Rush Limbaugh: America’s One-Actor Soap Opera

Posted by politicalpartypooper on March 4, 2010

I got it made!

I was preparing a rather long article about Rush Limbaugh, when, in my research, I discovered something disturbing.

Did you know that Rush Limbaugh has never held a real job?  Of course he is employed in radio and has been nearly all of his career, but what I meant to say was, Rush Limbaugh has never held an honest, real job.  Because none of us would consider sitting in a chair and talking to be a real job.  I don’t look at any talking head on television as having an honest job.  In fact, I think a talking head might just be the definition of useless.  That opinion started for me as I watched ESPN one night, and asked myself out loud, “Is there anything more useless than a talking head?”

Until I met Rush.  Then I knew that, of course, there was something more useless; a talking head you couldn’t see.  I have to admit, I get irritated by opinion news shows, no matter what side they are promoting.  But at least they are trying to bring the news to light, in a somewhat dishonest manner.  Opinion-only shows, such as talk radio, MSNBC’s Maddow and Olbermann, Fox’s O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity, really, really stoke me.  And I lump Limbaugh right in there with them.  These talking heads make up the wildest statements about their ideological opponents, and while some of them might actually try to remain honest, the majority of them shouldn’t even be considered “Press”.  Instead, they should be considered a comedy act, since most of what they say is a joke.  No one holds them accountable, although they would say that their ratings do.

I would question that by asking if ratings for the Jerry Springer Show, and reality tv also hold them accountable?  You see, when I talk about accountability, I’m talking about truth, not entertainment.  Any idiot can call Obama a socialist or O’Reilly a racist and make headlines.  It turns out, even idiots that grew up in wealth and have no college education can do it, too, because that’s Limbaugh’s life, to a tee.

Rush Limbaugh lived a charmed childhood, went to college for free, flunked out, and ever since, has sucked off of society while providing almost nothing in return, except to be convicted on prescription fraud, inciting division amongst Americans, and making shit up.  For all of this, he sucks society to the tune of more than $30 Million per year.  Rush Limbaugh got what he always dreamed of as a child;  A job any lazy man can do, that doesn’t require a lot of intelligence, thought, or preparation, but that has set him up for life, all for playing in the Land of Make-Believe.  Like a soap opera , his show is designed to draw an audience by creating  drama through wild hyperbole and hysterics.

In essence, Rush Limbaugh is America’s One-actor, radio soap opera.


9 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh: America’s One-Actor Soap Opera”

  1. Clyde said

    “has sucked off of society ” you mean that he was on welfare?or are you referring to the fact that he was a radio DJ and entertainer? If the latter, which is accurate, then BradJolina and everyone else in Hollywood is a parasite, as are most bloggers.

    So PPP, whereis your resume? Who are you to critique anyone? What contributions and sacrifices have you made to better our country? And please don’t whip out the fact that you were in the Army. That is not self sacrifice but rather an option for those with no options in 99% of cases.

    Post your resume big mouth!

    • politicalpartypooper said

      “And please don’t whip out the fact that you were in the Army. That is not self sacrifice but rather an option for those with no options in 99% of cases.”

      Tell that to the families of those who died. Show some respect.

      Those who blog, yes, would be worthless, if they lied like Limbaugh, if they got paid several million every year, and had no other means of income, and if they flunked out of college on Mommy and Daddy’s dime, like Limbaugh did. He is the worst case; a prime example of a Mommy- and-Daddy-made- man. If he had to do real work, he’d have been a welfare case long ago. As it is, he’s not much better than one right now.

      As for my resume; I paid for my own education, because I didn’t have a Mommy and Daddy to give me everything on a silver platter like Limbaugh did. I am a Financial Advisor, an owner of not one but two small businesses, an employer of five people who has cut his own earnings in order to keep his employees in work, a single father who has basically raised his daughter from the age of seven to eighteen alone, and formerly the top Project Manager for a large construction firm eight years running back in the 90’s. My second business focuses on Finish Carpentry, which I do in my spare time. Give Limbaugh a hammer, and he’s likely to hurt himself with it. For that matter, even a hammock is dangerous to him.

      So, Einstein, are you Limbaugh’s underpaid producer?

      • Einstein said

        “So, Einstein, are you Limbaugh’s underpaid producer?

        Hardly. I detest the man almost as much as hypocrisy. He is waht is wrong with politics today and why Congress and the WH are in a stalemate.How would you describe Obama? A self made man or a child of well to do grandparents who could afford to send him to the best prep school in Hawaii, Occidental College, Columbia and then Harvard. As a beneficiary of affirmative action,as a man who grew up in a middle class white family for the better part of his adolescence,couldn’t Obama be be described as someone who slid by, someone who “has never held an honest, real job.”

        I blame Bush on the far right and the current moron in chief on the far left and white guilt evoked by the fear of being labeled a racist.

    • Einstein said

      Hey so what about Rev Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? How did these two ministers become millionaires? Its all so cliche to bust on Limbaugh, every overweight unemployed blogger is doing it.

  2. Rush Limbaugh keeps saying that people on Unemployment for 99 weeks in this economy is way to much. My friends and I were wondering if Rush Limbaugh lost his radio job and had to change careers in this economy how would he do with his resume ??. I think if you took his resume in which he has no college degree, only a high school diploma, would not leave much open for Mr. Limbaugh. I wonder what kind of job Mr. Limbaugh could get if you put his educational background and previous jobs listings without his popular name and submitted it under (John Smith) for the most basic of jobs in this country he would not even get a interview. I have a Degree and cannot even get a call after 100 or more resume’s submitted so it left me wondering how Rush Limbaugh would do in this little experiment.

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