.

When alcohol is involved, there’s no such thing as safe.      Ω


One Response to “Sigh…In my Own Backyard”

  1. Tony Montana said

    This is an example of the new evolution thanks to (1)welfare, (2) disability, (3) social security, and (4) lawsuits. All of these items provide a financial lifeline for the less intelligent, socially dysfunctional morons who would have perished 150 years ago since there were no safety nets. Now , thanks to these programs and every yahoo suing for any minor accident, we have an explosion in the number of simpletons in our population. We have created forces, much like natural selection, that encourages those incapable of higher education, working full time , to breed. Hence we have a 47 year old grandmother and her 51 year old boyfriend intoxicated in the middle of the day ar a public zoo ignoring warning signs and feeding a bear.

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